Waterwise Water Distiller Reviews

Literally, nothing can stop you from easy access to clean water as long as you have the Waterwise 1600 water distiller. It is a non-electric water distiller with no moving parts so all you need is to set it up wherever you are and it is ready for use.

It performs just as well as electric distillers and can provide up to 16 gallons of water a day. This is enough water to serve a large family or group of people. The high-quality plastic water bottle that collects water is sold separately. This makes it a cheaper option in case you are on a low budget and looking to save some money by using your own reservoir bottle.

 The Waterwise 1600 water distiller is light and easy to use. It has two integrated parts that come preassembled and only weighs 9 pounds, a handy feature when using this outdoors or during an emergency blackout.

Waterwise 1600 is made of stainless-steel housing and heat-resistant tubing that lasts long. To distill water, simply place on a direct heat source, for example, a hotplate, wood source or an electric burner. It has a digital timer so you can monitor your water and a 2-year warranty so you can enjoy the Waterwise 1600 distiller with ease of mind.



  • Uses various heat sources.
  • Large water capacity.
  • Non-electric.
  • Cheap housing construction.
  • Low energy efficiency.

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ProductWaterwise Water Distiller Reviews
BrandWater Wise
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Waterwise Water Distiller Reviews