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Ronaqua RA-BP-50 RO Booster Pump

Also featured on our list of the best RO booster pumps is the Ranaqua RA-BP-50 model which is a quiet and efficient pump that can maintain the water supply pressure to any residential RO system at ideal levels.

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The pump is designed to work with a minimum inlet water pressure of 28 psi and can boost it up to 125 psi but its standard working pressure is 85 psi at a flow rate of 0.95L/M which is pretty impressive.

It’s, however, a set of a booster pump and transformer only but it will certainly require a pressure switch.

The pressure can go quite high even up to 140 psi if just left running with no pressure switch installed which could damage the pump and the RO membrane in the long run as most are meant to operate at 100 psi and below.

Just like the rest of the other pumps, this Ranaqua RA-BP-50 model won’t present any challenges. The whole process is straightforward and you can mount it in several positions.

It has inlet/outlet threads suited for 3/8” fittings, so if you are using ¼” tubing, then you will need a ¼” to 3/8” NPT connector.

Aside from the pump, it comes with a standard 110V input 24V DC 50/60Hz output transformer and mounting bracket with rubber shock absorbers that minimize the vibrations when the pump’s motor is running.

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4.4* out of 5*

The Ronaqua RA-BP-50 RO Booster Pump has an average user rating of 4.4* out of 5*. It is reviewed by 5 verified purchase customers at the price of 59.99$.

ProductRonaqua RA-BP-50 RO Booster Pump
Rating4.4 out of 5 stars
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