ScaleBreaker SP02PLUS Electronic Water Descaler

Key Features:
  • Effective at treating relatively high hardness levels
  • Removes existing limescale deposits from the pipes
  • Prevents further limescale build up in the pipework

ScaleBreaker SP02PLUS Electronic Water Descaler Review

ScaleBreaker is a UK-based company whose main focus is producing electronic water descalers as alternatives to salt water softeners. The electronic water descaler is a salt-free water softener technology that has become quite a popular method of hard water treatment.

It’s an alternative option because it utilizes electromagnetic waves to stop the scaling effects of calcium and magnesium salts in hard water instead of sodium as is the case with ion exchange softeners. These hard minerals adhere to the inside surfaces of pipes and plumbing fixtures forming limescale deposits.

The net effect of these limestone deposits is a decrease in the water flow and shortening of the overall lifespan of plumbing systems, and household appliances like washing machines and water heaters.

ScaleBreaker electronic descalers offer a reliable solution to this problem. The company has three models under their Plus range of water descalers all of which are designed to prevent scale build-up and also dissolve existing deposits.

In this post, we’ll look at the ScaleBreaker SP02PLUS model which we were so impressed with its performance in the 3-month test period we used it. We’re not the only ones. Many other users in different online forums attested to its effectiveness at removing and preventing limescale. You get amazing results within a very short space of time – approximately 4 weeks of use.

It’s a reliable water descaler ideal for domestic and industrial use, especially in areas with relatively serious limescale problems. Below is a more in-depth review of it, so keep reading to find out more.

Softening Capability

The ScaleBreaker performs remarkably well when it comes to removing limescale as well as preventing new limescale from forming in pipeworks. When installed, it works as an electronic water descaler and conditioner which conditions the hard water by creating a strong magnetic field that effectively puts calcium salts (which cause limescale) into suspension thereby putting an end to limescale build-up.

It utilizes very powerful low-frequency signals that are transmitted asynchronously via an aerial, hence creating a strong magnetic field on the main source pipe/incoming water supply line in your home.

These electromagnetic waves have the effect of altering the adhesion properties of calcium, magnesium, and other hardness minerals in the water which in turn prevent the formation of calcium carbonate crystals (a.k.a limescale). They remain in suspension in very small particles hence don’t form the hard crystalline deposits inside pipes, plumbing fixtures, and domestic appliances – they are less likely to adhere to surfaces and get flushed away easily.

The system is much suitable for treating relatively hard water. It can effectively handle hardness levels of around 20 gpg or in excess of 250ppm. Moreover, besides softening the water, the magnetic effect gradually breaks up existing limescale deposits in the pipeworks. As a water conditioner, the system also prevents any further build-up of limescale deposits, so it almost completely puts an end to limescale problems.

Many homeowners reported a significant reduction in limescale in their homes within a relatively short space of time after installing the ScaleBreaker SP02PLUS unit. In approximately 4 weeks of using the system, you can start noticing the water beginning to feel softer, and also plumbing fixtures like shower heads, taps, and other outlets gradually lose their coating of scale.

Some equally reported seeing a significant difference in their appliances including kettle, coffee maker, dishwasher, and washing machine. They all begin to shed their scales within just a few weeks which are easily washed away during cleaning processes – the chalky calcium coat slowly fades away leaving the appliances with shiny surfaces as they were before.

The other advantage of this system is that nothing is removed or added to the water. There’s no salt or chemicals in the system hence no salt or chemicals in your water either which is essential in case you are on a sodium-restricted diet. You also get the benefit of having healthy minerals in your water because calcium, magnesium, and other valuable minerals are not removed during the process.

Set up and Maintenance

Any homeowner can set up the unit in a matter of minutes. ScaleBreaker has designed it such that it allows for an easy DIY install that requires no plumbing at all. Literally, anyone is able to hook up the unit within just a few minutes.

The individual components of the unit are rather quite simple too. You get a compact box complete with the ScaleBreaker SP02PLUS electronic unit, aerial lead fitted with two plugs, two cable ties, a 12-volt power supply with mains UK plug, fitting instructions, and a 5-year warranty sheet.

As mentioned earlier, the installation process doesn’t really need a plumber since no plumbing changes will occur – there are no pipes that will be detached.

In most cases, the unit is installed on the existing main feeder pipe to your home so that it can treat all the water that flows in the house. It’s designed to work with most types of water pipes (metal and PVC) except those made of lead or iron because they usually interfere with the electromagnetic waves.

The maximum allowed diameter is 25mm. You’ll have to wrap the aerial wires around the water supply pipe for 20 to 30 winds so that the system works as designed. If the pipe section isn’t long enough to allow maximum winds on the pipe, then you may need a plumber in order to extend it.

To ensure the wires are wrapped around the pipe properly, ScaleBreaker has included two cable ties that fix/trap the ends of the wire to the pipe. The electronic unit also features several adhesive pads that make it easy to adhere/attach to a wall.

Once you plug in the power supply, there’s a green light on the electronic unit that lets you know that the power is on. The unit is as well equipped with a yellow light that flashes to indicate that it’s working correctly.

Another notable feature on the electronic unit is the cable clamp where you put the wire inside to ensure that the 12-volt plug isn’t affected in case the wire is pulled unexpectedly.

Generally, the installation process is a cinch, plus a detailed installation manual is provided together with the unit. It’s suitable for houses that have up to 5 bedrooms and it takes up very little space – it fits in no more than 28 sq. in. of space.

There are no wrenches or nails needed. There’s also no programming or maintenance required with this unit – it’s just fit and go. There are no heavy bags of salt to lift either, so even users with physical challenges are able to use it.

The 12-volt power supply provided features a mains UK plug, hence if you are overseas then you may have to use an adapter. ScaleBreaker can also provide a power supply with the relevant plug for your respective country when contacted. You may also have to get a longer aerial lead in case you’re unable to fit the unit within 2 meters of the main socket or extension lead.

The only downside is that you can’t mount it outdoors because it’s 100% electric and not waterproof. It will malfunction and is highly likely to pose a fire threat should it get wet when operational. The other one is that you can’t use it in conjunction with other types of water softeners or water conditioners because its performance may be adversely affected.

As with most water descalers, the ScaleBreaker SP02PLUS seems not to work for all users either. Some reported that there was hardly any effect in terms of reducing scaling or hardness stains on their faucets and pipes. Despite that, they appreciated the fact that the company was able to honor their return policy and actually refunded the full purchase price.

Power Consumption

One of the major advantages of this ScaleBreaker unit is that power usage is minimal – you only need the standard 110-volt electrical supply. It consumes less electricity than a regular softener, so the running costs are really low – less than about €9.00 a year.

Moreover, there are no additives needed – you don’t have to continuously buy new salt bags or chemicals hence no additional running costs are needed to use it. On top of that, the price of the unit is a fraction of what a conventional salt-based softener costs.

We were also pleased that the company is very supportive and responsive to customer queries as many reported on different online forums. Their customer support agents are quite helpful when contacted by email or phone, and they try to address the issues raised fast. Besides that, the unit itself comes with a 5-year warranty and 6-month money-back guarantee which users attested that the company honors with no quibbles.

Final Remarks

The ScaleBreaker SP02PLUS seems to do exactly what is promised. Many users attested that you get to see results within just a short period after installing it. It works effectively on water that has relatively high hardness levels (20 gpg and below). It’s easy to install and the running cost is minimal. Generally, if your tap or well water is hard and you’re reluctant to get a salt-based water softener, then this would be a great option to consider.

Things we like

  • Effective at treating relatively high hardness levels
  • Removes existing limescale deposits from the pipes
  • Prevents further limescale build up in the pipework
  • Retains healthy minerals without adding anything
  • Compact design and easy to install
  • Low maintenance and running costs
  • It doesn’t affect water pressure
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty and a 6-month money-back guarantee

Things we don't like

  • Can’t be installed outdoors as it’s not waterproof
  • It can’t be used on iron or lead pipes
  • It can’t be used in conjunction

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ScaleBreaker SP02PLUS Electronic Water Descaler
ScaleBreaker SP02PLUS Electronic Water Descaler
ScaleBreaker SP02PLUS Electronic Water Descaler

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