Best Water Filter Systems For Home

In the following article, you will find sufficient information about the best water filter systems for home regarding what they are, how exactly they work, their main purpose, and their benefits.

Feel free to read away to get the whole picture about this type of water filter and see which one will fit your expectations.

While the water from most city treatment plants may be safe when it comes out of the factory, there’s always a real chance it can pick up different kinds of contaminants along the way as it moves in the old pipes.

When you dispense it from your tap, it’s likely to have numerous contaminants like lead, chemicals, and organic compounds which can cause health problems either in the short term or long term.

The good news though is that water filtration technology has advanced to the point that most contaminants can be removed by water filter systems.

Let’s get started with under sink water filter.

Under Sink Water Filter

Under sink water filters have become more efficient than ever allowing you to take control, minimize and even eliminate the risks posed by the contaminants in the water coming out of your tap.

An under sink water filter is a water purification filter designed to sit underneath the kitchen counter, right underneath the sink itself and it’s connected directly to the under-sink cold water supply where it takes water from and sends it to a filtration media for purification after which it’s sent directly to a faucet for instant dispensing.

The Best Under Sink Water Filter – Frizzlife SK99

Key Features:
  • Effective 3-stage filtration process removes a lot of contaminants
  • Essential minerals are left behind during filtration
  • Can produce up to 2 gallons of filtered water per minute

The SK99 is yet another under sink water filter model from Frizzlife that stands out on our list when it comes to filtering contaminants in municipal water. It’s a quality unit offering superb functionality and filtration ability that guarantees great results.

Filtration Performance

The Frizzlife SK99 is equipped with 3 stages of filtration comprising of a sediment filter and two carbon filters that provide high precision filtration of harmful contaminants.

Stage 1 of the system is a pleated PP sediment filter cartridge and it delivers much better performance than conventional filter cartridges in removing sediments and particles from the water.

It has multiple layers on its surface that facilitate greater surface area and with 5-10 filtration precision, it will eliminate tiny to large particles present in the water including sand, silt, dirt and rust thereby ensuring better protection for the later 2 stages.

Stage 2 is made up of a carbon filter cartridge which serves as the initial filtration stage for most of the chemical contaminants. With a 3 to 5-micron precision, this filter performs well to significantly reduce the amount of chlorine, chloramine and other chemicals in the water.

It also removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as residual particles that may have made past the sediment filter.

At the final stage is the Frizzlife top-grade carbon block filter cartridge providing up to 0.5-micron filtration precision which is almost 10 times higher than many other brands as most of them with similar filters often have an average precision of 3 microns.

This remarkable contaminant removal performance allows the filter to clear out over 99.99% of lead, chlorine and the remaining VOCs and chloramine.

The filter will also remove fluoride, cysts and other heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, and cadmium thereby producing cleaner water with no unpleasant odor, taste or color.

Same to the Frizzlife MK99 model, the filtration process of this SK99 system does not touch the essential minerals. Calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and phosphorus are some of the health-benefiting minerals it leaves behind which means the water that comes out is both clean and healthy with a fresh, natural taste.

Capacity and Efficiency

According to Frizzlife, they have not provided the exact capacity for this model because of the variation in the level of usage and quality of water amongst different users.

Nonetheless, you can expect to get a decent capacity plus the flow rate is fairly high. It’s rated to produce 1.7 gallons per minute but it can go up to 2 GPM at 60 psi feed water pressure and there’s zero water wastage, so it’s highly efficient too.

Reverse Osmosis System

In general, reverse osmosis systems are one of the best and most effective water purification systems available for households.

When you install an RO system, you can be guaranteed pure, great-tasting, healthy drinking water right from your kitchen faucet.

A reverse osmosis system is a water purification system that uses filtration cartridges which include pre-filter, thin semi-permeable membrane, post-filter, and other accessories to remove undesirable materials and provide clean water for drinking and other purposes.

The reverse osmosis process involves using pressure to force the water molecules to flow through the semipermeable membrane while stopping bigger molecules such as bacteria and other impurities.

The Best Reverse Osmosis System – iSpring RCC7AK

Key Features:
  • 6-Stage Alkaline Remineralization Layered Filtration
  • 0.0001 microns 75GPD RO membrane
  • Designed for DIY installation with all necessary installation parts are included

The iSpring RCC7AK is an upgraded version of the RCC7 model with the addition of a nice extra filter. It can filter out all types of contaminants and enrich the water in the same process giving you healthier, natural-tasting, clean drinking water.

This is our pick for the best under sink reverse osmosis system.

Excellent Filtration Process

The iSpring RCC7AK Reverse osmosis system features a multi-layered filtration process designed around 6 very efficient filtration stages specially tailored to progressively remove all types of contaminants and improve the water quality.

The first three stages are pre-filters consisting of a polypropylene sediment filter in the 1st stage, a GAC filter in the 2nd stage, and a carbon block filter in the 3rd stage.

These three filters trap all the sediments and particles that are larger than 5 microns and more importantly removes chlorine, chloramines and other chemicals present in the water.

The fourth stage where the magic happens sits a quality RO membrane which eliminates all the remaining contaminants down to 0.0001 microns leaving behind only pure water.

A fine GAC filter takes the fifth stage and where the water from the RO tank is further polished to remove any residual contaminants from the tank.

Restoration of Lost Minerals

After going through the initial 5-stage RO filtration process, the RCC7AK includes a 6th stage which consists of an alkaline remineralization filter.

The standard 5 stages produce clean, pure water with all the contaminants removed as well as the few helpful minerals present in the water.

This 6th stage is a big plus as the alkaline filter restores the healthy minerals lost due to the RO process. The AK filter features red mineral stones which add back calcium and other essential minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

The filter also has a calcite portion that helps raise the pH levels of the RO water hence creating a much natural alkaline balance in the water.

Therefore, you not only get the benefit of drinking clean, purified water but you are also assured of getting some healthy minerals as well and a better, more natural taste.

RO water is so pure and as such it often tastes unnatural, but with this alkaline filter in place, your water will certainly taste much better.

Furthermore, the filter is made up of only natural mineral stones that serve as the filtration media hence your body will have no problem absorbing the restored minerals directly.

Filtration Capacity

The filtration capacity of RO membrane of this iSpring RCC7AK model is also quite decent for an under-sink residential RO system.

It’s capable of producing up to 75 gallons of filtered water a day which is sufficient to handle the water needs of small to medium-sized families whether it’s drinking or cooking.

Moreover, the system is relatively efficient as for each gallon of pure water produced, it wastes only 2 gallons which is really a mean feat for most filtration systems.

Coutertop Water Filter

Countertop water filters stand out from other water filtration solutions because they are really simple and compact in size. They are easy to install and do not require any kind of expertise.

Of all these options, a countertop filter is a good place to start to ensure you and your family keep a healthy lifestyle.

Designed to sit on a counter, this type of filters come with their own faucet that drains into the sink. This makes them portable and ideal for small spaces, especially for renters.

Different countertop filters use various filtration systems. The most common filter system is by running water through a series of layers ranging from coarse to fine order, depending on functionality.

The Best Countertop Water Filter – Apex MR-1050

Key Features:
  • Fits all standard size faucets making installation a breeze.
  • Compact design that takes considerably small counter space.
  • Easy to install even for non-handy and older people.

Improve your way of living with the Apex MR-1050 countertop water filter that purifies water and protects you from pathogens.

This is a five-step filtration system that can remove several contaminants that include arsenic, copper, aluminum, chlorine odors, among others. Additionally, it can filter Cryptosporidium, Giardia cysts and other micro-organisms that cause water-borne illnesses.

APEX- MR1050 has granular activated carbon (GAC) and KDF-55 technology. This eliminates a great percentage of chlorine, organic toxins, and heavy metals.

It’s a practical design that takes very little space on the counter.

The filter makes water healthier by balancing its alkalinity. As water flows through two of the filtering stages, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium are added using alkaline beads and calcite. These minerals are great for your health.

This water filter unit is simple to install and easy to use. It comes with its own installation hardware, saving you a trip to the hardware store.

It also fits standard home faucets which is convenient.

APEX- MR1050 provides a high volume of 750 gallons and the filter takes roughly a year before you need to replace it.

Faucet Mount Water Filter

A faucet mount water filter is a small point-of-use system that attaches directly to your tap. It removes several water contaminants, ensuring water is safe for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

No matter where you live, tap water is sure to contain a number of contaminants. Faucet mount water filters give easy access to clean and safe water from the comfort of your house.

Faucet mount water filters mainly rely on activated charcoal filters and are easy to install.

The Best Faucet Mount Water Filter – PUR FM-3700

Key Features:
  • Drastically improves the taste of water
  • On-demand filtered water switch
  • Metallic finish fits most kitchen decor

The PUR FM-3700 is a superior quality faucet water filter that provides a clean and healthy water supply. It is effective for eliminating over 70 contaminants and has proven to remove up to 99% lead, 96% mercury and 92% of pesticides in tap water. It is a hassle-free solution to clean water as compared to pitchers that would need constant refilling.

The PUR FM-3700 advanced faucet water filter is easy to install. It comes with 4 adapters and fits on most standard-sized faucets. There is a bright LED indicator that comes on when it is properly installed and ready for use.

This filter provides your household with over 100 gallons that last approximately three months. This not only gives you peace of mind but is cost-effective than bottled water.

MineralClear filter is a premium technology installed in this unit for excellent performance and reliable filtration. It combines activated carbon and ion exchange filters to eliminate as many contaminants as possible.

It has a 360° swivel that fits most sinks and an on and off switch that lets you switch between filtered or unfiltered water.

Shower Head Water Filter

Shower head water filters are compact devices that can be attached to your shower to make the water cleaner and healthier. These units direct water through various mediums that remove various contaminants mechanically or chemically.

If you still feel sticky after a shower, your skin becomes irritable and red or your hair gets brittle without volume, then the time has come for you to install a water filter.

Shower filters are capable of preventing your hair from breaking and being discolored, keep your skin soft and supple, and give you that squeaky-clean, refreshing feeling by eliminating impurities and chemicals in your water supply.

The Best Shower Head Water Filter – AquaBliss SF220

Key Features:
  • Easy installation.
  • Removes impurities in hot and cold water.
  • The multistage filtration system works efficiently.

The AquaBliss SF220 shower filter is a powerful filtration system that purifies your water at whatever temperature using multiple stages. It is designed to remove chlorine, fluoride and other harmful chemicals that make water hard and harsh to the skin and hair.

The AquaBliss SF220 also inhibits the growth of organic substances such as bacteria and fungi. After installing this shower system at home, you can expect your water to start feeling softer and gentler to both hair and skin in as little as a week. If there were any odors of chlorine, iron or sulfur in your water, you can expect them to disappear too.

The multi-stage filtration system employs a unique combination of KDF-55, calcium sulfite and active carbon technologies to filter the water. The KDF-55 is the main reason why the AquaBliss SF220 is capable of filtering your water even at high temperatures. The activated carbon is the one responsible for removing chlorine and other impurities at lower temperatures. Lastly, calcium sulfite is known to remove chlorine and other water impurities in both cold and hot water.

What you get is a fine water filtration system that dramatically improved the condition of your skin, hair, and nails. What’s more, this shower head is easy for even the least handy person to install. All you need to do is unscrew the existing showerhead and screw the SF220 in its place – you will need no tools. It is also compatible with all the standard hand-held showers.

After installation, you will notice that this showerhead does not affect the pressure at all, and the components making up the system are sturdy.

If you are planning to use your filter with well water, make sure to turn around the internal filter cartridge every month. Since well water normally tends to have high quantities of sediments, this will prevent the sediments from accumulating inside and blocking the water flow.

Water Filter Pitcher

Ready to drink filtered water is a luxury you can afford to have at home. A water filter pitcher makes your water safe and gets the whole family to enjoy crisp, delicious water.

This is a small and simple filtration unit that is made up of a reservoir and filter cartridge. Unfiltered water is purified as it flows through the cartridge filters and into the jug reservoir. The filter is usually made of Granulated Activated Charcoal filament to remove toxins, for example, chlorine and heavy metals.

The Best Water Filter Pitcher – Brita 5-Cup BPA Free

Contaminated water is harmful when consumed over time and affects the taste of water. The Brita 5-cup water filter pitcher is designed to fit just about anywhere. It is a small, plastic pitcher with advanced filtration technology to remove impurities such as heavy metals, chlorine and reduce copper in your water.

The 5-cup water filter pitcher by Brita is an affordable option when looking for accessible clean and safe water. It is small enough to fit in your fridge without taking much space and cost-efficient. One filter lasts 40 gallons of water, equivalent to 300 bottles of drinking water.

The Brita filter performs well and lasts up to 2 months with an indicator that lets you know when to change your filters. The Brita 5-cup water filter pitcher has a flip-top lid that is easy to refill and perfectly sized for carrying when traveling.

Water Distiller

Distillation is a process that occurs naturally on our planet and has been simulated in a machine. A water distiller purifies water by boiling it to its evaporation point, separating water from impurities such as chemicals, minerals, and dissolved solids. Here is an in-depth look at how this actually works.

Distillation is one of the surest ways to have clean water for home use. There are no added chemicals and it effectively gets rid of water pollutants including disease-causing micro-organisms.

The Best Water Distiller – H2oLabs Best-In-Class

Key Features:
  • Features with a porcelain nozzle
  • Durable and reliable materials to ensure a high performance
  • Cleaning is a breeze with the included cleaner and instruction

H2o Labs is a leading brand in the market with reliable and easy to use water distillers. It is made of high-quality material that is certified to produce very clean water compared to other brands in the market.

To purify water, this unit uses activated carbon pods that remove organic compounds such as chlorine. They are made to last three times longer than regular filters and can last a year before you need to replace it.

We love the H2oLabs Best-In-Class water distiller because it is made with quality assured parts. The interior is made from food-grade stainless-steel housing and all plastic parts are BPA free. Distilled water is dispensed through a porcelain nozzle so it does not come into contact with the metal or plastic.

It comes with a stainless-steel heating coil that is just the right size. The 565W heating element is considerably small but works as fast and better than larger heating elements that consume more power. It has an easy to use on/off automatic switch that cuts of water once it distills 1-liter cycle. It can complete 4 cycles in 24 hours, enough to supply the average household with enough drinking water.

The glass carafe is made of high-quality glass with an easy handle, large openings and easy to remove lids. It makes cleaning easier as you can easily reach hard to clean spots.

Whole House Water Filter

Whole house water filter system is one of the most effective filtering solution currently available on the market. It not only produce clean and healthy water but it’s more environmentally friendly compared to other filtering systems.

Different filters block different contaminants. Therefore, you need to pick a unit with a filter or filters that will be effective in removing the specific contaminants present in your water. A water test should tell the kind of contaminants that are already present in the water.

There are basically two major categories of filters when it comes to whole house filtration systems. We have the standard filters also known as the cartridge type filters and heavy-duty filters which are often equipped with a carbon tank and referred to as carbon tank models.

The Best Whole House Water Filter – Express Water WH300SCKS

Key Features:
  • Offers a much more comprehensive filtration capability
  • Heavy-duty, durable construction
  • Water pressure is a high ideal for large houses

For anyone specifically looking for a 3-stage filtration system, the Express Water WH300SCKS is a great alternative to the Aquasana EQ-1000 model. Like its competitor, it offers a comprehensive solution to water contamination in one single unit.

The system uses three different filters to target and remove specific contaminants from the water supply and to ensure a more complete purification process. The first stage consists of a sediment filter which eliminates coarse damaging contaminants such as dirt, rust, and sand.

The filter has 4 distinct layers capable of removing contaminants down to 5 microns with the outer layers catching the coarsest contaminants while inner layers deal with finer sediments and particles.

The second phase consists of a Kinetic Degradation Fluxion filter which further captures heavy metals contaminants as well as dirt and other suspended particles. It also removes chemical contaminants including VOCs.

The final stage completes the filtration process and it’s where all the chlorine, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) are removed using a granular activated carbon filter to ensure that the water tastes good and is drinkable.

Another thing that sets this unit apart is the pressure gauge and the pressure release button that it comes with. They make it easier to use and monitor the system so that you are aware of when the filters need replacement.

The whole system is a heavy-duty construction made from quality food-grade PCE and ABS plastic, so as far as durability is concerned, you are not going to worry that much. You will have no problem when it comes to installation and maintenance is also quite easy due to its user-friendly design.

Water Softener

Although there are no health risks linked to it, hard water is a serious concern especially when it comes to the life and health of home appliances that operate with water.

It can create damaging limescale deposits onto fixtures such as faucets and showerheads causing them to deteriorate over time and eventually leading to costly repair works.

Worse yet, the scale can build up onto water-heating appliances like dishwashers, water heaters, and coffee makers, making them highly likely to fail. Your entire plumbing system can suffer damages too as the lime-scale deposits may clog the pipes and reduce the water flow to your taps.

The good thing is that treating water hardness is not a tough challenge as such, plus the rewards are simply great. A water softener system can provide an effective solution to dealing with the root cause of all the hard water problems you are facing.

The Best Water Softener – Aquasure Harmony Series AS-HS32D

Key Features:
  • Works efficiently on water that’s moderately hard
  • Decent capacity for small families of up to 3 people
  • Fast water flow rate of up to 15 GPM

Aquasure has several highly efficient water softeners in the market under its Harmony Series which can effectively treat hardness in well water. The AS-HS32D model is one of them and in this review, we will look at how it performs and what makes it stand out.

The Harmony Series is available in 3 variants which include; AS-HS32D (32,000 grains), AS-HS48D (48,000 grains) and AS-HS64D (64,000 grains). Let’s take a closer look at the AS-HS32D model.

Softening Capability

The Aquasure Harmony Series AS-HS32D is a salt-based water softener that features a 2-tank system. The softening tank contains cation resin media which proves to be quite efficient at eliminating water hardness.

It’s able to get rid of up to 110 grains of hardness minerals (magnesium and calcium) per every gallon of water that passes through. It’s a relatively high removal rate which makes the AS-HS32D ideal for treating water that’s moderate to very hard – it’s a reliable option for softening well water.

The unit also performs fairly well at removing iron. It can eliminate iron up to 2 ppm which is pretty decent but not high considering that the other softeners like the Whirlpool WHES40E and the Culligan HE Softener-Cleer Series are able to remove iron content up to 100 ppm. If your water iron level is more than 2 ppm, you’ll need to add an iron prefilter.

Regeneration Process

There’s minimal salt and water wasted during the regeneration process when using this AS-HS32D model. It’s equipped with a convenient and efficient regeneration system that utilizes a digital flow meter.

The smart digital control head measures how much water is treated and then automatically initiates a backwash cycle only when necessary hence no water or salt get wasted. Moreover, the process is quite fast (takes only 98 minutes), so there’s always a steady supply of softened water.

Another advantage is that the digital flow meter is fully programmable. The unit offers 3 regeneration options; time-clock delayed, meter immediate and meter delayed. These are more options than similar models and give you great control over the system since you can customize it to fit your needs.

What we also liked is the fact that the AS-HS32D remains quiet during the backwash cycles which can be a noisy process for some water softeners. This makes it a suitable option for smaller homes that might not have enough room to keep their softener out of earshot.

Softening Capacity

This Aquasure Harmony Series softener can treat a maximum of 32, 000 grains of hard water which is slightly on the lower end but it’s still a sufficient capacity that can meet the needs of a small family of 3 people with water that’s moderately hard.

If you are a family of 5 to 7 people, then the Aquasure AS-HS48D (48,000 grains capacity) or the AS-HS64D (64,000 grains capacity) models would be ideal for you.

The salt tank, however, has a high storage capacity (120 lbs) hence you won’t be refilling it frequently. The other upside is that the unit has a fast flow rate of 15 GPM, so it can efficiently service a whole house with little to no drop in pressure.

Control System and Safety Features

The control head of the AS-HS32D is fairly easy to program and you can customize most of the settings to your preference. However, the operating manual provided seems not that informative and clear as several users complained that it’s difficult to follow.

With regards to safety features, Aquasure has equipped the brine tank of this softener with a safety float which automatically shuts off the water going into the tank when it fills up. It’s not going to overflow and flood the basement in case you are often away for long. The unit also has a bypass valve, so you can do maintenance without turning the water off.

Water Descaler

Hard water has been a very common problem for a long time and we can all agree that its effects are annoying and irritating especially when it comes to plumping systems and appliances.

Fortunately today, there are several types of water softeners in the market and one very convenient and affordable option is none other than salt-free water softeners, known as water descalers.

These growing water treatment systems are great alternatives to the traditional salt-based (ion-exchange) water softeners.

They are effective and can combat the harmful effects of water hardness without requiring frequent monitoring and replenishment every week like salt-based systems.

A salt-free water softener (water descaler) is a hard water treatment device that uses salt-free technology to prevent scale build-up. It can be an electronic water descaler or water conditioner both of which are alternative solutions to traditional salt-based water softeners in preventing limescale from hard water.

The electronic water descaler is one of the newest salt-free water softener technologies that has become a very popular form of hard water treatment.

It’s much more affordable than the other water softeners like magnetic descalers and ion exchange softeners.

A water conditioner is an alternative water softening device that’s equipped with some type of cartridge or tank containing a special scale control media that help transform hardness mineral ions in the water into a stable and harmless form that won’t adhere to surfaces.

The Best Water Descaler – Eddy ED6002P-US

Key Features:
  • Effectively inhibits limescale build-up
  • Removes existing limescale from pipes and fittings
  • The healthy minerals are retained in your water

Eddy is one of the leading and most popular electronic descaling device manufacturers in the world. Their ED6002P-US electronic water descaler which tops our list is amongst the best salt-free water softeners you can find in the market.

The unit presents a simple yet effective solution for removing the adhesive properties of limescale and preventing scale buildup. Also, it’s capable of dissolving existing deposits and offers other amazing benefits as you are going to see below.

Softening Capability

The Eddy ED6002P-US is a simple electronic water descaler system that utilizes electromagnetic waves to prevent the formation of limescale.

The system features an electronic control box and two signal cables that are wrapped around the piping on your incoming water supply line.

As the incoming water containing calcium carbonate and other minerals responsible for limescale deposits passes through the coils (signal cables), it’s subjected to a continually changing electromagnetic field that results from the two coils

This field effectively hits and agitates the molecules of the mineral thereby altering their adhesive properties and breaking the bonds between them and water.

The large mineral crystals likely to form scale are broken down into tiny mineral particles preventing them from interacting and reacting with other surrounding minerals.

In this way, they are unable to bond or adhere to any surface and they don’t precipitate out as hard scale hence preventing the formation of limescale inside pipe works and appliances.

The Eddy ED6002P-US is so effective such that it will not only stop limescale formation by incoming water flowing through the pipes, but it will also help to progressively break down and flush away existing limescale in your pipes and water fittings in due course of time.

Another nice thing is that nothing is added or removed during the process hence the chemical composition of the water does not change.

It inhibits limescale formation without eliminating the hard water minerals which means you will still have healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium present in your water. No wastage or brine is discharged, so it’s equally environmentally friendly.

Moreover, this Eddy system is capable of delivering great results at water hardness levels of up to about 20 GPG which is the highest level in the water hardness scale. Therefore, it can effectively deal with average to high hard water levels.

Power Consumption

Being an electronic device, the Eddy ED6002P-US water descaler system runs entirely on electricity and it will need a 110 volts power outlet to operate.

The good thing though is that it only consumes around 5 watts which is almost the same as a night light. In other words, it’s a low power usage system and as such, you won’t have to worry much about power consumption because it will hardly cost anything to run it.

The Best Salt-Free Water Conditioner – AO Smith Salt Free

Key Features:
  • Can handle water hardness levels of up to 25 GPG
  • Beneficial minerals remain in the water
  • Relatively high capacity of up to 600,000 gallons

The AO Smith Water water conditioner system (AO Smith water descaler) is a unit specially designed for those who want an affordable yet functional and long-lasting salt-free water softener. It’s a simple system that does what’s it’s expected of it without a lot of issues.

Softening Capability

The AO Smith water conditioner system uses salt-free technology that’s highly capable of treating water hardness in an entire house.

The tank is filled with a dependable scale control media which naturally and safely inhibits calcium and magnesium hardness minerals from binding and forming limescale.

The media makes the hardness minerals really ineffective such that they lose their adhesive ability hence preventing scale buildup in pipes and plumbing. It can efficiently tackle water hardness levels of up to 25 GPG.

On top of that, the descaling media of this unit does not completely remove the hardness minerals from the water like the salt-based systems. It retains the calcium and magnesium ions, so aside from stopping them from forming limescale, you will still have these healthy minerals in your water.

System Capacity

The capacity of this AO Smith water conditioner is as well commendable. The media it uses can reduce scale buildup for up to 600, 000 gallons before requiring replacement.

That’s a pretty high capacity that should guarantee you around 6 years of service depending on the level of hardness of the water coming in your house. If you are a household of 3 to 5 people, this would be a suitable option as you won’t have to worry about changing it out for a long time.

Regarding the water flow rate, the AO Smith descaler is designed to treat a maximum of 7 gallons of water per minute.

For small to medium homes, this rate will do fine as it’s sufficient to run a whole household, but for larger homes with high regular consumption, you may find it a little slow.