Water Heater Efficiency Comparison Chart

This is a brief water heater efficiency comparison chart between models of gas and electric heaters that you can use as reference to consider when you are going to install a water heater system for your house.

Water Heater TypeEfficiency LevelAnnual Cost
(Approximate Estimation)
Electric Water Heater
Hybrid Heat Pump2.0$250
High-Efficiency Tank0.94 – 0.95$485
Standard Tank0.90 – 0.93$500
Gas Water Heater
Hybrid Condensing Tankless0.92 – 0.96$130
Condensing Tankless0.92 – 0.94$150
Non-Condensing Tankless0.82 – 0.85$175
Energy Star Tank0.67 – 0.70$225
Standard Tank0.58 – 0.60$250
Water Heater Efficiency Comparison Chart

Here are some factors you can use to compare the efficiency of installing and using a water heater. Water heater efficiency comparison chart.

Gas Water Heater vs. Electric Water Heater

People spend about 250$ annually for a gas water heater while the other have to pay up to 500$ for an electric one.

For each type of water heater, we have several options of storage tank to choose from.

Old Water Heaters vs. New Water Heaters

An old water heater after years of using is likely less efficiency than a new one.

Filtered Water vs. UnFiltered Water

Softened or filtered water can help a water heater works more efficient than untreated well water, hard water, or water with contaminants.

Efficiency Rating

You can chose a water heater base on its Efficiency Rating, Efficiency Rating is a sicker that demonstrate how efficient of a water heater sizing.

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