Well Water Table Level By Zip Code

Here is an example of water table level by zip code (water well depth) we collected by doing the steps below.

Water Table LevelBy Zip CodeBy City
17.0 feet02148Essex County, MA
21.8 feet01960Providence County, MA
28.0 feet01360Franklin County, MA
50.0 feet02536Barnstable County, MA
12 feet01453Worcester County, MA

Access water table level by zip code (water well depth map)

Step 1 – Access the source page

Link: https://maps.waterdata.usgs.gov/mapper/index.html

Step 2 – Choose the Data Type

Choose Groundwater Sites -> Active Sites -> Measurements

You can find the average water table level by zip code by click the link below and choose a data point in your area.

Step 3 – Move the water well depth map

Move the map around to find your area -> Zoom in to see the nearest red dot in your area

Water Well Depth Map [Water Table Level By Zip Code]

Step 4 – Access the data

Click on the nearest red dot -> Click Access Data -> Find the water table level of your area

water table level by zip code - Choose the red dot

For example:

The well depth level of Norfolk County, Massachusetts is 52.2 feet below the land surface.

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