PVC Fittings

The following is a comprehensive list of the most commonly used PVC fittings with short description of the possible uses and applications.

High Alkalinity Well Water

Wells are the main source of water for millions of people around the globe. They provide an ample supply of water for drinking, home use, and irrigation. However, like the pH and quality of well water, the alkalinity of well water tends to vary from place to place. There are areas with low alkalinity well … Read more

Reverse Osmosis Water

In this post, we will take an in-depth look at Reverse osmosis water, the pH of RO water, and how to remineralize RO water (everything to do with RO water remineralization). Quick access RO Water | pH Of RO Water | RO Water Remineralizing | The Benefits Reverse osmosis provides an effective and reliable way … Read more

How To Size A Water Softener

When it comes to buying new water softer, it’s important to select a unit that is of the right size or capacity. Generally, you want to go with a unit that can handle the daily water demands of your household. Picking an undersized system in a home that requires high flow rates or capacity will … Read more

Sediment Water Filter

Sediment water filters (sediment filter) utilize mechanical filtration which works like a sieve by blocking and trapping sediments and other particles from the water as it passes through the filter medium. Sediments are very common contaminants in both municipal water and well water. Depending on their size and form, they can have a variety of … Read more

Activated Carbon Filter

Carbon water filters have been a standard part of water treatment for quite a long time now (for centuries actually since the time of ancient Egyptians).

Smart Water Flavors

There are 10 Smart Water Flavors you can find from SmartWater’s website including Original, Alkaline, Antioxidant, Clarity, Renew, Tranquility, Cucumber Lime, Pineapple Kiwi, Strawberry Blackberry, Watermelon Mint. Original The original Smarwater is pure, vapor-distilled water. This type of premium bottled water has a pure, crisp taste with added electrolytes. With a bottle of original SmartWater, … Read more

Water Hardness, Hard Water, Soft Water

You’ve probably heard the term water hardness and wondered what it’s all about. Is it bad or is it good? Where does it come from? Well, to give you a better understanding, we have prepared this detailed article to explain almost everything you need to know about water hardness and hard water. We will look … Read more