Water Softener Tank Size Chart

This water softener tank size chart [sizing chart] recommends the best water softener tank sizing and resin capacity chart with an average water hardness of 10 GPG.

Gallon/DayGrain/DayGrain/Regeneration (1 Week)Softener Capacity (Grain)Resin Tank Size (Cubic Feet)
3003,00021,00024,0001.0 or 1.5
4004,00028,00024,000 or 32,0001.0 or 1.5
5005,00035,00032,0001.5 or 2.0
7007,00049,00048,0002.0 or 3.0
100010,00070,00064,000 or 80,0003.0 or 4.0


  • We take an average water hardness of 10 GPG (for hard and very hard water)
  • We recommend regeneration is 1 week for the best performance.
  • It depends on your water hardness and your demand of water-consuming to have a properly water softener tank size chart.
water softener tank size chart

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