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What Is A Water Filter Pitcher

What Is A Water Filter Pitcher?

A water filter pitcher a small and simple filtration unit that is made up of a reservoir and filter cartridge. Unfiltered water is purified as it flows through the cartridge filters and into the jug reservoir. The filter is usually made of Granulated Activated Charcoal filament to remove toxins, for example, chlorine and heavy metals.

How A Water Filter Pitcher Works

Filter pitchers are made to stay in the refrigerator, a countertop or shelf. Though the size and design of different filter pitchers may vary, they work under the same principle. Most water purifier pitchers have a replaceable filter that is made from activated carbon.

The activated carbon filter is made from coconut shells that are heat-treated in an inert atmosphere through chemical activation. It acts as an absorbent that eliminates organic pollutants such as chlorine and reduces levels of other contaminants like zinc and copper.

Water filter pitchers force water from an upper reservoir through the filter filaments and into a lower storage tank by gravity. In commercial grade water pitchers, activated carbon filters are used in combination with polymer resin to remove more contaminants through an ion exchange process.

This works more efficiently as more pollutants are removed from your water.

Below is a careful review of some of the best filter available in the market as per features and functionality.

Who Will Need A Water Filter Pitcher?

There are lots of reasons to have a water filter pitcher at home. Tap water travels so far from its source and easily gets contaminated along the way with sediment, rust, heavy metals and other toxins.

Water filter pitchers are the least expensive way to remove contaminants and guarantee clean and pure water. They remove a range of toxins and some are specially designed to remove fluoride.

They are also small and compact in size, making them ideal for small spaces and mini-fridges. A water filter pitcher provides easy and fast access to water for anyone who may not need large, sophisticated filtration systems.

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