Shower Filter For Hard Water

Shower filter for hard water“, “shower head water softener“, or “best shower filter for hard water” are three of the terms that many users use when they are searching for a shower head filter when they have problems with hard water.

Best Shower Filter For Hard Water

They usually get a list of regular shower filters and don’t treat hard water problems.

There is a misunderstanding about hard water problems and the shower filter’s true function.

So what is hard water? You can learn more in this article.
What is the main function of a shower filter? You can check out more here.

To treat hard water problems, there are two ways, soften the hard water with a water softener system, or prevent limescale deposit with a water descaler system, or water conditioner.

The function of a shower head filter, on the other hand, is to filter and reduce some of the impurities present in the water such as sediment, chloride, and fluoride.

A shower filter can add some minerals such as alkaline (the main ingredient that makes up water hardness), or vitamin C.

it has absolutely no function of softening the hard water or preventing limescale deposits, so no shower head filter can treat problems caused by hard water.

If you have problems with hard water, treat the hard water problems first.

Then install a shower filter to make your hair and skin more comfortable after showering.

Some examples of search results with the keyword “best shower filter for hard water”

5 Best Shower Filter For Hard Water

1 – The AquaBliss SF220 –

This shower head filter has absolutely no function to treat hard water problems.

However, this shower head filter leaves your hair and skin feeling good after showering, this product is used and appreciated by a lot of customers but not because it treats water hardness problems.

2 – PureAction Shower Head –

Forbes magazine also has a list of the 10 best shower filters, and the first PureAction product they claim is the water softener shower head.

The author of this article probably doesn’t understand anything about hard water and the products they put on the list.

Their content is also very sketchy with general concepts, not providing any useful information to the reader beyond the list of 10 shower filters the list.

3 – The Best Shower Filter For Hard Water From

The first product on’s list of 10 best shower filters is also said to be for problems with hard water.
In fact, this is a normal shower filter.

The manufacturer of Aquasana does not say that their product is for hard water, it seems that invented it and called the Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe a shower head for hard water.

4 – The Best Shower Filter For Hard Water From also has a list of Top 10 Shower Filters 2022.

In their review, they said that the AquaHomeGroup product removes chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, odors, and more sediments and has no effect on hard water but calls it the best shower head for hard water.

I guess the article’s author didn’t know anything about hard water, shower filters, and even the products they included on the list.

5 – AquaBliss AB-SF100 – is not a big website, but they do one of the results when searching for the keyword “best shower head for hard water”.

Of course, they also claim that the AquaBliss High Output AB-SF100 is a filter for water hardness.

In fact, the two products SF100 and SF200 from AquaBliss are similar.

Although used and appreciated by many customers, they have no function with hard water problems.


Going through the list and 5 products called shower filters from 5 big and small websites we can see that there is no shower head for hard water.

And websites only post articles to earn traffic, but they don’t really care what readers are looking for.

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