Exult Planet Ecolux Ultimate Pack Shower Head Water Filter

Key Features:
  • Ergonomically designed handle for simple use
  • Straightforward installation and maintenance
  • Designed with 3 different modes to reduce fatigue

Exult Planet Ecolux Ultimate Pack Shower Head Water Filter Review

A good shower is a refreshing experience that helps your body relax and get ready for the day or wind it down. However, a healthy shower is the best gift you can give your skin, hair, and nails if you want them to look beautiful and make your overall appearance outstanding. Having a well-performing showerhead filter is the first step towards making all this a reality.

The water that comes into our home from different sources contains a lot of impurities that we need to get rid of if we are to protect our health. While most of us may show concern for the water that we drink and thus purify it, the reality is that the water we shower with is just as important, hence the need to filter all the impurities present in that water.

Heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, and tin are among the leading causes of skin diseases and rough skin texture. Moreover, you may have been observing that your nails break easily, and you can’t seem to grow them long enough or keep them looking neat without one of them snapping from time to time.

If your hair has been losing its natural color with no logical explanation for why this is happening, high chances are that your bathing water contains some of these heavy metals. The problem is not entirely the presence of heavy metals in your water. Other impurities and minerals such as chlorine, chloramine, and cadmium can damage your skin leading to severe eczema symptoms or general skin dryness.

The Exult Planet Ecolux Shower Head Filter is an excellent handheld showerhead that you can use to filter your water and make it clean and healthy for bathing every day. This filter adds a crucial functionality that will improve the quality of your showers and contribute to enhancing the beauty of skin, hair, and nails.

Our in-depth review of the Ecolux Shower Head Filter will make you knowledgeable of its performance, durability, and benefits. If you are looking to make an informed buying choice about this product, please read on.

Filtration Performance

Water filtration is an ancient practice that has been in existence since modern history began being studied. Although a preserve mostly of drinking water, in recent times, it has become essential to filter all water used in a household and with a special focus on bathing water.

The Exult Planet Ecolux showerhead filter uses an elaborate three-stage filter made possible using filtration beads picked from high-quality naturally occurring rocks packed with minerals to purify your bathing water.

In the first stage of the water filtration process, the water from your main supply will come in contact with alkaline tourmaline beads. This is a crucial level in the filtration process where the heavy metals that are present in your water are removed from the water to start the purification process. Some of the heavy metals that the alkaline tourmaline beads extract in this stage include lead, aluminum, mercury, and tin.

While still in the first stage, your water will also lose other elements present in it, such as chlorine, ammonia, cadmium, and chloramine. When they combine with the heavy metals that also get expelled in the same stage, these elements contribute to damage to your skin.

They are responsible for the clogging of pores on the topmost layer of the skin. Once clogged, other issues follow, such as skin breakouts, eczema, and excessive dryness. Such problems can escalate any previous skin conditions that already exist.

By adding negative ions (anions) into your water, the alkaline tourmaline beads reduce the presence of allergens while simultaneously improving the absorption of other healthier minerals by your skin. The effect of this is moisturized and glowing skin that makes your beauty stand out.

Once the heavy metals and minerals are out, it is time for the water to proceed to the far-infrared ceramic balls in the showerhead filter. In this second level of the filtration system, this sophisticated process focuses on reducing impurities and softening the water.

Softening the water is essential in helping you make savings on how much soap, shampoo, and shower gel you use. Soft water lathers easily and thus allow you to use a small amount of your liquid or solid shower agent.

The infra-red ceramic balls also help in the addition of anti-aging agents in the water at this point. These anti-aging agents ensure that instances of wrinkling on your skin are reduced by improving its elasticity. Continued use of the Exult Planet Ecolux shower head filter with infra-red ceramic balls will help to rejuvenate your skin and make you look younger.

The third time’s a charm, and in this case, this stage features Maifan stones, also known as ‘The Great Beautifier.’ Maifan stones are a natural beauty activator that helps speed up the water’s biological activity by speeding up oxygen dissolution and raising the pH of the water to improve its alkalinity. Alkaline water is highly recommended as skin-friendly by reputable dermatologists and cosmetic industry scientists around the world.

Maifan stones are also responsible for adding other useful minerals that help your skin, nails, and hair to flourish. The elements added to the water at this stage include Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, and Manganese. These minerals help improve the texture of your skin, the strength of your nails, and your hair’s length and thickness.

Using the Shower Head

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to using the Exult Planet Ecolux showerhead from Exult Planet. The manufacturer puts the users’ needs at the center of designing the functionality of this showerhead filter. Most customer testimonials speak warmly of how easy it is to get the hang of how the showerhead functions. Some even mentioned that their kids had an easy time adjusting to the new accessory being installed in their bathrooms.

Exult Planet designed this shower with three shower modes to allow a therapeutic shower session that fits your needs. By moving the button on the showerhead to the left or right, you can switch between the following modes; rainfall, jetting, and massage.

This high-pressure showerhead features a distinct build that boosts your water pressure by 200% no matter which shower mode you are using. Moreover, it is water-conserving and saves you up to 40% on water bills every year.

The high pressure of the shower keeps water usage to a minimal 1.3GPM which saves you up to 10,000 gallons a year. Moreover, the high-pressure feature makes this a suitable showerhead for washing your pets even when you have a short hose connecting the showerhead to the water supply. With this showerhead, the distance of a single water jet is an impressive 100cm.

Don’t you hate showerheads that make it hard for you to easily turn the water supply off once you are done bathing? Well, the Ecolux Showerhead Filter offers a different experience. It features a button on the neck of the showerhead that allows you to turn off the shower with a single tap. Note that this is not an electric shower head but is compatible with electric showers.


Start using the Exult Planet Ecolux shower head filter by cutting off your previous showerhead’s main water supply faucet. You can easily do this by unscrewing it from the faucet tip by rotating anti-clockwise. Once undone, clean up any water residue on the faucet teeth and proceed to bring your Ecolux shower head close. You will need to remove the protective cap covering the end of the showerhead.

Connecting is easy, and you will not require any specialized skills or tools. Simply align your showerhead with the faucet and screw it in by rotating clockwise. Do this until you feel it’s tight enough. It is advisable to be keen on the alignment of the showerhead and faucet teeth to ensure a tight fit. Most new users who report a leakage happen to misalign these crucial parts, and thus their experience of using this showerhead by Exult Planet is an agonizing one.

However, if a leak occurs even after perfect alignment, it may be a size difference issue that you can easily rectify by using Teflon tape. Wrap it around both ends of your water supply and the showerhead, then turn on the shower to start using.


For the Exult Planet Ecolux showerhead to continue serving you excellently, you must take time to do maintenance works on it regularly. The cover cap ring of the showerhead is one of the most crucial parts of this bathroom accessory that you must pay extra attention to if you are to enjoy a satisfactory shower each time you use the showerhead.

Due to the disintegration of the beads in the filter as water passes through them, they might clog the holes of the cover ring. This results in uncoordinated water release as some of the outlets get blocked. Regular cleaning of this plate is therefore very critical to the showerhead’s performance in the long run.

Unscrew the showerhead from the main faucet and hold it in your hand. Use one hand to hold the neck of the showerhead firmly as you rotate the showerhead cap to the left. This move will open the showerhead and allow you to retrieve the plate with water outlet holes. Take this out and use an old toothbrush to scrub it with some toothpaste. Vinegar works well too. Proceed to then leave this in a vinegar solution for up to 30 minutes before rinsing with fresh water.

Once rinsed, return the plate inside the showerhead with the smaller holes facing outside and the larger holes inside. Some customers report not experiencing the high-pressure water release once they open the cap to clean it and close it again.

The reason for this is the wrong placement of the lid with the larger holes facing outside the showerhead. Doing this means water has a harder time going through the holes, and thus it reduces the pressure, making for an unsatisfactory shower session.

Maintaining the rest of the showerhead boils down to regularly wiping it after a shower to remove the excess water on it. You may also want to check if the connection to the faucet is getting weaker with time from continued use.

Exult Planet designed this showerhead to feature a recyclable filtration system. This eco-friendly aspect of the showerhead filter allows you to save on money that would otherwise be used to buy replacement filtration systems.

Although the filtration system is recyclable, it is worth noting that the beads are not, and you will need to replace them after 10,000 to 12,000 gallons of water have passed through it. That is equivalent to six months of use of the filter beads.

To replace them, pull out the filtration net at the bottom of the showerhead, pour out the old beads, rinse the showerhead filter, and add the new beads and return the net. You will get another half a year’s worth of exemplary water filtration.

Exult Planet offers a one-year warranty on each purchase of its product. Customers who’ve been unsatisfied with the delivered product attest to receiving a 100% refund as per the manufacturer’s money-back guarantee policy.

Build Quality

When we buy home accessories such as showerheads, our main intention is always to get value for our money. Exult Planet understands this well as they’ve designed the Exult Planet Ecolux shower head filter to be durable and long-lasting. The showerhead consists of high-quality ABS material in its build, which ensures that it does not break easily should it happen to fall in your bathroom. Its aesthetics too, much up to the excellent quality of the material.

The showerhead features a net chrome polish that makes it shiny and a great addition to the interior décor of any bathroom. The polish is responsible for the rust and peel-proof quality of the device.

Users were also highly appreciative of the fingerprint-proof nature of the showerhead. Compared to other products on the market, you will not have to encounter ugly fingerprints each time you hold up your handheld showerhead filter.

Aside from the beauty and durability of the showerhead filter, its functionality buttons offer similar efficiency. Its shower mode and stop buttons are mechanical, meaning you can use them for an extended period without any breakdown.

Final Remarks

The Exult Planet Ecolux shower head filter is a must-have for any modern home looking to enhance their shower experience and keep their water bills down.

Designed to feature a 3-step water filtration system, you benefit immensely from the efficient water purification process that ensures you bathe with clean water each time.

The showerhead filter features three naturally occurring rocks: Maifan stone, alkaline tourmaline, and far-infrared ceramic balls that remove impurities and add healthy minerals in your water for beautiful glowing skin, strong nails, and thick long hair. The filtering beads remove up to 98% of all impurities in your water.

The showerhead is easy to use with a shower mode button that allows you to switch between rainfall, jetting, and massage modes. Once done bathing, you can conveniently turn off the shower using the stop button on its handle. This high-pressure showerhead boosts your water pressure by up to 200% and saves you up to 40% of water yearly.

Featuring a premium quality chrome finish on ABS, this long-lasting showerhead is also easy to install and maintain in your home. Attach it to your water supply by screwing in as you would a bulb and use the same screw and unscrew technique to release its plates for cleaning. It is rust and fingerprint-proof.

Things we like

  • Ergonomically designed handle for simple use
  • Straightforward installation and maintenance
  • Designed with 3 different modes to reduce fatigue
  • Does not affect water flow after a period of use
  • Produces strong water pressure for users’ needs
  • Backed by a one-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee

Things we don't like

  • Leaks may occur if assembly is not tight enough
  • A bit expensive compared to other similar devices

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Exult Planet Ecolux Ultimate Pack Shower Head Water Filter
Exult Planet Ecolux Ultimate Pack Shower Head Water Filter
Exult Planet Ecolux Ultimate Pack Shower Head Water Filter
Exult Planet Ecolux Ultimate Pack Shower Head Water Filter
Exult Planet Ecolux Ultimate Pack Shower Head Water Filter
Exult Planet Ecolux Ultimate Pack Shower Head Water Filter
Exult Planet Ecolux Ultimate Pack Shower Head Water Filter
Exult Planet Ecolux Ultimate Pack Shower Head Water Filter
Exult Planet Ecolux Ultimate Pack Shower Head Water Filter
Exult Planet Ecolux Ultimate Pack Shower Head Water Filter
Exult Planet Ecolux Ultimate Pack Shower Head Water Filter

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