SBM Ultra Reverse Osmosis System

The SBM Ultra Reverse Osmosis System is a really powerful water filtration system that efficiently clears out tons of harmful contaminants present in the water.

SBM Ultra water filter is made by SBM Water UK, which is a family-owned company based in Hertfordshire, London. They specialize in producing and distributing quality water filter systems both for residential and commercial use.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at its Ultra water filter system and give you insight into what it offers, how it performs, and what customers think about it. So, read on to find out more.

Filtration Performance

The SBM Ultra water filter is a really powerful water filtration system that efficiently clears out tons of harmful contaminants present in the water.

The SBM Ultra system utilizes a 5-stage filtration process that includes a sediment filter, followed by an activated carbon filter, then reverse osmosis membrane, remineralization post-filter, and finally, a UV lamp. It’s a robust process that takes out more than 99% of all contaminants and pollutants.

The first stage features the sediment filter. It traps all the larger particles lingering in the water, including fine grains of sand, clay particles, rust and residue from piping, small pieces of organic matter, and many other solids.

The activated carbon filter makes up the second stage, and it effectively absorbs chlorine and organic chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, nitrates, and many other residues from industrial production.

The carbon filter also gets rid of drug residues, microplastics, and heavy metals. It clears out the water cloudiness and the unpleasant odors and tastes usually caused by most chemical contaminants.

The third stage is the RO membrane, and here, water is pushed under pressure through the microscopic pores of the semi-permeable RO membrane, where up to 97% of all the remaining contaminants get completely filtered out.

Hormones, bacteria, toxic metals, viruses, fluoride, and total dissolved solids are just some of the many other contaminants removed by the membrane. You are left behind with just pure water.

The fourth stage consists of the remineralization post-filter, which adds back to the water the healthy minerals removed by the RO membrane – calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These minerals help improve the taste of the water and make its pH slightly alkaline.

The fifth stage is the UV lamp, which disinfects the pressureless filtered water tank at regular intervals. Most RO systems usually use an activated carbon post-filter, so having a UV lamp is quite an improvement since it helps keep the water both fresh and clean for a long time.

Many of the users attested that they could taste the difference between filtered water and tap water. The filtered water quality is impressive as it’s much tastier, and clearer, and doesn’t leave any limescale in the appliances or cookware.

Capacity and Efficiency

A 5-liter pressureless tank is included with this SBM Ultra RO water filter, which is much smaller than that of under sink RO systems. However, the unit comes equipped with an integrated pump, which allows it to deliver up to 20 liters of filtered water per hour. That’s sufficient to meet the needs of homes with medium to high demand for clean water.

The pump is also quite convenient since it ensures that the system’s performance is always optimum, even with changes in the tap water pressure.

Another thing users liked is that not much water goes to waste to generate clean water. For every gallon of purified water produced, only one gallon gets to go down the drain. It’s a very efficient system considering that most under sink RO water systems waste more than three gallons of water just to produce a single gallon of purified water.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing this SBM Ultra unit is quick and easy, plus it comes with a 3-way tap that replaces your existing kitchen tap. Changing the filters is equally simple, and they do have a relatively long lifespan.

The sediment filter requires changing every 3 to 12 months, while the activated carbon filter can last up to one year before requiring replacement. The remineralization filter and the UV lamp can go for up to two years, while the RO membrane needs replacement after three years.

The manufacturer has as well included a self-cleaning feature that helps clean up the membrane automatically. There’s a Bluetooth app too that allows checking of some of the important parameters remotely.

The other appealing thing is that the unit is made using robust and BPA-free plastic material. The housing is not likely to break or get damaged easily. It’s also relatively compact, measuring just 27.1 x 39.8 x 34.1 cm, so you can easily place it on the countertop. Moreover, the design is pretty modern – it will fit well with any kitchen decor and look attractive on the counter.

Final Word

This SBM Ultra model is a quality water filter unit with a reliable and efficient filtration process that can eliminate lots of different contaminants. It’s an ideal option for both small and large families whose municipal water is heavily contaminated. It’s a decent option too for use in areas with hard water as it can prevent scale buildup.

Things we like

  • Completely removes all contaminants in the water
  • Modern compact design suitable for small and medium families
  • Has a high pure water production rate with fairly less wastewater
  • Features with automatic self-cleaning membrane
  • Installation is quick and requires low maintenance
  • Large capacity of 20 liters of water per hour

Things we don't like

  • Premium-priced

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SBM Ultra 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System
SBM Ultra 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System
SBM Ultra 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System
SBM Ultra 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

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