NakedPipe Handheld Shower Head Water Filter

Key Features:
  • Capable of removing various contaminants
  • Improves clean water without unpleasant chlorine smell
  • Has Vitamin C filter to solve hair and skin issues

NakedPipe Handheld Shower Head Water Filter Review

Water that reaches our bathrooms often contains different kinds of impurities, from chlorine and heavy metals to lime scales and specs of rust picked up from the old pipes it travels. These impurities are usually the reason behind the dry, itchy skin, flaky scalp, and frizzy hair, or even hair loss effect.

Installing a water filtration system such as a shower head filter offers a better solution to addressing these problems as it acts as the first and last line of defense against the impurities that cause them. The NAKEDPIPE handheld shower head is one great example of such a solution. It’s an affordable and practical shower head filtration system that does a good job of filtering most of the common contaminants found in shower water.

It’s a dual filter system that instantly clears out impurities in the water and neutralizes chlorine even when the water is flowing fast. Many reported immediately noticing improvements in their skin and hair after using the system for just a few weeks.

The other highlight is that it significantly boosts the water pressure and it’s pretty efficient in terms of water usage. Installation is quick and simple, even maintenance too. Plus, you can tell when it’s time to change the filters. We found its overall design quite appealing too. It has a simple, clean look.

Generally, the NAKEPIPE handheld shower head proves to be a reliable solution to dealing with shower water impurities and in this post, we’ll be digging deep to give you more insight into it including its performance, ease of use, and overall build quality. Is it worth a shot? Well, let’s find out.

The Filtration Process

As mentioned above, the NAKEDPIPE handheld shower head utilizes a dual filtration system which consists of a sediment filter located in the showerhead handle and a pH filter that is positioned in the showerhead itself, right behind the spray plate. Despite having just two filtration stages, this NAKEDPIPE system is pretty effective when it comes to removing the common impurities found in shower water which tend to cause various skin and hair issues.

The first stage which features the sediment filter helps clear rust, dust, sand, silt, and other sediments and fine particles present in the water. This filter also removes any heavy metals in the water down to as small as 5 microns. The showerhead handle which is where the filter is located is transparent, so you get to see the dirt already collected on the filter even from the first shower.

From the sediment filter, the water enters the shower head where it goes through the NAKEDPIPE pH filter which is a white/yellow block that consists of Vitamin C extract and lactose powder, as well as glycerin, dextrin, and several other essential oils. This filter gradually injects doses of Vitamin C right into the water, which in turn effectively neutralizes the chlorine and chloramine content lurking in it. It clears nearly 100% of these chemicals from the shower water.

The NAKEDPIPE pH filter equally surpasses limescale. It helps restrain limescale generation/build-up hence keeping your bathroom free from stains. This filter will also help get rid of any foul odor from the water or in your bathroom.

The Vitamin C injected into the water gives it a pleasant fragrance/scent that makes the bathroom smell clean and fresh. The scent isn’t too strong to interfere with your body wash or soap’s fragrance – it’s just enough to ensure no smell of chlorine or chemicals whatsoever.

The water certainly feels cleaner, softer, and looks clearer. Many users mentioned that they could instantly feel and see a difference in the quality of their shower water and that the unpleasant chlorine smell is completely gone.

Besides removing chlorine and chloramines, the Vitamin C extract also improves the skin and hair condition as it neutralizes the residual side effects resulting from these chemicals and other impurities, like frizzy hair, dandruff, dry and itchy skin, headaches, and itchy eyes.

Users reported that their skin and hair started feeling softer and rejuvenated once they began using the showerhead. They mentioned that their skin felt more hydrated and a lot of the itchiness disappeared immediately. The filter is ideal for even those with sensitive skin.

However, you can only use it on treated water like municipal water. It’s not able to remove bacteria or other harmful microorganisms that are often present in untreated water like well water. It’s also not able to remove fluoride, so if your source water has a high fluoride level, you may consider installing a reverse osmosis filtration system alongside this shower head filter.

Using the Shower Head

The NAKEDPIPE handheld shower head comes only as a showerhead and it doesn’t have its own holder where you can set it up. You’ll have to get it if you don’t have one already. It’s a handheld showerhead but if you have a holder you can still place it on it and use it as a fixed shower head. It’s simple to use as it’s not heavy (15.9 ounces) and has a long handle that fits well in the hand.

The downside though is that the surface of the handle is not textured. It’s pretty smooth hence it doesn’t offer a firm grip which causes it to slip out of the hand so easily when showering.

The flow pressure is excellent. The spray plate features micro-holes that increase the water pressure as it passes through them. Many reported that their water pressure was tremendously increased after replacing their old shower head with this NAKEDPIPE handheld shower head, so if your household happens to be on the low-pressure side (PSI 30 to 40), then it will definitely boost it.

However, if you already have a very strong water pressure (PIS of 80), then you may find it a little too powerful. You may need to install a water restrictor to aid the situation or reduce the pressure through the faucet control.

Even with the high pressure, the water jets from the NAKEDPIPE spray plate are quite pleasant. They come out as a fine stream of water that feels good and smooth, like getting a massage. It’s very mist-like, so if you don’t like rainfall types of showerheads, then this is for you.

The head itself is a bit small compared to other showerheads, but thanks to the high water pressure, you may only take slightly longer to clean up than when using bigger showerheads. The downside is that you don’t have many options for the spray. It’s just one setting option, which is a full spray.

Water usage is somewhat on the lower end which is a great advantage. Thanks to the micro-holes on the spray plate which increase the water pressure, the NAKEDPIPE appears to be more water-efficient when compared to many other showerheads. Water comes out uniformly without any side drips, and shoots straight where it’s intended, so no water goes to waste.


The packaging of the NAKEDPIPE handheld shower head is modern and very neat. We liked how sturdy it is. When you order showerheads, often they come with poor or flimsy packaging, but this one is quite firm and could handle most shipping conditions.

The installation itself is quick and simple. You just twist and unfasten your old shower head from the hose, take the NAKEDPIPE shower head and then screw it to your shower hose and you’re all done. No tools are required – you don’t even use a wrench to secure the showerhead tightly to the hose.

It’s an incredibly easy process and the company provides detailed instructions with clear hand-drawn diagrams to guide you through. It’s a process that takes less than 5 minutes to finish.

The showerhead is compatible with any standard-size hose. However, both the hose and the shower arm (bracket) are not supplied with it, so you have to purchase them separately if you’ve not yet installed a handheld showerhead. The company currently manufactures shower arms and hoses, thus you can get both from them along with the showerhead.

You don’t have to run water through the system for a certain time before you can start using it. It doesn’t utilize any carbon filter media, hence it’s ready to use instantly after installation.

The unit seems to fit securely as there were only a few reports of leaks, which were mainly due to the fact that it doesn’t come with any gaskets or rubber seals – it’s just plastic onto plastic. However, you can use Teflon tape to ensure a water-tight seal while ensuring not to over-tighten it as you can end up cracking the plastic connection point of the handle.

The showerhead is meant to work with only cold and warm water (32 to around 150°F) – high-temperature water will definitely damage it.

As mentioned earlier, the package doesn’t include the hose and the bracket. You only get the showerhead itself and the two filters (sediment filter and pH filter) already preinstalled.


The major maintenance you’ll need to do with this NAKEDPIPE handheld shower head is replacing the filters, which is a very simple process too.

The sediment filter is in the showerhead handle, so to replace it, you simply unscrew the head part from the handle by turning it counter-clockwise. Once it’s open, you remove the old used sediment filter and replace it with a new one and then twist back the showerhead.

Changing the pH filter is equally straightforward. You grab the head and then turn the cap clockwise to separate it from the head. From there, you remove the old pH filter, set in the new one, and screw on the head by twisting the cap counterclockwise to fasten it back to the head – you have to ensure not to overtime the cap as it may cause leakage. Each of the filters takes no more than two minutes to replace.

They both have a decent lifespan. The sediment filter can last anywhere from 40 to 60 days before requiring replacement while the pH filter can filter up to 1, 320 gallons of water before it gets completely depleted – that’s a lifespan of 75 days for one household that takes one shower a day with an average usage of around 17 gallons per shower.

Note though that the replacement cycle will vary depending on the water condition. For instance, the average replacement period of the sediment filter is about 45 days or less if your water is very bad, but if it’s fairly clean, it can last up to 60 days or more.

The pH filter, on the other hand, will last only a month if your water is very dirty and the level of your shower water usage is high or water temperature is often warm. It can as well go for up to 90 days if your water is clean and your shower water usage is average.

That said, NAKEDPIPE offers replacement filter cartridges for both the sediment filter and the pH filter. Each pack of the sediment replacement filters includes three cartridges while the pH replacement filter only has a single filter cartridge in each Ecolux pack.

Although there’s no filter life indicator, NAKEDPIPE has made the showerhead with a transparent body which not only shows how the water runs through the filters but you also get to see how much debris is collected by the sediment filter and as well visibly see how the pH filter is being used.

This transparent body design allows you to at least tell when to change the filters even without an indicator. Once you notice the sediment filter is completely discolored or you note a drastic drop in water pressure, then you know it’s time to change it.

You also know it’s time for a new pH filter once you see that the whitening gel in the showerhead has been depleted. It’s that simple and convenient compared to other shower head filters as most of them are often enclosed or feature ceramic balls, which show no indication of the filter’s life.

Apart from changing the filters, the other maintenance you’ll need to do is regular cleaning of the showerhead, especially if you have really hard water. Limescale can slowly build up in the showerhead cap and clog the spray plate blocking some of the holes and causing some water jets to point in other directions.

Cleaning the spray plate on both sides could help fix this issue. You simply remove it by turning the cap counterclockwise, cleaning it, and then reassemble the showerhead. Everything comes apart easily for cleaning.

You may also need to clean the white ring often as it features a rubberized matte finish which several users reported tends to get discolored with disturbing blotches of brown mildew. Mold can also grow on it if not taken care of properly.

Build Quality

The build quality of the NAKEDPIPE handheld shower head is pretty decent. It’s a sturdy and durable unit. The whole body is made of plastic, except for the spray plate which is metal. The quality of both materials seems higher than average. They don’t feel cheap or weak at all. The whole unit is basically very solid with a good weight to it – it’s balanced properly such that it doesn’t weigh down the hand or cause fatigue when using it.

The design of the unit is as well appealing, especially since you could see the two filters. It’s a simple modern design that can fit with any bathroom décor.

Final Remarks

The NAKEDPIPE handheld shower head is an ideal option for dealing with shower water that has high chlorine and chromium content. It’s able to completely neutralize these chemicals and as well remove all the sediments and other contaminants like heavy metals from the shower water.

The fact that it utilizes a Vitamin C extract filter which also contains essential oils and other beneficial elements means that it’s able to significantly improve the health and condition of both your skin and hair.

We also liked the fact that it boosts the water pressure which makes it a great option for those struggling with low shower water pressure. It’s equally a shower head filter that you can use with hard water as it can effectively suppress the buildup of limescale in your bathroom.

The unit itself doesn’t present any challenge when it comes to installation and although the filters’ lifespan isn’t that long, replacing them is pretty easy and the company has good offers on their replacement filters. Their customer service is impressive too. They respond quickly when contacted.

Things we like

  • Capable of removing various contaminants
  • Improves clean water without unpleasant chlorine smell
  • Has Vitamin C filter to solve hair and skin issues
  • Can significantly increase water pressure
  • Comes with nice packaging and reasonable price
  • Trouble-free installation and maintenance

Things we don't like

  • Not able to eliminate fluoride
  • Has an easy-slip handle

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NAKEDPIPE handheld shower head Water Filter Review
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NakedPipe Npshv1 High Pressure Shower Head Water Filter

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