Triple Action PSC1 Water Conditioner Reviews

Simplicity is what defines best this Triple Action salt-free water conditioner. However, while it may have a pretty simple design, this unit comes packed with some amazing and unique features that set it apart from the rest. It performs three separate functions within one compact system.

Softening Capability

As its name suggests, the Triple Action PSC1 salt-free water softener is a 3-in-1 water treatment system that includes a combination of scale control, water filtration, and iron/bacteria filtration.

The incoming water first goes through the scale control core (Hard Water Bullet) which breaks down calcium carbonate and other hard minerals in the water into aragonite crystals.

These aragonite crystals are a much smaller, softer and harmless form of calcium that can’t build-up limescale like the normal calcium in the water. This unique softening process is the main difference between the Triple Action PSC1 and the other standard salt-free water conditioners on this list. There are no grains involved here.

From the scale control core, the water passes through a polyphosphate capsule that contains about 6 oz of food-grade polyphosphate crystals.

The phosphate dissolves slowly into the water as it passes through the crystals coating the aragonite and hard water minerals and making it impossible for them to precipitate out of water and form limescale build-up. It ties them up and keeps them in suspension.

The conditioned water then goes through the stainless steel 25-micron screen filter and finally through the 2-micron bacteria/iron outer filter which clears out iron as well as intestinal parasites such as cryptosporidium and giardia.

With these four stages of water treatment, this unit will be able to give you clean water that’s naturally conditioned plus the treated calcium is not removed in the process.

It’s kept in suspension by the polyphosphate crystals, thereby you get the additional health benefits of having the essential minerals retained in the water. The system can remove water hardness of up to 25 GPG and it can work with either city or private well water.


The Triple Action PSC1 water softener gives you a capacity of at least 10, 000 gallons of water which is amongst the lowest on our list. This is because it can only support around 10 oz of polyphosphate crystals which is enough to last you about 6 months after which you have to refill it again.

Despite this low capacity, the PSC1 has one of the fastest flow rates when it comes to water conditioning units. It can process up to 30 gallons of water per minute which is quite impressive and certainly means you will hardly experience any decrease in water pressure.

Installation and Maintenance

Setting up the Triple Action PSC1 is not that hard if you are a handy person. It’s a compact unit that you can even install in an RV and the mounting bracket plus the housing wrench are included in the package. These are vital additions that will make the installation process significantly easier.

The best part about this unit is that you can also install it outside as its body is made of strong BPA-free plastic. It’s a high-impact, waterproofing housing that’s built to last many years and withstand the outdoor conditions provided it does not freeze.

Like any other filter-based system, the PSC1 will require some little maintenance which is recharging the polyphosphate crystals after about every 8 to 12 months.

The only other thing you will need to is cleaning up the scale control core (Hard Water Bullet) and the stainless steel screen filter. That’s all and the polyphosphate comes already preloaded in the system.

If there are any setbacks to point out it would probably be the fact that the inlet is 1-inch thick which means you may need to get some connectors to ensure proper fitting.

Considering both the unique yet very effective scale control process and additional filtration stages, it’s clear that the Triple Action PSC1 is a decent unit that’s not only functional but well-built and durable. It can even be installed outdoors and won’t eat up huge space. 


  • Works well to prevent limescale buildup
  • Clears out iron as intestinal parasites
  • Essential minerals are retained in the water
  • A faster flow rate of up to 30 GPM
  • Fairly easy to set up and needs minimum maintenance
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Very compact and robust construction
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty on all parts and a 6-month guarantee


  • Connectors might be needed
  • Low capacity at only around 10, 000 gallons

Price & Rating

ProductTriple Action PSC1 Water Conditioner Reviews
BrandTriple Action
Rating3.7 out of 5 stars (More than 56 reviews)
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Product Specification

Flow RateN/A
Dimensions4.5 x 4.5 x 10 inches
Weight4 pounds

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Triple Action PSC1 Water Conditioner Reviews
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