Qlife H2 Well Hydrogen Water Generator

Key Features:
  • No hassle installation and operation
  • Has smart light to indicate the status of the bottle
  • Very portable and lightweight to hold in hand

Qlife H2 Well Hydrogen Water Generator Review

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is a remarkable antioxidant, and drinking water filled with it has been shown to offer a wide range of health benefits. It’s able to reduce inflammation and pain, improve metabolism and energy levels, increase cognitive function, promote cellular health, improve performance and recovery time, and improve hydration levels (up to six times better than regular water).

Due to its tiny size, molecular hydrogen can easily permeate at a sub-cellular level, thus selectively targeting and neutralizing all the harmful free radicals within the cells while also helping the body produce more antioxidants. It helps prevent degenerative diseases, remedy allergies, reduce oxidative stress, improve sleep quality, and enhance anti-aging properties. In short, hydrogen water is incredibly healthy compared to normal regular water.

There are a few methods of producing it. One of them is using a hydrogen water generator, which basically offers a more convenient and effective way of pumping molecular hydrogen into drinking water.

In this post, we will look at the H2 Well hydrogen water generator by Qlife Hydrogen Solutions. It’s a countertop hydrogen water machine manufactured in Korea. It’s one of the best options in the market as it’s able to produce water with very high molecular hydrogen content. Moreover, it generates high purity hydrogen (up to 99.9995% pure) without changing the pH or adding other undesirable byproducts into the water.

Besides its performance, the machine is easy to set up and use, plus it features a self-cleaning function that minimizes maintenance. Its overall build quality is good, too, and it’s compact with a sleek design that can fit in any kitchen.

Here is a closer look at how it works, its benefits, and our view and that of other users with respect to its performance and how easy it is to use.


The Qlife H2 Well hydrogen water generator uses the latest proton exchange membrane (EX-PEM) and high-grade platinum-coated titanium electrodes to produce hydrogen water.

The EX-PEM is an exclusive platinum-coated ionic membrane. It effectively generates a very high molecular hydrogen concentration of up to 1600 ppb, which puts it at par with other top hydrogen water generators in the market. This high hydrogen concentration gives the water more anti-oxidizing properties than other models that generate less hydrogen content.

Moreover, the purity of the molecular hydrogen generated by the Qlife H2 Well is extremely high at 99.9995%. This is attributed to its high-grade platinum-coated titanium electrodes and the special proton exchange membrane.

The other advantage is that while this generator works to infuse your drinking water with molecular hydrogen, it doesn’t add other undesirable byproducts. In fact, it gets rid of any chlorine and ozone in the water, which is very important and a big plus considering that a good number of other hydrogen water generators tend to put chlorine, ozone gases, as well as other byproducts into the water.

The hydrogen water produced by this unit also has a high negative ORP of up to -800 mV, which means the water is safe, healthy, and has more anti-oxidizing ability. The pH of the water doesn’t change in the process either. You can use regular tap water or any other drinking water like spring, filtered, and mineral water.

Using the Unit

Operating this Qlife H2 Well machine is pretty simple. It’s just a matter of pressing a button and waiting to get your molecular hydrogen water. The base unit comes with an intuitive control system that’s made up of a complete touch panel featuring two buttons, a power button on the left, and a function button on the right.

The function button has three operating modes; 6-minute hydrogen generation mode, 10-minute hydrogen generation mod, and the EDC function (a self-cleaning function that has two modes; scale and clean).

Using the unit is very easy. You just remove the pitcher and fill it up with water, place it onto the generator and push the function button to select either the 6 or 10-minute mode for molecular hydrogen generation. From there, the machine will start the hydrogen generation automatically, and you’ll see the bubbles start going to the top.

You don’t have to stay around the machine to keep watch and turn it off when it’s done – it will automatically turn itself off once it’s done. Moreover, it has a built-in smart feature that automatically senses the pitcher as soon as you place it on the base unit, upon which it turns the power on (the power light illuminates). You just have to select the mode you want to start the hydrogen generation.

The two cycles (6-minute and 10-minute modes) generate different levels of hydrogen concentration, with the 10 minutes cycle generating more concentration. You can even run the same cycle twice (like the 10 minutes cycle) with the same water in order to get a slightly higher molecular hydrogen concentration.

The unit has a nice blue ambient light that cycles on and off around the pitcher while the generator is working. It also has LED lights on the function button on the base to show you which mode you are in – the ambient light that cycles on and off around the pitcher turns to red when you initiate the self-cleaning function.

Capacity and Pouring the Water

The Qlife H2 pitcher is able to hold around 800ml of water at a time which is equal to three 8-ounce cups of water. It isn’t really a large capacity, but it’s enough for a small family of 2 to 3 people, considering it takes just 10 minutes to generate the molecular hydrogen water.

Filling the pitcher is simple as the lid comes off easily – you have to remove the entire lid to fill the pitcher.

Pouring the hydrogen water from the pitcher is simple too. It has a spout that allows the water to pour smoothly without dripping or spilling all over. The spout has a flap that covers it to prevent dirt and dust from getting into the pitcher, plus the flap doesn’t get in the way of the water when pouring.

There’s a convenient opening mechanism on top of the lid that features a small spot/button, which you just press, and the flap opens to allow you easily pour out the water. You don’t have to touch the flap with your hands to open it or hold/keep it opened like is the case with most countertop pitchers – this is essential because it helps prevent possible contamination of the water.

The flap stays open when pouring. It doesn’t drop to get in the way of the water as it pours out, and you don’t have to keep pressing the button to keep it open either.

The only unfortunate thing is that the pitcher doesn’t have a handle. You have to hold it by its body to pour, which can be challenging if you have small fingers/hands. It might even slide off the hands when the pitcher’s body is wet or when your hands are wet, which can end up causing a mess.

However, Qlife Hydrogen Solutions offers silicone skin that you can place on the outside of the pitcher. It’s a convenient tool that helps provide a good grip, making holding the pitcher easier and comfortable.

Setup and Maintenance

Setting up the unit is straightforward. You simply place the power adapter onto the provided power brick and plug the brick into your wall power socket. From there, you just plug the other opposite side of the brick into the base unit of the hydrogen generator, and you are good to go.

The only thing you need to do to get started is to fill the pitcher with water and select either the 6 or 10-minute mode for hydrogen generation, upon which the machine will start automatically.

The unit is powered by a wall plug adapter and works with electrical voltage from around 110V to 240V. The package includes the pitcher, the base unit, a silicone skin, power adapter, power brick to the generator, a maintenance cleaning kit, and a user manual that will tell you everything about the machine.

There’s no filter or anything else that needs constant replacement, so you have little maintenance to do. In fact, the only thing you’ll need to do is regular cleaning, which doesn’t really involve any physical work because the unit features a self-cleaning function.

You just press the start button and then press and hold the function button for about 5 seconds until the LED turns red – doing this will activate the self-cleaning function, which will start automatically.

The self-cleaning feature is the EDC mode, otherwise called the electrolysis decalcification system. You can use it to remove and prevent scale buildup around the titanium plates – this is the scale mode, and you activate it using the function button.

The EDC mode can also create sanitizing water that can be used to sterilize and clean the unit to ensure that you are drinking quality molecular hydrogen water that’s clean and safe. To activate this function, you select the clean mode using the function button.

You can also perform deep cleaning using the Qlife H2 Hydrogen Solutions citric acid cleaning kit. You pour warm water (100F or 40C degree) into the H2 Well pitcher up to the 200ml line and then pour the warm water into a clear glass.

From there, you put 4 cups of the Qlife citric acid cleaning kit into the glass of water and stir it well until the citric acid is fully dissolved in water. You then pour the dissolved citric acid water back into the H2 Well pitcher and let it sit for at least 3 hours.

Once the 3 hours are up, you take the pitcher up, shake it a little, dump out the citric acid water, rinse, and wash it with clean water. Finally, you wipe the outside and bottom parts of the pitcher completely before using it. You won’t have to do the deep cleaning regularly, though – probably once in a year.

Design and Build Quality

The design of the Qlife H2 Well is quite beautiful and modern. It has a diamond body shape with a sleek white finishing that looks elegant and suited for almost any modern kitchen. The LED lights around the control buttons on the base unit and the ones that illuminate the pitcher when it’s working or in self-cleaning mode also make the unit look very stylish and modern.

The whole unit itself isn’t bulky. The base station is 6.3 x 6.3 x 3.5 inches, while the pitcher measures 3.5 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches. It’s a fairly compact machine that won’t take up a lot of your countertop space.

The build quality of the unit is equally impressive. It feels really solid and stable. The pitcher body is made of 100% BPA-free Tritan material, a very safe plastic material that’s also so strong and durable that it can withstand boiling hot water. It’s not likely to break or crack easily when it accidentally drops on the floor. The base station also features robust plastic housing that will hold up pretty well for a long time.

The plates are Titanium with Platinum coatings. The ionic membranes are as well coated with Platinum. These are all durable materials, and the fact the electrical terminal output is Titanium also helps prevent rusting and reduce the power used for hydrogen generation.

Final Words

This is certainly one of the best hydrogen water machines in the market. Its primary benefit is that it’s able to generate very high hydrogen content and of the highest purity without changing the pH of the water or adding any unpleasant byproducts like chlorine or ozone gases.

It’s a very effective unit and a perfect option for anyone looking for a countertop hydrogen water generator. It’s especially ideal if your primary concern is getting enough hydrogen infused into your drinking water without adding anything else.

The capacity of the pitcher is sufficient for small families, and the whole unit is well-built and durable enough to withstand several years of use. Plus, Qlife Hydrogen Solutions offers a one-year warranty on the machine as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Things we like

  • No hassle installation and operation
  • Has smart light to indicate the status of the bottle
  • Very portable and lightweight to hold in hand
  • Features self-cleaning function for simple maintenance
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee

Things we don't like

  • Easy to slide out of hand due to no handle
  • Only a limited capacity of 800 ml for small families

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Qlife H2 Well Hydrogen Water Generator
Qlife H2 Well Hydrogen Water Generator
Qlife H2 Well Hydrogen Water Generator
Qlife H2 Well Hydrogen Water Generator
Qlife H2 Well Hydrogen Water Generator

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