Waterdrop TSC-W Under Sink Water Filter

Key Features:
  • Clears out 99% of chlorine, odor, taste, and heavy metals
  • Doesn’t remove the health minerals
  • Battery-powered filtration system


Waterdrop is one of the few brands in the industry that focus on designing modern water filtration systems and their TSC under sink model is a perfect example. It not only looks stunning in its design but it’s also effective in eliminating common contaminants found in water. Besides that, it does come with a couple of smart features that make it quite convenient to use. 

Filtration Performance

The Waterdrop TSC-W utilizes a 3-stage filtration system that has been tested against the NSF standards. The three stages include a sediment pre-filter and two carbon filters with a 0.5-micron rating. 

The 1st stage of filtration features the sediment pre-filter which is made up of polypropylene media. It removes the majority of the large impurities in the water including sand, rust, suspended solids, and other particulates.

The 2nd stage is a granular activated carbon filter which reduces most of the chlorine, odor, and taste. It equally helps trap the large particles that seeped through the PP filter in the 1st stage. 

The 3rd stage consists of an activated carbon block filter that effectively clears out 99% of the remaining chlorine content, taste, and odor as well as heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic. It does remove a good amount of fluoride in the water although not as effective as the Waterdrop TSU model. 

The combination of these two carbon block filters improves the taste of water significantly and they don’t get rid of the total dissolved solids (TDS), so the filtered water you get will have calcium, magnesium, and other healthy minerals.

However, the filtration system is not ideal for use on well water because it doesn’t get rid of harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. It’s also not ideal for use on municipal water that has high organic chemicals like VOCs, pesticides, and herbicides – it’s not able to effectively clear them out. 


The Waterdrop TSC-W is a pretty efficient system as there’s no water wasted during the filtration process. The flow rate is a bit low though compared to other under sink water filters

Under average water pressure, the system can process about 1 gallon of water per minute. It’s not fast but it will work for most small households that need filtered water mainly for cooking and drinking. Users mentioned that it takes 30 to 40 seconds to fill a small pitcher. The unit can work effectively with feed water pressure from around 14 to 87 psi. 


In terms of installation, the Waterdrop TSC-W is simple enough for anyone to set up – everything required for the installation including a brushed nickel faucet is provided.

It can take 30 minutes or less to complete the full installation depending on your experience and if you already have a hole drilled on the countertop for the faucet. 

The unit has a vertical design that’s compact and can fit nicely in most under sink cabinets provided though that they are tall since it’s almost about the same size as a small desktop PC tower. The brushed nickel faucet is compact too and has an attractive design. It’s sufficiently tall to accommodate a big cup or glass below it.


The unique aspect of this system is that it doesn’t need an under sink electricity supply. It’s battery-powered hence you don’t have to worry much about power issues interfering with your ability to get clean water. 

The batteries are included with the unit and seem to last fairly long, roughly 1 year. Knowing when to replace them is easy too as there’s a convenient power indicator that beeps 3 times to let you know it’s time to change them. The downside is that it’s a little challenging to reach them once installed since the compartment that holds them is at the back of the unit.

However, the filters are super-accessible and easy to remove when you need to replace them. They are positioned on the front and come off with a single twist-pull, plus you can change them without shutting off the water supply – the unit utilizes an integrated waterway which helps to prevent leakage from occurring. 

Another advantage is that you don’t have to guess when to replace them. There’s a filter life indicator on the front panel that automatically notifies you when they need to be changed. 

The lifespan of the filters is pretty standard as the sediment prefilter requires replacing every 6 months while the two carbon filters can last up to 12 months.

Overall, if you are searching for a reliable under sink water filter for getting rid of chlorine taste and heavy metals in your water, then Waterdrop TSC-W would be a great option. It works effectively and looks nice and modern, suitable for anyone that wants something different from the usual cartridge-style filter systems. 


  • Clears out 99% of chlorine, odor, taste, and heavy metals 
  • Doesn’t remove the health minerals
  • Installing it and changing the filters is easy
  • Battery-powered filtration system
  • Compact enough to fit in most cabinets
  • Attractive modern design
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Not ideal for filtering well water 
  • Doesn’t remove organic chemicals like VOCs
  • The battery compartment is hard to reach once installed
  • Replacement filters may be challenging to get in stores

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