PureShowers VITAMIN C IONIC Shower Head Water Filter

Shower water is exactly the same water we get from the tap and as such it contains many harmful contaminants including heavy metals, asbestos, fluoride, chlorine, and other chemicals and impurities. Showering in such polluted/toxic water is as bad as drinking it because it affects our hair and skin – it causes our skin to be constantly itchy and dry.

Key Features:
  • Removes effectively chlorine, scale and other impurities
  • Includes Vitamin C block to considerably improve hair and skin
  • Easy to assemble and fits most standard shower hoses



Things we like

  • Removes effectively chlorine, scale and other impurities
  • Includes Vitamin C block to considerably improve hair and skin
  • Easy to assemble and fits most standard shower hoses
  • Ability to maintain stability for water pressure and flow
  • Reasonable price and friendly customer service
  • No complicated filter replacement and maintenance

Things we don't like

  • No pressure regulation function
  • A bit difficult to remove the film from Vitamin C block
  • Vitamin C block is prone to leaking

Shower water is exactly the same water we get from the tap and as such it contains many harmful contaminants including heavy metals, asbestos, fluoride, chlorine, and other chemicals and impurities. Showering in such polluted/toxic water is as bad as drinking it because it affects our hair and skin – it causes our skin to be constantly itchy and dry.

Installing a shower filter system can help get rid of these contaminants and protect your skin and hair from their effects. PureShowers Vitamin C Ionic handheld shower filter is one such filter system.  

This shower filtration system utilizes Vitamin C and other three filtration stages to get rid of a wide variety of contaminants. It’s a very effective filter system that considerably improves the quality of the shower water without affecting its flow or power. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at it and let you know how it works, what it removes, and what users think about it should you consider getting it. Read on for more details.

The Filtration Process

The filtration process of this PureShowers shower filter involves four stages that include a Vitamin C block followed by three stages that consist of different water filter stone balls; Negative Ion tourmaline alkaline stone balls, FIR ceramic stone balls, and zeolite stone balls.

The four filters together remove a multitude of impurities from the shower water hence preventing the negative effects it may have on your skin and hair after showering in it.

The first and second stages are a combination of the FIR (Far-infrared) mineral ceramic stone balls and the Zeolite stone balls which are contained in one cartridge that makes up the bottom half of the showerhead.

The FIR ceramic stone balls, in particular, combine the effective filtering properties of ceramic stones with the health benefits of the far-infrared molecules. Together they filter out chromium, lead, and other heavy metals. They also help to make the water feel softer, and as well kill bacteria, and absorb several other impurities present in the water.

The Zeolite stone balls, on the other hand, provide amazing water filtering properties. Like the FIR ceramic stone balls, they effectively clear out heavy metals and equally help soften the water by trapping calcium and magnesium ions which are the main causes of hardness in water.

The third stage consists of the Negative Ions Tourmaline alkaline stone balls which occupy the top half of the showerhead. They produce negative ions as well as make the water alkaline as it passes through them.

The negative ions are quite beneficial as they help increase oxygen flow to the brain and make you feel instantly refreshed. Making the water alkaline is also beneficial to the body – it gives the water anti-aging and detoxifying properties, and as well makes it able to hydrate the skin properly.

The last stage before the water sprays out of the showerhead is the Vitamin C block which sits just on top of the Zeolite stone balls. Recently, Vitamin C has become one of the effective dechlorination methods in the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Standard (AWWA, 2005b).

It gives such successful results that a lot of manufacturers have incorporated it into their shower filter systems. PureShowers is one of them and they have included it in this shower head filter.

Also known as ascorbic acid, this Vitamin C block is incredibly effective at neutralizing chlorine and chloramine from the water (which tend to cause dry skin) – it clears more than 90% of these chemicals from the water. Besides that, it’s able to stop skin aging too.

Many users were really delighted with the filter’s performance. Most of them reported feeling the difference in the quality of the water straight away mentioning that it was improved considerably. They reported that their dry skins felt smoother and much softer after only using the shower filter for a week – there was no itching either after showering and the skin no longer dried out as it used to.

Users also liked the fragrance from the unit’s Vitamin C block. Not only does it effectively clears out chlorine and chloramine from the water, but it also gives it a lemony/orange scent that smells so fresh and zingy – there’s no smell of chlorine or chemicals in the shower or water whatsoever.

Another advantage of this unit is the softening effect of the FIR ceramic stone balls and the Zeolite stone balls. They cut down the amount of salt and minerals in the water, thereby reducing the hardness of the water and preventing scale buildup within the showerhead itself.

Users reported that the hard water residue/scale they used to have was visibly reduced by at least 40% after installing the showerhead and unlike other numerous showerheads, this one never stopped functioning because of limescale, even for those who had extremely hard water.


The filter was relatively easy to fit for most users as it simply attaches to an existing shower hose, replacing the existing handheld showerhead. You just remove the current shower head from the metal hose and then attach this shower head directly onto the hose. It fits onto a great majority of standard shower hoses with no fuss.

However, several users reported having difficulty taking the film off the unit’s Vitamin C block. You also need to ensure all the provided washers are located properly, particularly the one supposed to seal the cartridge container – you have to ensure that it fits well within the retaining pegs.

You may have to gently stretch it to fit properly when you screw the two halves of the cartridge together. You have to do this slowly to prevent the washer from moving away from the retaining peg.

The filter works bests at a pressure of 20 to 80 psi, and a temperature of 4 to 65°C. The filter itself doesn’t slow down the flow and pressure of shower water. In fact, many people reported that both the flow and pressure are much better than before – the spray is strong and steady.

Some, however, found the spray to be so powerful that it can be uncomfortable in certain parts of the body while others claimed that it’s so powerful that it can’t be used on kids as it hurts them, even when the pressure of the water is low. Unfortunately, unlike the PureShowers’ Ionic shower head, this one doesn’t have the option to adjust the pressure.

The other issue is that a few users reported that some water tends to remain in the head. You have to unscrew it so as to drain it out. There were also those that claimed that the Vitamin C block leaks out for the first couple of minutes when you turn off the shower causing a yellow water puddle in the bath. Not many people had these issues, but still, they are worth keeping in mind if you are considering getting this filter.

Maintenance and Filter Replacement

This PureShowers filter does need some maintenance. If you live in an area with hard water, you’ll need to frequently clean the showerhead face which is stainless steel. It’s not challenging as you just need to remove the chrome shower head face by twisting it anti-clockwise.

Once you do this, you get access to the stainless steel shower head faceplate which you can then give a good clean and return in the opposite way that you took it off. The beauty of this unit is that you can also take it completely apart to clean or remove limescale from every section.

Apart from cleaning, you’ll need to replace the Vitamin C block and the stone filter balls – you don’t have to replace the entire shower head again every time.

The unit has a capacity of 2500 liters which lasts an average of 3 months or more depending on the quality of your water. Several users reported using it for up to 4 months before noticing that it’s no longer effective.

The replacement process itself isn’t hard. To change the Vitamin C block, you just twist off the showerhead face, remove the old Vitamin C block, put in the new one, and then take off the stick which says, “Open” in order to allow the flow of water through the block – you have to ensure you’ve cleaned the face before putting it back on.

Replacing the stone filter balls is equally a straightforward process where you just take the showerhead in both hands, and then twist the bottom half in an anti-clockwise direction so as to separate the two halves. This gives you access to the filter balls both in the top half and the bottom half of the showerhead. The next step is just to remove the filter balls and replace them with new ones.

Final Remarks

This is an effective and reliable shower water filter. Many users were pleased with its overall performance as they reported a significant improvement in the quality of their shower water.

It utilizes four powerful filtration media that seem to work well in removing contaminants from the water, especially heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine, and other chemicals and contaminants. It also removes hardness minerals thereby making the water soft and reducing limescale.  It’s an ideal filter for treating any shower water, especially if you live in a hard water area.

The customer service is also great. The company often responds to customer queries quickly, so in case you have any issues with the filter you can always reach them through email or by directly calling their customer service.

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Isla Stainless Steel Water Distiller

The Imber Isla water distiller has an appealing modern design featuring a stainless steel boiling chamber with a black top and a glass collection jug. It has a simple look that would fit well with most modern kitchen decor.

Key Features:
  • An effective and very fast distillation process
  • Features activated charcoal filter for removing VOCs
  • Water doesn’t touch plastic while boiling or dispensing



Things we like

  • An effective and very fast distillation process
  • Features activated charcoal filter for removing VOCs
  • Water doesn’t touch plastic while boiling or dispensing
  • Shutts off automatically to prevent overheating
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Solid and durable stainless steel construction
  • Both the distiller and collection jug are easy to clean
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty on parts and labor

Things we don't like

  • The glass collection jug is prone to breaking
  • The distiller doesn’t feature a carrying handle

Distillation is a very old water filtering process and despite our technological advancement, it still remains one of the most effective processes of purifying water.

In the following article, we’ll look at one of the modern water distillation machines, otherwise known as water distillers. The Imber Isla stainless steel water distiller is a highly efficient countertop water distiller that seems to do its job exceptionally well.

It’s a product of Imber which is a company based in the UK that primarily focuses on producing quality and reliable water distillers. The unit is amongst the two models that the company offers, with the other being the Puro professional water distiller which we’ll also look at a bit in this comprehensive review of the Imber Isla stainless steel water distiller. So, read on for more details.


The Imber Isla water distiller has an appealing modern design featuring a stainless steel boiling chamber with a black top and a glass collection jug. It has a simple look that would fit well with most modern kitchen decor.

The whole unit is quite compact, measuring just 8 x 16 x 14.25 inches with the collection jug included. It’s ideal for use even in small kitchens as it doesn’t take up much space on the countertop.

Another convenience is that the distiller is lighter compared to many other similar units on the market. It weighs only 7.7 pounds hence moving it around the kitchen won’t be overwhelming for those with less hand strength. The problem is that only the collection jug has a handle, so carrying the distiller itself is a bit of a hassle since you have to hold it with both hands.

Build Quality

The Imber Isla water distiller is a very sturdy and durable unit. The entire distilling chamber plus the housing and the condensing coil are made of 100% stainless steel. The other parts of the top/lid are made of a thick BPA-free plastic that doesn’t crack easily. It’s generally a robust machine that can stay in good condition for a long time.

As for the collection jug, it’s made out of a relatively thicker glass that won’t crack or break easily if it’s hit. However, you’ll have to be careful when carrying it as it will certainly break in case it slips out of your hands or grasp and falls on the floor or countertop.

The distilled water is released via a non-porous, lead-free nozzle insert which is a great advantage because it doesn’t touch any plastic component in its path keeping it safe and fresh. Moreover, the nozzle is well-positioned such that all the distilled water goes directly into the collection container – no water ends up on the counter.

Distillation Performance

The distillation process of this unit is highly effective in producing safe and clean water. It uses a small but safer and more efficient heating element that operates at 800 watts providing sufficient power to heat the water at high temperatures.

It leaves behind 99.9% of all the contaminants present in the water including heavy metals (lead, mercury, e.t.c), chlorine, fluoride, chloride, chloroform, copper, aluminum, and most of the harmful chemicals. It also eradicates viruses and bacteria from the water as well as nitrates, sulfates, and trihalomethanes.

The fact that it uses a small heating element rather than a large one makes it even more effective because it minimizes the splashing of water – distillers with large and more powerful heating elements need a “splash shield” which tends not to be effective in preventing water contamination.

Active Carbon Filter Post-Distillation

Like many other water distillers, this one comes equipped with a post-distillation filter, which the freshly distilled water goes through after processing. The unit utilizes an active charcoal sachet which you fit inside the nozzle of the distiller.

The distilled water percolates through the charcoal media before leaving the distiller and in the process, all the residual volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that have a lower boiling point than water and passed through the distillation step get caught. Thereby, what ends up in the collection jug is totally pure water that’s safe to drink and use.

You get several replacement active charcoal sachets together with the unit which are capable of lasting up to 6 months if you distill water less often or 2-3 months if you are distilling frequently like 20 to 30 distillations a month.

Distillation Speed and Holding Capacity

Many home water distillers take a long time (up to 6 hours ) to process a single gallon of water. That’s the current standard, but this Imber model seems to work fairly quickly. The high heating capability (800 watts) speeds the distilling process up allowing it to produce a gallon of water in 3.5 hours which is amongst the fastest distillation rates on the market.

This means you can produce up to 6 gallons of water per day. That’s a sufficient rate to cover the water needs of a small family or office. The boiling chamber and the collection jug both have a holding capacity of 4 liters or 1 gallon which is pretty decent too considering that the distillation speed is fast.

Safety Feature

This model features an auto-off function which is a safety feature that helps prevent burnouts and fires that may occur due to the overheating of the distiller. It automatically shuts down the unit once the distilling cycle is done and the water chamber is empty preventing the heating element from getting too hot or overheating.

For added safety, the unit is equally equipped with an integrated condenser fan and ventilation holes that help cool it down to protect it from overheating. The condenser fan also makes just a low hum when the unit is in use hence it doesn’t cause any disturbance.

Furthermore, the unit comes with an on and off switch which makes using it safe and easy – you don’t have to unplug it from the electrical socket to switch it off completely.

Installation and Maintenance

No installation or maintenance is required for this unit. Everything you need to start distilling is provided including a guide to help you set up. You just open the boiling chamber, fill in the water, set up the collection jug, plug in the unit, and switch it on to begin the distilling process all through to the automatic switch off.

It uses the UK standard 3 pin plug but the company also offers the European plug on request. Cleaning the entire unit is generally easy and straightforward too. A simple wipe down is all it takes to clean the stainless steel body which covers most of the part of the distiller.

Both the glass carafe and the distiller have large openings that provide easy access to reach all corners and parts, so you can easily clean them by hand.

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