How To Dig A Well

Digging A Water Well Wells have traditionally been created by just hand digging. It’s the same method used in most rural areas in the developing world. These kinds of wells are inexpensive and low-tech.  They require mostly manual labor (hands, a shovel, and a carrying bucket) and the well structure is usually lined with either … Read more

Water Well Components

Here you will find the 5 most popular water well components [well system components] Well Casing Well casing is basically the tubular structure that’s placed inside the drilled well to help maintain the well opening right from the target groundwater up to the surface. Along with the grout, it keeps excess or less desirable groundwater … Read more

Types Of Water Wells

Here you will find the 3 most popular types of wells [water well types] can be found in the US. Dug or Bored Wells Dug or bored wells are holes dug in the ground using a hand shovel or a high-powered piece of equipment like a backhoe. The hole is dug to reach the aquifer/water … Read more

Well Water – A Comprehensive Guide

Humans have been relying on well water for thousands of years. They have been digging wells for millennials. Examples include 10, 000-year old wells in Cyprus, 8, 000-year old wells in Eastern Mediterranean, 7, 400-year old wells in Germany and the Czech Republic. Today, 40% of well water is used for irrigation worldwide. Wells provides … Read more

NPT vs MIP Fitting

Here is a brief comparison table between NPT vs MIP fitting that used in piping systems. MIP and MIP Fitting MIP stands for Male Iron Pipe that refers to heavy-duty-grade metal pipe systems. A MIP fitting is a metal threaded-piping fitting that can be used with a FIP (female iron pipe) fitting in heavy-duty piping … Read more

1 Micron vs 5 Micron Sediment Filter

This is a brief comparison table of 1-Micron vs 5-Micron sediment filter in water filtration. When it comes to choosing between 1-micron vs 5-micron sediment filter, we have some factors to be considered. Amount of particulate in the water It depends on the amount of particulate in the water that you want to filter out … Read more

Schedule 40 vs Schedule 80 Pipe

In this post, I will demonstrate the important things you need to know about the Schedule 40 pipe (metal or steel pipe), the schedule 40 pipe dimensions chart, and how to read it. Measuring a metal tube is pretty simple, generally all you need is a tape measure, just pull it out, and … psiizst. … Read more