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10 Best Water Distillers For The US & CA Markets

Here you will find our list of the 10 Best Water Distillers [electric water distiller] that we picked for the US & CA Markets in 2021.

The Best Water Distiller

We recommend the H2oLabs Best-In-Class Water Distiller as the best water distiller based on its performance, its price, and how other customers review it.


4.6 out of 5 stars

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10 Best Water Distillers

Key Features:
  • Features with a porcelain nozzle
  • Durable and reliable materials to ensure a high performance
  • Cleaning is a breeze with the included cleaner and instruction
Key Features:
  • Effectively distills up to 12 gallons per day
  • Made of stainless steel materials to improve its durability
  • Can automatically shut off when the boiler gets low
Key Features:
  • Temperature automatically turns off when overheating
  • Compact and portable design while traveling
  • Produces very little noise during operation
Key Features:
  • Capable of distilling up to 4 gallons per day
  • Leaves with pure water taste and smell
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance free
Key Features:
  • Features with three non skid pads to prevent from slipping
  • Super easy to use and hassle-free to maintain
  • Produce 4 liters within 4 hours to service the daily water need
Key Features:
  • Efficiently cleans out impurities to provide pure water
  • Distilled water quickly and the system operates quietly
  • Equipped with built-in thermostat to prevent overheating
Key Features:
  • Features with three packs of filter carbon
  • Generates 6 gallons of purified water every day
  • Safe control with an extra waterproof on/off smart switch
Key Features:
  • Relatively easy to use and maintain
  • Plastic and metal are not in contact with water
  • Comes with an added on/off power switch for safety
Key Features:
  • Ensure safe and clean water due to BPA-Free plastics
  • Easy access and cleaning with the large openings
  • The price is very inexpensive, compared to other machines
Key Features:
  • Easy to use and maintenance free
  • Able to produce 4 liters of water every 4 hours
  • The machine will automatically turn off when finished

We hope this list of the best Water Distillers was helpful.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Enjoy shopping!

Best Water Distiller

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