LiquaGen 703610776 RO Booster Pump Reviews

The LiquaGen 703610776 is an ideal booster pump for those that live in areas with water supply pressure that’s lower than 40 psi. It’s a kit that comes with everything you need to ensure a consistent water pressure supply.

This complete unit can work with a minimum inlet pressure of 20 psi and can elevate it up to around 80 psi. The pump is designed to operate effectively with 50 GPD and 75 GPD RO membranes.

A high pressure shut off switch is included in the kit which will help turn off the pump and the water supply to the tank when it’s full. There’s also a 24V DC transformer which should fit almost any standard wall power outlet.

You will have to set up the whole components from the pump to the pressure switch if you are installing an RO booster pump for the first time. However, it’s relatively easy once you know what goes where.

If you are replacing the pump only, then you may not need to replace the other components provided they are compatible with your new pump. The kit also comes with 2 pieces of ¼” to 3/8” threaded connect fittings.

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Ronaqua RA-BP-50 RO Booster Pump Reviews

Also featured on our list of the best RO booster pumps is the Ranaqua RA-BP-50 model which is a quiet and efficient pump that can maintain the water supply pressure to any residential RO system at ideal levels.

The pump is designed to work with a minimum inlet water pressure of 28 psi and can boost it up to 125 psi but its standard working pressure is 85 psi at a flow rate of 0.95L/M which is pretty impressive.

It’s, however, a set of a booster pump and transformer only but it will certainly require a pressure switch.

The pressure can go quite high even up to 140 psi if just left running with no pressure switch installed which could damage the pump and the RO membrane in the long run as most are meant to operate at 100 psi and below.

Just like the rest of the other pumps, this Ranaqua RA-BP-50 model won’t present any challenges. The whole process is straightforward and you can mount it in several positions.

It has inlet/outlet threads suited for 3/8” fittings, so if you are using ¼” tubing, then you will need a ¼” to 3/8” NPT connector.

Aside from the pump, it comes with a standard 110V input 24V DC 50/60Hz output transformer and mounting bracket with rubber shock absorbers that minimize the vibrations when the pump’s motor is running.

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Aquatec 6840-2J03-B221 RO Booster Pump Reviews

The Aquatec 6840 is a very reliable pump and yet another great option for homeowners seeking a replacement pump that can help boost the water production rate of their RO unit without breaking the bank.

Same as the iSpring PMP5, this one is meant for those looking for a replacement pump only without the other parts.

The pump can deliver a maximum pressure of 80 psi at a flow rate of 0.38 LPM. Therefore, you will be able to get a constant supply of purified water and at a much faster rate. It’s really built well and will function continuously and reliably.

When it comes to installation, there is no much to worry about since it’s only the pump you need to install. The inlet and outlet ports are an easy push to fit type connections which makes installation quite simple.

They require ¼” tubing and it comes with all the fittings to connect. The mounting hardware is heavy and well made. It’s likely to fit exactly like the hardware for most standard booster pumps for residential or under-the-sink RO systems.

However, you will need to get the transformer that’s designed to work with this pump to avoid damaging or destroying it.

It doesn’t come with one but if your existing transformer has a rating of 120V 60 Hz 25 watts input and 24V AC 800 mA output, then you are good to go.

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SEAFLO SFRO2-G50-3A RO Booster Pump Reviews

The SEAFLO SFRO2-G50-3A is a very good and user-friendly booster pump that offers quiet and efficient operation. The unit has some incredible features and high-quality components that guarantee reliable performance throughout its lifespan.

It comes packed with a 110V transformer which ensures the pump gets enough power to boost the pressure of your water supply into the RO system.

The pump can increase inlet pressure from 30 psi to 70 psi which is the working pressure preset by the manufacturer. You can, however, use a small screwdriver or Allen key to re-adjust the pressure once in a while based on the pressure of your water source.

If you have a 50GPD membrane or RO system, then this is a perfect booster pump for you for it’s particularly designed for 50GPD membranes. However, it will work well too with the other types of RO systems.

The pump is super quiet and you may need to get a compatible automatic pressure switch in case the existing one doesn’t fit the new pump.

However, installing it is a breeze. The inlet/outlet ports can work 3/8” tubing but you will need to get at least two 3/8” to 1/4” reducer adapters. The transformer, on the other hand, can plug into any standard outlet making installation and usage even a lot easier.

You will also appreciate the rubber feet plus the metal mounting bracket. They ensure the pumps remain secure once mounted and help facilitate a vibration-free operation.

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iSpring PMP5 RO Booster Pump Reviews

The iSpring PMP5 is a perfect option for anyone looking for only a replacement pump without the other components. It’s basically only the pump and a highly reliable one for that matter.

The PMP5 is a top-quality booster pump from iSpring that’s more than capable of increasing your RO system input pressure which in turn will increase water production and purity.

It has the capacity to raise the psi levels of the input water pressure going into an RO system from as low as 30 psi up to a maximum of 110 psi. It works well with 50 GPD to 100 GPD RO systems which cover most of the residential and under-counter/sink RO systems.

As for the installation, this one is pretty straightforward. The ports will accept any ¼” tubing. However, it’s a very basic pump, so you will need to purchase additional parts like the DC power adapter and the power socket for connecting the pump to the power adapter.

The pressure switch is also not included, so you might also need it in case you are installing the pump for the first time. It will generally work with all the other components of your existing pump in case you are installing it as a replacement pump.

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Watts Premier 560043 RO Booster Pump Kit Reviews

Watts Premier is a renowned brand in the RO industry and has a number of top quality micro-pumps and pressure systems under its name.

The Watts Premier560043 model is no different. It will deliver beyond expectations and increase the efficiency of your RO unit as well as the flow of water to the RO tank and faucet.

The kit features a 110V transformer which is capable of delivering enough power to increase the water pressure going into your RO system by up to 45 psi which is sufficient if your water supply pressure is lower than 40 psi.

You will enjoy consistent pressure and constant water flows throughout the entire operation of the pump. The kit as well comes with an automatic pressure switch which can help turn off the pump and turn it on whenever the pressure in the Ro tank drops.

Installing this Watts Premier pump is quite easy too as it features everything you would need to hook it integrate into your existing RO system. The pump will work with all standard RO water filtration systems.

It features standard ports which will accept ¼” tubing while the pressure switch can as accept 3/8” tubing. If your system uses 3/8″ tubing, you need not worry much since the kit also includes two 3/8″ to ¼” adapters.

You won’t have to get a separate adapter for the power supply because the kit as well comes with a 24 VAC power supply with a plug which compatible with any standard wall outlet.

Like the Aquatec 8800, this pump kit, unfortunately, doesn’t feature a shut-off valve, it only has the pressure switch, so you will equally have to rely on your existing RO shut off valve to turn off the water supply to the RO storage tank.

Other than that, the Watts Premier 560043 will no doubt significantly increase your RO system water quality and output.

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Aquatec 8800 RO Booster Pump Kit Reviews

The Aquatec 8800 is one great water booster pump kit in the market and it’s quite identical to the 6800 kit which is another best booster pump kit from Aquatec.

The 8800 is designed to effectively raise water supply pressure and optimize the performance of an RO system.

One of the things that stand out from this pump is that it features a heavy-duty 110V transformer which is the secret to its powerful and reliable performance.

The pump can raise the water supply pressure from 30 to 40 psi up to 100 psi based on the capacity of the RO system but it’s designed to work even much better with RO units that produce around 50 to 200 gallons of water per day.

This pump kit also includes a reliable pressure switch which facilitates automatic on/off operation.

It can sense the pressure within the output line such that when the storage tank is filled or its pressure reaches 40 to 50 psi, then the pump will automatically shut off and resume operation when you draw water from the tank or when the pressure drops.

When it comes to installation, you will have no difficulties at all. This is a standard RO booster pump kit that’s good for either 3/8” or ¼” OD tubing. It, however, has 3/8” ports but Aquetec has included four 3/8” to ¼” reducer fittings.

Unlike other pumps that often feature a plastic mounting bracket, this comes with a heavy-duty steel bracket which is not just much stronger but also longer lasting.

If your water supply pressure is very low (less than 50 psi), then this pump kit is a perfect choice to help boost it up. It will work fine with most standard RO systems.

Note that the kit doesn’t feature a shutoff valve, thereby you will have to rely on your existing RO auto-shutoff valve to turn off the supply of water to the storage tank when it’s full.

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