Geekpure RO5-5 RO Replacement Filter Set Reviews

The Geekpure RO5-5 (100GPD) filter set wraps up our list of top 10 popular RO filter cartridge replacement sets. The pack comes with a total of 4 filters and an RO membrane, so it’s also a complete replacement set for RO systems.

The first filter in the set is a polypropylene sediment filter for the 1st stage of the RO system filtration process. It’s a 5-micron filter and will do well to remove all sediments from dirt to sand to silt and rust particles.

The 2nd stage filter is a granular activated carbon filter that eliminates chlorine, colors organic matter, and unpleasant taste and odor in the water. It also removes fine particulates down to 5 microns. 

The 3rd stage is a 5-micron carbon block filter which further removes any remaining chlorine, residual chemicals, and other suspended particles.  

The 4th stage is a 100 GPD RO membrane which has a contaminant rejection rate of up to 99%. It will remove all contaminants that are larger than 0.0001 microns which includes lead, arsenic, fluoride, heavy metals, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and much more. 

The 5th stage post-filter consists of a 5-micron coconut carbon filter which polishes the water and remove any possible impurity and taste from the RO storage tank.

The three pre-filters have a service life of 6 to 12 months depending on the quality of your feed water. The RO membrane can last 1 to 2 years and the post inline coconut carbon filter can go for 1 year.

In addition to the 4 filter cartridges and the RO membrane, this Geekpure set also comes with two pieces of ¼ inch NPT quick fittings plus one roll of Teflon seal tape meant for the post-carbon filter. The set is compatible with all standard RO systems and 10-inch filter housings.

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Express Water RO Replacement Filter Reviews

The Express Water FLTETS6C6G6I3M502 replacement filter set is as well a complete filter solution for RO systems offering 23 high-grade filters including an RO membrane. It’s a full filter set that gives you a 3 year supply of replacement filters in one single pack.

The set consists of 6 packs of 5-micron multi-layer sediment filter. They are premium quality filters with 4 distinct layers of pure food-grade polypropylene microfiber which give them a very high capacity to capture much more contaminants.

The outer layers remove all coarsest contaminants from sand, silt, scale, rust, and dirt while the inner layers capture finer contaminants.

The 2nd stage is 5 microns granular activated carbon filter which consists of efficiently arranged carbon granules with polypropylene shell creating a full coverage filtration. This eliminates chlorine and all other chemicals that cause bad tastes and odors. It’s equally a pack of 6 filters.

For the 3rd stage, the set offers 6 5 micron activated carbon block filters which are made up of well-packed granules of pure coconut husk carbon and polypropylene shell. They offer a high rejection rate of chlorine, halide, VOCs, and chemicals that passed through the 2nd stage.

Aside from the filters for the three first stages of the RO system filtration process, this Express Water FLTETS6C6G6I3M502 kit includes two RO membranes.

These are quality 50 GPD RO membranes with compact high density graded membrane films that catch contaminants that are as small as 0.0001 microns.

They will eliminate up to 99.99% of all contaminants in the water including microorganisms, viruses, lead, chlorine, benzene, industrial solvents, fluoride, cyanide, heavy metal, total organic carbon (TOC), and countless other impurities.

The final filter consist of a pack of 3 activated carbon made up of coconut husk carbon and polypropylene shell. These are 5th stage post-filters which help to polish the filtered water leaving the RO storage tank.

All the filters and the RO membrane are of standard size hence are fully compatible with any standard RO 10-inch filter housing and 12-inch membrane housing. The lifespan of all the pre-filters is 6 months while the post-filter can last up to 1 year.

The lifespan of the RO membranes is 1 to 2 years which is a bit short considering that most standard RO membranes can last 2 to 5 years. The good thing though is that it comes with two RO membranes to cover for the short lifespan.

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Watts Premier 531160 RO Replacement Filters Reviews

This 4-pack filter from Watts Premier is perfect for anyone looking for a complete set of replacement filters for their RO systems. It comes with all the three main filters of the RO system as well as the RO membrane.

The 1st filter which is the stage 1 filter is a 5-micron sediment filter that traps all kinds of sediments from dirt particles, silt, rust, and sand which affects the appearance of the water.

The stage 2 filter is a pre-carbon block filter that reduces chlorine, chloramines plus other minerals and contaminants that are bigger than 5 microns.

The 3rd stage is a 50 GPD RO membrane that can effectively remove a wide range of contaminants from bacteria, cysts, lead, copper, arsenic, chromium, and TDS.

The final one is a VOC carbon filter which is specifically formulated to reduce VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) such as herbicides, pesticides, DPB, TTHM and other chemicals like MTBE’s,  Benzene and Atrazine.

You will have little trouble when it comes to changing these filters. They snap out easily and inserting them is a breeze as they feature a push-button assembly. Furthermore, the built-in shut-off valve help ensures minimal mess while removing.

They also don’t take much space due to their slim design hence giving you more room for easier filter replacements.

The sediment and carbon pre-filters can last up to 6 months, while the VOC carbon filter can go up to a year before requiring replacement. The RO membrane, on the other hand, will need to be changed every 2 to 5 years.

The kit is designed to work with Watts Premier RO systems particularly the RO Pure Plus, Zero Pure Plus (531417), Zero Pure Plus (531517) and RO Pure (531411, 531407).

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GE Profile FQROPF RO Replacement Filters Reviews

The GE Profile FQROPF is yet another great pair of RO replacement filters that will do well to improve the quality of your water and enhance the durability of your RO system.

The unit includes two filters, one pre-filter and one post-filter that make up the 1st and 2nd stages.

The pre-filter is an activated carbon block filter that can remove up to 99% of most common impurities including chlorine, arsenic, cysts, asbestos, lead, magnesium, zinc and other particulates in the water.

The post-filter is also an activated carbon block filter and it eliminates any remaining chlorine and contaminants that leak through the RO membrane.

Another commendable thing about this replacement filter kit is that it features a twist and lock design. This simple design facilitates an easy and quick filter installation as it requires no tool.

The filters can last 6 months and they are compatible with PNRQ15F, PXRQ15F, PNRQ20R, and PNRQ21R RO systems.

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iSpring F7-GAC RO Filter Replacement Set Reviews

If you are searching for a more comprehensive filter replacement set, then the iSpring F7-GAC filter set is the real deal.

It comes with 7 quality replacement filters giving you a complete filter pack for a 5-stage RO filtration system. The only thing missing is the RO membrane and the alkaline mineral filter.

The set has filters for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th stages of the RO system filtration process. The 1st stage consists of two 10-inch FP15 sediment filters that remove dirt, sand, rust and other sediments down to 5 microns.

In the 2nd stage are two 10-inch FG15 granular activated carbon filters (GAC) that absorb chlorine, odors, halide, organic contaminants and other toxins that are larger than 5 microns.

The 3rd stage is made up of two 5-micron CTO carbon slab filter that eliminates any remaining chlorine, tastes, and odors in the filtered water.

The final filter is one FT15 post-carbon filter which helps polish the water from the RO storage tank before it reaches the faucet. The filters have a secure push-fit quick connection which makes replacement faster and easier.

The filters also have a decent life span. All the 6 filters in the first 3 stages can go up to 6 months before requiring replacement while the post-carbon inline filter needs to be replaced every 12 months.

The filter pack can fit most of iSpring’s RO system models including the RCC7, RCC7P, RCC1P, RCW5, and RCB4T. It can fit most other RO systems with standard-sized filter housings like the PuRoLine, Crystal Quest, Flowmatic, and Apec.

The iSpring F7-GAC filter set is no doubt highly efficient and by far one of the most cost-effective replacement filter packs on the market especially considering that it comes with 7 quality filters. 

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APEC Water FILTER-MAX-ES50 Replacement Filter Reviews

Like the iSpring F7-GAC filter set, this APEC FILTER-MAX-ES50 pack is a complete 5 stage filter set that includes even the RO membrane. It provides a full RO filtration system at a very affordable cost.

The 1st stage is a sediment filter and it removes all particles, silt, sand, rust and other sediments that are larger than 5 microns.

The 2nd and 3rd stages are extruded carbon filters which help get rid of the unpleasant chlorine, odors, tastes, cloudiness, and colors. They also eliminate VOCs, common chemicals as other any particle that’s bigger than 10 microns.  

The 4th stage consists of 50 GPD RO membrane which is made up of a thin film composite layer that’s a very effective filtration element with a high contaminant rejection rate. 

It remover a wide variety of contaminants including bacteria, lead, chromium, fluoride, arsenic, bacteria and all other contaminants greater than 0.0001 microns.

The final filter which forms the 5th stage is a coconut shell carbon filter which is a high-quality post-filter that will remove any remaining chlorine, odor, and unpleasant taste once the water is drawn from the RO tank.

The three pre-filters have a life span of 6 months while the RO membrane and the post-filter can last 2 to 4 years. The set is compatible with any APEC 50 GPD Essence system as well as all other standard size RO systems.

To sum it all, this APEC FILTER-MAX-ES50 certainly guarantees optimum performance of your RO system and the fact that it comes at an affordable price makes a superb option that’s worth considering.

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APEC Filter-Set RO Replacement Filters Reviews

The APEC Filter-Set RO replacement filters are premium quality filter set that provides a longer lifespan than most other options on the market.

The unit comes with three filters for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages of the RO system filtration process. The first stage is a 10-inch 100% pure polypropylene sediment filter which has a very high dirt-holding capacity and will remove sand, silt, rust, and other particles down to 5 microns. 

The second and third stages consist of premium 10 micron extruded carbon block filters. They are made up of activated carbon particles which are fused into a uniform block giving them a more enhanced adsorptive capacity and efficiency.

They will effectively remove chlorine, unpleasant tastes and odors from the water as well as VOCs and other common chemicals. The filters will also not bypass or channel like most granular activated carbon filters because of the excellent uniformity of their core.

Now the best part about this set of APEC replacement filters is that they have a much longer life span than other standard RO filter cartridges.

They can last up to 12 months which translates to fewer filter change-outs and lower system maintenance than average resin-bonded or string-wound filters.

The filter set measures 10-inches in length which is the industry standard size and as such it will fit all under-the-sink RO systems. It’s also compatible with several of APEC’s Ultimate RO systems including the WFS-1000, RO-PUMP, RO-PERM, RO-90 and RO-45.

For those who want a replacement filter set that can last fairly longer than their current filter cartridges, we would recommend considering these APEC Filter-Set RO replacement filters.

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APEC Water Systems FILTER-SET-ES Reviews

The APEC Water Systems Filter-Set-ES is a bundle of 3 standard size filters designed to enhance the RO system performance and facilitate the production of high-quality drinking water at quite an affordable price.

The set is made up of a pre-filter for the 1st stage, a carbon block filter for the 2nd stage and another carbon block post-filter for the 3rd stage of the RO filtration process. All three filters have excellent ability to remove different kinds of contaminants.

The pre-filter is a 5-micron polypropylene sediment filter that eliminates silt, sand, rust, dirt and other particles in the feed water that may damage the other filters and RO membrane.

The two other filters that form the 2nd and 3rd stages are extruded carbon block filters that remove contaminants down to 10 microns.

They are uniquely designed with a large surface area to maximize contact time hence they can achieve maximum efficiency in removing chlorine, chemicals, lead, toxic fluoride, arsenic chromium, unpleasant taste and odor as well as other many other impurities.

The filter set can last over 6 months and are compatible with any APEC Essence Series RO system. They can also work well with all other 10-inch standard size RO systems.

In short, these are high-performance replacement filters and they come at a very competitive design which makes them highly attractive for anyone looking for a set of three replacement filters.

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Whirlpool WHEERF RO Replacement Water Filters Reviews

The Whirlpool WHEERF is a set of two RO replacement filters that offer a convenient and simplified way to ensure the optimal performance of your RO system in filtering your water supply.

The unit consists of a pre-filter and a post-filter which make up the 1st and 3rd stages of the RO water filtration process.

The two filters are very effective in eliminating a wide range of contaminants. The pre-filter is a sediment cartridge consisting of an activated carbon block that reduces sand, silt, dirt and other sediments. It also reduces up to 90% of chlorine including the chlorine taste and odor.

The post-filter is also an activated carbon type filter and it helps remove any remaining chlorine tastes and odors that passed through the RO membrane. It also helps remove arsenic, barium, ammonium, sodium, sulfate, cysts, lead and other contaminants that were not captured.

The set is also designed to facilitate quick replacement. It features Whirlpool UltraEase technology which allows you to replace the filters with just a quarter turn.

It’s a total stress fee process plus the filters are also equipped with the EZ-change indicator light to alert when it’s the right time to replace the filters.

They have a life span of 6 months which means you will have to change them once every year to ensure proper operation of your RO system. The filters are compatible with Whirlpool’s WHAPSRO, WHAROS5, and WHER25 RO systems.

Therefore, if your current filters are exhausted, then these Whirlpool WHEERF replacement filters can help get your system back on track and ensure your family has a constant supply of clean drinking water.

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iSpring F28K75 Replacement Filter Pack Reviews

Wrapping up our list of top iSpring RO replacement filter sets is the iSpring F28K75 which like the iSpring F15-75 above gives you sufficient replacements filters for your RO system.

Actually, this is the only set on our list that offers the highest number as it comes with a whopping 28 replacement filters meant for a 6-stage RO system with an alkaline remineralization filter.

For the prefilters, the F28K75 features six 5-micron sediment filters, six 5-micron granular activated carbon (GAC) filters and six 5-micron CTO carbon filters. With each filter having a lifespan of around 6 months, it will take 3 years before you can update this set of filters.

Included in the set is a 0.0001-micron TFC RO membrane which provides 99% contaminant rejection rate and a production capacity of 75 gallons per day. The membrane if of good quality too and will last 2 to 3 years.

Following the RO membrane is a set of 3 post-carbon inline filters and these have a service life of approximately 12 months, so the three pieces will also last you 3 years like the prefilters.

The last filters in the F28K75 pack is a set of 6 alkaline remineralization filters. These filters replenish the healthy minerals removed by the RO process and raise the pH value of the RO water by 0.5 to 0.8 to deliver a better tasting, healthy, pure water with balanced alkalinity.

Each alkaline filter in the pack can last 6 to 12 months. Therefore, combined with the other 21 filters and the RO membrane, the iSpring F28K75 gives a 3 year supply of replacement filters for your RO system which makes it worth considering if you after a nice long-term investment.The filter pack is compatible with iSpring RCC7AK and RCC7P-AK RO systems. It will as well fit any other RO system with standard-sized 10″ filter housings. 

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iSpring F15-75 RO Replacement Filter Set Reviews

If you have a 5-stage RO system and you are looking for a filter pack that will give you replacement filters for your whole RO filtration process, then the iSpring F15-75 is another superb option you can consider.

The pack is much similar to the iSpring F5-75 as it offers all the filters for a standard 5-stage RO system including the RO membrane.

However, unlike the F5-75 set which has 5 filter pieces, this one comes with 15 replacement filters which makes it a great long-term investment.

The set features 12 prefilters that comprise four 5-micron sediment filters, four granular activated carbon (GAC) filters and four 5-micron CTO carbon block filters.

Each of these 12 prefilters has a 6-month lifespan and will do well to remove fine particles and absorb chlorine, chloramines, halide, and other chemicals and impurities that contribute to unpleasant taste and odor.

In addition to these filters, you also get a 0.0001-micron TFC RO membrane which can effectively remove 99% of the contaminants present in the water.

It’s a high capacity membrane like that of the F5-75 filter set capable of producing 75 gallons of pure water in a day. That’s a suitable capacity for families with a high demand for clean drinking water and membrane can last up to 2 to 3 years before you can replace it.

The set also comes with four pieces of 5-micron post-carbon inline filters for the 5th stage where the RO water undergoes further polishing to remove residual impurities from the RO tank. Each of these post-filters offers a service life of 6 months.

To sum it all, the iSpring F15-75 is certainly a complete filter set that guarantees you will have ample replacement filters to keep your RO system up and running efficiently throughout. With this pack, you will go for 2 years without spending a single coin in another set of replacement filters.

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iSpring F10KU RO Replacement Filters Set Reviews

The F10KU is one of iSpring’s most comprehensive replacement filter packs in the market. The set is meant for 7-stage RO systems and it comes with 10 filter pieces that include both the alkaline remineralization filter and UV light sterilizer filter.

Like the iSpring FK9 above, this F10KU set features 6 prefilters comprising of two PP sediment filters, two granular carbon filters, and two carbon block filters. So you are also assured of a year supply of replacement prefilters for your RO system.

The pack as well features a 5th stage activated carbon filter for the post-filtration of the RO water as it leaves the RO storage tank.

For the 6th stage of the RO system, the set comes with two alkaline remineralization filters which are equally made of red mineral stones and calcite media as that of the FK9 set.

These two alkaline filters will make sure you continue to get RO water that has the essential healthy minerals and a much more balanced pH level for a whole year. Each of the filters lasts up to 6 months, thereby you will only need a replacement after a year.

The final filter which makes this F10KU highly attractive for those looking for that extra level of protection is the UV disinfection sterilizer filter. This is meant for the 7th stage in the RO system as the final line of defense before delivering the filtered water to the faucet.

The filter uses a powerful 11W Philips double-ended UVC lamp that emits strong UV lights which penetrate the water molecules to kill up to 99% of all remaining harmful microorganisms that the other filters could not remove.

It’s a highly effective UV light filter that removes all bacteria, viruses, protozoan cysts and other different microorganisms that are likely to linger behind and grow in the RO system or tubings over time.

The 10 pieces of filters measure 10” X 2.5” hence if you have a standard 7-stage ALK UV RO system with standard 10” housings, you will face no challenges incorporating them into your system.

The pack is ideal for the iSpring RCC7AK-UV or the RCC1UP-AK models. It can as well fit most standard 7-stage RO systems from other different brands.

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iSpring F9K RO Replacement Filter Set Review

If you have an alkaline RO system or just want to improve the taste and quality of your RO water, then the iSpring F9K may be a nice option to consider.

This filter set offers 9 pieces of replacement filters with the most notable addition being the highly effective iSpring alkaline remineralization filter.

The first pack includes 6 prefilters made up of two 5-micron polypropylene sediment filters, two granular activated carbon filters, and two 5-micron carbon block filters.

These give you a full year supply of prefilters which will ensure your RO system particularly the RO membrane performs to its optimum potential. Aside from the 6 prefilters, the pack also includes an activated carbon post-filter for the 5th stage of your RO system.

The highlight of this set, however, is none other than the addition of the 6th stage alkaline remineralization filter. The RO filtration process removes almost all the healthy minerals which results in slightly acidic water.

Thereby, the inclusion of the alkaline filter in this FK9 will easily help tackle this problem. The filter features red mineral stones media that restores the lost healthy minerals to the RO water.

The media adds back calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium ions all which are removed during the RO process. The alkaline filter also features calcite media which raises the pH value of the RO water by about 0.5 to 0.8 resulting in balanced alkalinity. 

The addition of the natural minerals and improvement of the pH level will ensure you get healthier water that has a much better and natural taste than the plain RO water.

You won’t have any difficulties either when it comes to replacing your old filters with these new iSpring FK9 replacement filters because they use the standard 10” RO filter housings.

The filter pack is designed to fit and work efficiently with the iSpring RCC7AK and RCC7P-AK RO systems, but it will also fit any other RO system with 10” filter housing including Apec, PuROLine, Crystal Quest and FLowmatic systems.

All the six prefilters have a service life of six months with the two post-filters giving you 12 months of service each before requiring replacement. The alkaline filter will last 6 months and it also comes as two pieces, so you have a yearlong supply too of alkaline filters.

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iSpring F5-75 RO Replacement Filter Pack Review

In the third spot, we have the iSpring F5-75 filter pack. This is a full set of replacement filters for the 5-stage RO systems which includes even the RO membrane.

The set comprises of three prefilters, the RO membrane and a post-filter cartridge which allows you to perform a complete replacement of your whole old RO filtration process.

The prefilters include a 5-micron polypropylene sediment filter which makes up the 1st stage, GAC (granular activated carbon) filter in the 2nd stage and a 5-micron activated carbon block filter in the 3rd stage.

Like I mentioned earlier, these three initial filters remove the fine particles and chemicals specifically chlorine, chloramines, and organic chemicals in the water all of which may damage or clog the fine pores of the RO membrane. They also help eliminate unpleasant odors and improve the taste of the RO water.

Now the best addition in this set is the 4th stage RO membrane which is a thin film composite membrane with pores that are 0.0001 microns in size. 

These super small pores trap up to 99% of all the remaining contaminants leaving only the water molecules to pass through with extremely low traces of dissolved solids.

 It’s capable of removing about 90 to 97% of all total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water. Another commendable thing about this RO membrane is that it has a high production capacity.

It can filter 75 gallons of water per day which is a fairly large capacity and ideal upgrade if you have a 50 GPD RO membrane and want to improve the production rate of your system.

The last filter in the set is the activated carbon post-filter which efficiently provides the final polishing of the RO water to ensure no chlorine or contaminant remains when the water is delivered to the faucet.

All the 5 cartridges are about 10″ x 2.5″ in measurement. They will nicely fit in most standard 10″ housing RO systems. Plus the activated carbon post-filter features an updated secure push-fit connection that facilitates faster filter replacement.

The three prefilters need replacing every 6 months while the RO membrane will need changing 2 to 3 years and the post-filter at least once every 12 months.

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iSpring FD15 DI Deionization RO Replacement Filter Review

If you want zero TDS water but don’t want to get a whole new reverse osmosis system, then this FD15 Deionization filter might just be the right fit for you.

This is a filter for RO DiIonization systems which is added as the 6th stage post filter. The FD15 functions by using a process called deionization or ion exchange technology.

The ion exchange resin media inside the filter exchanges positive hydrogen and negative hydroxyl ions for the positive and negative ions of the contaminants in the water.

Therefore, all the positive ions like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, exchange places with hydrogen ions while the negative ions such as iodine are replaced by hydroxyl ions.

This process is super-efficient at removing even the most difficult minerals and finest contaminants in the water.

This is because all the positive and negative ions of contaminants in the filtered water are displaced by the active hydrogen and hydroxyl ions on the ion exchange DI resins. As a result, you get highly purified water with zero TDS.

It’s a great option if you have an RO system already installed and you want to completely remove dissolved contaminants and minerals in your RO water. It’s also very effective at softening the water level hardness.

In terms of installing the FD15 to your RO DI system, you won’t break a sweat as it’s just a matter of fitting it after the 5th stage carbon post filter.

It uses ¼” fitting which means it will fit almost any standard RO DI system and the housing is clear for an easier view of the media status.

The best part about this iSpring DI filter is that it’s refillable. You can actually open it and then fill it up easily with another media.

In other words, it simply provides a much more efficient and reliable way of removing all TDS, minerals and other small amounts of residual impurities that may have slipped through the RO membrane and post carbon filter.


  • Reduces TDS value to almost zero
  • Filtered water is great for drinking and aquarium use
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Fits almost any RO DI system
  • You can refill the media


  • Requires a ¼” fitting which is not included

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iSpring UVF11A UV Disinfection Sterilizer Filter Review

The iSpring UVF11A is a UV disinfection sterilizer for RO systems that’s highly effective in combating different kinds of waterborne pathogens like viruses and bacteria quickly and efficiently.

It’s an excellent option for homeowners who want that extra level of protection and water quality especially if the source water comes from a well or where there’s a bacterial concern with the municipal water supply.


The UVF11A UV disinfection sterilizer uses a special double-ended 11W Philips UVC lamp which emits strong UV light of a certain wavelength that’s capable of killing the harmful microorganisms present in the RO water.

As the water passes through the filter, the emitted UV light penetrates through the microorganisms’ DNA and RNA codes disrupting and deactivating them hence causing the microorganisms to become inactive and preventing them from reproducing or infecting. 

The UV light has the ability to kill up to 99% of all the bacteria, viruses, protozoan, cysts and other microorganisms that might remain in the RO water after the filtration process.

Therefore, whether it’s municipal or well water, the filter will do an adequate job of destroying microorganisms and it can even tackle water from sources with excessive organic microorganisms like water from lakes and streams.

Moreover, the lamp offers an almost constant UV light output throughout its lifetime which not only ensures optimum disinfection but also high efficacy of the UV light.

Smart Flow Sensor

Aside from the effective UV lamp, this unit comes with a smart flow sensor which switches the UV light on and off automatically according to the water flow.

When you turn on the RO faucet, the sensor immediately detects when the water starts to actual flow and then automatically turns on the UV lamp to sterilize and kill the microorganisms.

As soon as you turn off the faucet, it also automatically turns off the UV light. This way, it gets to save power and more importantly, prolong the service life of the UV lamp.

Installation and Maintenance

The UVF11A is an add-on filter for under-sink RO systems which is added as a final stage. The installation is very simple.

It comes with everything you need including the UV lamp, smart flow control switch, quick fittings, brackets for hanging it on the wall and user manual to guide you. So, it’s totally a stress-free process and the filter is compatible with almost any standard RO system.

Furthermore, the UV lamp has been shielded in a solid 304 stainless steel housing which is very durable and water resistance thereby keeping the lamp safe and well protected.  

The lamp itself has a service life of 8,000 hours, so it will last more than 11 months which means you will only have to replace it once per year plus the sleeve.

In short, if you want a cost-effective way of ensuring your RO water is completely free of contaminants and harmful microorganisms, then we would highly recommend you check out this iSpring UVF11A UV disinfection sterilizer filter.


  • 11W UV lamp effectively kill 99.99% of microorganism
  • A chemical-free process that doesn’t alter the taste of the water
  • Smart flow sensor that automatically controls the lamp
  • Low maintenance as the only lamp and sleeve are replaced annually
  • Easy to install and it’s compatible with most residential RO systems


  • The mounting brackets may not fit nicely under every sink
  • Only works efficiently with an existing RO system

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iSpring F4 Replacement Filter Cartridges Pack Review

Following the F3 is the iSpring F4 set of replacement filters which is a slight upgrade with one more extra filter than the F3.

The set comes with 4 different filters consisting of the first three prefilters of the RO process and an additional post-filter for the fifth stage in the RO system.

A polypropylene sediment filter forms the first line of defense in the F4 prefilters and it removes all the fine solid particles as small as 5 microns which includes silt, dirt, and sand that may clog the other filters.

In the second stage, the F4 offers a granular activated carbon filter (GAC) which help trap and absorb chlorine, chloramines and other different kinds of organic chemicals.

It employs both mechanical filtration and physical adsorption to effectively capture chlorine and chemicals. It can also efficiently remove unpleasant odors and tastes. The filter includes a special carbon media too which helps prevent bacteria growth in the RO system.

The last prefilter is a 5-micron activated carbon block filter. It traps and absorbs the remaining chlorine, chloramines, organic chemicals, and unpleasant odor thereby further enhancing the taste of the water. It also clears any remaining fine particles in the water prior to entering the RO membrane.

The fourth filter in the iSpring F4 set is yet another activated carbon filter which is the post-filter for the fifth stage of the RO system. This filter provides the final polishing of the RO water before it’s delivered to the faucet.

It absorbs any residual chlorine that seeped through the other RO stages and as well helps remove the particles that might have accumulated inside the RO storage tank and ended up in the store water.

As for installing these F4 filters, you will have little to worry about as they are all standard filters that will work with most under sink RO systems that utilize standard 10” x 20.5” housings.

It comes with a manual you can refer to should have trouble setting them up. The lifespan of the first three prefilters is 6 months while the post-filter can last up to one year. 

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iSpring F3 RO Replacement Filter Cartridge Pack Review

The iSpring F3 is a set of three quality reverse osmosis replacement pre-filters designed to remove a wide variety of contaminants from the water and protect the RO membrane to extend its lifespan.

The first filter is a sediment filter which makes up the first stage in the RO filtration process. It consists of food-grade polypropylene micro-fibres that capture all the sediments and contaminants down to 5 microns.

It removes dirt, sand, silt, scales and rust particles in the water hence helping minimize clogs and pressure loss.

The next one is a second stage filter comprising of granular activated carbon that reduces chlorine, chloramines and bad odor and taste in the water. The filter also traps remaining sediments in the water to prevent the 3rd stage filter from getting clogged easily.

The third filter in the set is a CTO carbon block filter that takes the third stage in the RO process. The filter is made of quality activated carbon media that’s wrapped in a polyolefin material with polypropylene outer netting.

This CTO carbon block filter helps to further capture chlorine, chloramines and other chemicals as well as any residual sediments that are bigger than 5 microns. It effectively removes bad taste and odor thereby improving the taste of the RO water.

All three filters come well individually wrapped and have a service life of 6 months before requiring replacement which is pretty the standard lifespan of most RO replacement prefilters.

The filters measure around 10” x 2.5”, so they compatible with almost any residential under sink RO system. If you are looking for some nice and affordable set of replacement filters for your RO system, then this iSpring F3 pack is worth looking at. 

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APEC UG-UVSET-1-4-SS UV Sterilizer Reviews

The APEC UG-UVSET-1-4-SS is a perfect UV sterilizer kit for those looking to add an extra layer of protection to their RO system to guarantee completely clean drinking water.

The filter comes in two versions, the UG-UVSET-1-4 with a white plastic housing and this one, the UG-UVSET-1-4-SS which features a stainless steel housing.

There is no much difference between the two other than that the UG-UVSET-1-4-SS model is a little more effective and durable compared to the UG-UVSET-1-4 version due to its stainless steel construction.

Both versions are equipped with a powerful ultra-violet lamp which emits strong UV light into the water as it flows through the filter.

The light penetrates deep into the water molecules thereby exposing all the harmful microorganisms to the lethal UV rays emitted by the lamp.

The rays effectively disrupt and deactivate the DNA and RNA of the microorganisms present in the water. This, in turn, causes them to be inactive stopping any further reproduction and ultimately destroying them completely.

The UV lamp is highly effective and will kill up to 99.99% of all the viruses, protozoan cysts bacteria, and other many microorganisms that may be lingering in the water or your reverse osmosis system and the tubings over time.

The two versions also feature natural quartz sleeves that help protect the lamp and as well facilitate maximum penetration of the UV rays to disinfect the water.

As I mentioned earlier, the UG-UVSET-1-4-SS is slightly more efficient than its other counterpart, the UG-UVSET-1-4 version.

The main reason for this is that it has a stainless steel interior that allows the UV light to be reflected evenly throughout the chamber thereby providing optimum coverage which maximizes the killing power of the UV rays.

The housing of the filter is also made of stainless steel which makes it highly durable and suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

The APEC white UG-UVSET-1-4 version is durable too as it features a strong polypropylene housing but it’s more fine-tuned for residential RO systems. Both versions can give more than one year of continuous operation before requiring replacement.

Installing either filter is quick and easy because they require only one electrical connection and two water connections. They can fit in any existing standard RO system as an additional stage or replacement for an old UV filter operating on the alternating current at 120 volts.

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