Water Hardness By Zip Code

Input your zip code and hit the Search button to see if the water in your area is hard or soft.

Here is a sample table of the average US water hardness by zip code and city name that we collected for your reference.

Water Hardness LevelWater HardnessBy Zip CodeBy City Name
Moderately hard65 PPM10045Manhattan, NY
Hard149 PPM19102Philadelphia, PA
Moderately hard119 PPM20001Washington, D.C.
Moderately hard68 PPM02215Boston, MA
Slightly hard21 PPM30301Atlanta, GA
Very Hard219 PPM33101Miami, FL
Hard179 PPM77001Houston, TX
Slightly hard21 PPM72901Phoenix, AZ
Slightly hard47 PPM94016San Francisco, CA
Very Hard292 PPM88901Las Vegas, NV

For example, as the table above, the water hardness of the Manhattan, NY is considered Moderately Hard.

Water Hardness Levels Classification

Mg/L or PPMGrains/GalHardness Level
0 – 17.10 – 1Soft
17.1 – 601 – 3.5Slightly hard
60 – 1203.5 – 7.0Moderately hard
120 – 1807.0 – 10.5Hard
from 180from 10.5Very Hard
(Source: The U.S. Department of Interior and the Water Quality Association)

Hard Water Solutions

The USA Water Hardness Facts

32% of the cities (about 145 cities or 2730 Zip codes) have Very hard water levels while only 4% (19 cities or 167 Zip codes) have Soft water.

Percentage of US water hardness level by zip code and city name

Water Hardness FAQs

How do I find out the water hardness in my area?

You can find out if your water is hard or soft by testing it, recognizing signs of hard water, or searching for water hardness data by city or zip code.

What is the hardness level of my water?

The water hardness data above will tell you your water hardness level, just select your state by clicking on the state code, and input your zip code or city name to short out your water hardness level.

Why I cannot find the water hardness in my area?

The data is not fully collected, so if you cannot find the water hardness of your area please leave your comment, and we will check to update it. Thank you.

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  1. After reviewing the Level of Hard water , I am trying to find what the Level of FLUORIDE /Chlorine and Aluminum & other Harmful water chemicals in the 84128 [Salt Lake County /130,000 ] and what I can do about getting a Water Softner system and a Price Quote for one .

    • We don’t have access to real-time data and information at the moment. However, according to the 2020 Water Quality Report for Edgewater, Florida, published by the City of Edgewater Utilities Department, the water hardness level in the city’s water supply ranges from 90-120 parts per million (ppm) or 5.26-7.02 grains per gallon (gpg). This falls within the range of moderately hard water.


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