Water Outages By Zip Code Today

As an analytic, there are about 5-10k searches for the term “water outages by zip code today” monthly in the US nationally-wide.

That means there is a demand for checking water outage data at least daily for a location using a zip code.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a single website or database that’s updated this information.

There are websites that claim to provide water outage data for their local residents, but actually, they are not working.

Here are 5 examples of websites that claim that you can find water outages by zip code today.


This website has a map that claims to provide the “Current water outage”, you just need to enter the address, but in fact, there is no data for water outage there.

Link: https://www.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=9fd3c36f66a940e4890b71c4cd2f0ae1


This website also offers a map that allows you to input an address, but there is no water outage data on the map at all.

They have some updates for the water outage in Georgia on the right side but not really helpful.

Link: https://waterga.com/map/


This is a map where you can also input your address or zip code, they have water outage data on the top-left corner of the map but this data is not updated, they haven’t updated the numbers for months.

Link: https://outagemap.saws.org/


Another map without any data for the water outage.

Its function is just a map, nothing else.

Link: https://www.epcor.com/outages-safety/outages/current/Pages/current-water-outages-new-mexico.aspx


This map is a record of water outages in the past, you can check the water outage history but not the data for today.

Link: https://www.seattle.gov/utilities/neighborhood-projects/water-outages

water outages by zip code today

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