Well water vs City water

This is a brief comparison between well water vs city water that you can compare all the good points and the bad points.

ComparisonWell WaterCity Water
Water SourceComes from a private water supply on a residential propertySupplied by the city where you live
ResponsibilityHomeownerThe City
Water TreatmentRequiredNot required
AreaRemote and countryside areasCity center areas
Electricity & PumpRequiredNot required
InstallationHard and expensiveEasy and cheap
CostCheaperMore expensive
SafetySaferMore risk
ProsIt’s free
It can be rich in minerals
Less likely to be affected by natural disasters
Water quality
Consistent supply
Mortgage lending and home resale value
Beneficial nutrients
ConsElectrical dependence
Potential contamination
Water quality is your responsibility
Water supply
Variable freshness
Costly bills
Minimal control
Well water vs City water
Well water vs City water

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