1 Micron vs 5 Micron Sediment Filter

This is a brief comparison table of 1-Micron vs 5-Micron sediment filters in water filtration.

1 Micron vs 5 Micron

1 Micron5 Micron
Size (mm)10005000
Size (inch)0.0000390.000195
RemovalMost of the bacteriaA large amount of debris
ApplicationPOU filtersPOE filters
Flow rateLowerHigher
Life timeShorterLoger

When it comes to choosing between 1-micron vs 5-micron sediment filters, we have some factors to be considered.

1 micron vs 5 micron sediment filter

Choosing between a 1-micron vs 5-micron sediment filter

Amount of particulate in the water

It depends on the amount of particulate in the water that you want to filter out to decide to use a 1-micron filter or 5-micron. A 1-micron filter will filter more dirt and debris than a 5-micron one.

Water supply

The water from different utilities and areas will be different. For example, water in New York comes with really fine particulate, if you live in the city, you may need a 1-micron or smaller filter instead of 5-micron, or larger pore size ones.

What your want to get out of the water

For example, if you want to remove cysts from your water, you will need a 1-micron filter but not a 5-micron or bigger one. A filter that comes with a cyst reduction certificate is required to make sure it can remove or reduce cysts from your water.

Water pressure drop

The water pressure will drop more after a 1-micron filter than a 5-micron one. A 1-micron filter is more restrictive than a 5-micron one and it catches more dirt and debris, so the water flow rate through a 1-micron filter will be lower, and its lifetime will be shorter.


Is lower micron better?

Yes, it is, the lower micron can trap smaller particles in the water, hence, it’s better in terms of water filtration.

Is a 1-micron filter better than a 5-micron filter?

Yes, the pore size on a 1-micron filter is smaller than the pore size on a 5-micron filter, which means a 1-micron filter is better than a 5-micron one.

What / Which is bigger/smaller 1-micron or 5-micron?

1 micron is smaller than 5-micron.