Osmio 400 ml In Ash Rose Hydrogen Water Generator

Key Features:
  • Features stylish design with beautiful ash rose color
  • Relatively compact and portable to keep it on hand
  • Reasonable price in accordance with customer's pocket

Osmio 400 ml In Ash Rose Hydrogen Water Generator Review

A hydrogen water bottle is your best bet when you need a regular supply of hydrogen water while on the go. These bottles utilize the same mechanism used by normal hydrogen water generators. They use electrolysis and proton exchange membrane technology to infuse hydrogen gas into the water – they are able to add very high concentrations of hydrogen into the water just like any other hydrogen water generator.

The best part about them is their portability. Like any regular water bottle, they can easily fit in a work bag, gym bag, backpack, or cup holder in your car. Hence, you are able to make molecular hydrogen water from anywhere at any time.

Among the many hydrogen water bottles available in the market, the Osmio 400 ml In Ash Rose hydrogen water bottle stands out for its great performance, versatility, and several impressive features that it offers. It’s a product of Osmio Water, a company specializing in producing different hydrogen products, including hydrogen water generators, bottles, and hydrogen inhalers.

The Osmio 400 ml In Ash Rose hydrogen water bottle, also called Osmio Duo, is a dual hydrogen water product. It produces hydrogen water and can also be used for breathing hydrogen gas directly without infusing it into water. It utilizes the latest Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) and Solid Polymer Electrolysis (SPE) technology to generate hydrogen.

It stands out because it can effectively produce a much higher concentration of molecular hydrogen water than many other standard electrolysis bottles. The generated hydrogen is also of high purity, and all the byproducts such as oxygen, ozone, and other elements are expelled from the water and the generator.

It doesn’t take long to generate the hydrogen water either, although the capacity of the bottle is a bit small. The whole unit is durable, made from quality materials, and it’s easy to use. You just press a button to start generating the hydrogen water.


The Osmio 400 ml In Ash Rose hydrogen water bottle uses high-quality Solid Polymer Electrolysis (SPE) technology and Proton Exchange Membrane (made in the USA by DuPont) to infuse water with molecular hydrogen. The SPE technology consists of electrolytic plates made of Titanium and coated with platinum, which helps efficiently generate hydrogen in water.

The system is able to produce water that has a very high concentration of hydrogen ions. It can achieve up to 2000 ppb hydrogen concentration in just a 7-minute cycle, which is not only fast, but the amount of hydrogen produced is much higher than what you would get from most regular hydrogen water bottles.

This bottle also allows you to get a relatively high level of negative ORP. It’s able to deliver a negative ORP of around -300 to -750mV, which is almost at par with the range of many hydrogen water generators. All this means that the hydrogen water you get is safe and healthy and has much more anti-oxidizing properties, making it very beneficial to the body.

As the SPE technology utilizes platinum-coated Titanium electrodes, the water produced is rich in hydrogen that’s of really high purity (100% pure), plus the purity of the water isn’t affected at all – it doesn’t include chlorine, ozone, or oxides.

The system has a generator waste chamber and ozone gas release valve. Therefore, once hydrogen production is complete, the plates separate all the unwanted byproducts, including oxygen, chlorine, and ozone, from the hydrogen water and then discharge them into the waste chamber inform of wastewater.

The ozone and oxygen are expelled from the generator and bottle through the release valve at the bottom. You’re left with only pure hydrogen water that’s odorless since no chlorine residues are present in it.

The unit works with any kind of drinking water, provided that it’s safe to drink – you can use tap water, spring water, mineral water, filtered water, and distilled or osmotic water.

The only water that’s not recommended is sparkling water. This is because it tends to have a high concentration of CO2, meaning there isn’t much space for hydrogen – the hydrogen generated will escape very fast because of the constant movement of bubbles carbonated/fizzy water. The system also only works with room temperature water – it’s not for use with hot water or ice.

Although it does produce a very high concentration of hydrogen ions, the quantity of the hydrogen will vary based on the level of total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water, which means the purer the water you use, the more hydrogen ions will be produced.

Capacity and Using the Bottle

This Osmio 400 ml In Ash Rose hydrogen water bottle offers just a single, smart touch button operation that makes it easy to use. You simply fill drinking water into the glass container and press the touch/power button to begin the electrolysis process.

The system has two different working cycles; a 5-minute cycle and a 7-minute cycle. When you press the power button to begin the electrolysis process, the working indicator will become blue, which indicates the 5-minute hydrogen generation cycle. Pressing the power button a second time turns the working indicator light to light green, which indicates the activation of the 7-minute hydrogen generation cycle.

After the 5 or 7-minute cycle, the indicator light turns off, completing the process. It’s basically a hassle-free operation, and the two cycles are relatively fast, hence you won’t have to wait so long to get your hydrogen water.

Moreover, after the 5 or 7 minutes are over, the unit makes three beeps to alert you that the water is ready to drink. Once you are done with the unit, you just press the touch button twice when it’s on the 5-minute cycle or once when on the 7-minute cycle to turn the power off.

You can drink the generated hydrogen water directly from the bottle, or you can pour it into a glass or another container. The bottle features a cup cover buckle design that makes it quick and easy to open and allows for better sealing.

However, the holding capacity is a bit on the lower end compared to other hydrogen water bottles. It’s able to hold up to 400ml (14 ounces vs. 36 ounces) of water, and it will probably be slightly less than that as you won’t want to overfill it. You’ll only get around one cup of hydrogen water with every fill, so you’ll be opening and refilling it frequently if you plan on taking a lot of hydrogen water regularly.

The other downside is that the hydrogen tends to dissipate over time. After producing the hydrogen water, it only has a 2-hour half-life once it’s out of the bottle, meaning that after two hours, only half of the hydrogen produced will be left in the water if it’s in an open container which has not been disturbed.

Therefore, you’ll have to drink the water as fast as possible (within one hour) after it’s produced and only generate the quantity you’re able to drink at that time.

The 7-minute cycle gives the highest concentration of hydrogen. Although cycling the bottle more than once can slightly increase the hydrogen concentration in the water, it’s not recommended when drinking the water unless you release the gas pressure at the bottle’s lid.

Alternatively, you can use the Osmio 400 ml In Ash Rose hydrogen water bottle as an inhaler too. This is a much convenient option when drinking water becomes restricted during either car or air travel or during the evenings when drinking water before going to bed can interrupt your sleep with frequent trips to the bathroom.

The unit comes with an inhaler adapter/breathing Cannula that you attach to the lid and then cycle the bottle to generate the hydrogen gas, which you then inhale through the two breathing prongs of the Cannula tube.

There’s only so much water that you can drink in a day, so having the option of a portable inhaler is a great plus because there’s no limit to how long you can breathe – you can breathe as long or as much as you want to. It’s especially beneficial when you’re on the move, and the gas flow is pretty fast at about 10 to 20ml per minute.

Setting up the Bottle

You won’t have difficulty setting up this hydrogen water bottle. It’s a simple process. You first wash off the sanitization liquid by removing the glass bottle from the base generator and then removing the lid and washing inside the bottle with warm soapy water.

From there, you remove the silicone generator plug that seals the generator and keep it in a safe place – you’ll need it to keep the generator moist when traveling or during storage. You then attach the clean, dry bottle back onto the base generator by twisting it onto the generator and then hand tightening it.

Next, you insert the charging cable right into the charging port (on the rear featuring a silicone cover flap) and insert the USB end of the cable into the provided power plug, which you then plug into a power outlet and charge the bottle for two to three hours until its fully charged.

With the glass bottle attached, you again rinse out the generator using warm water, fill the bottle with clean/purified drinking water, and you are ready to begin the hydrogen generation process. The water temperature should be around 32°- 140 °F (0°- 60°C).

The bottle has to be placed on a table or any flat surface so as to allow the opening of the release valve for ozone gas, which is on the bottom of the generator. There were no cases of water leaking. All seals are air-tight, including the lid.

The unit utilizes a Lithium battery, thus it doesn’t need to be constantly connected to a power socket. The battery itself has better longevity than batteries of most other hydrogen water bottles. It can provide up to fifteen 7-minute cycles when fully charged, while other batteries provide around ten to twelve cycles before a recharge.

Setting up the inhaler adapter/breathing cannula isn’t difficult either. The manufacturer provides a second bottle lid to enable you to set it up – the lid features a snorkel valve that protrudes in the center.

You just attach the cannula breathing tube right to the lid, fill the bottle with water up to ¾ of the way full, and then screw on the lid to the bottle with the breathing tube attached. From there, you place the loop side of the cannula breathing tube over your head and then the two breathing prongs right into each nostril.

Next, you adjust the slack-bead behind the neck to make it sit snug against the back of the head. Once it’s set, you begin to cycle the bottle on the 7-minute cycle repeatedly to generate enough pressure to push the hydrogen gas up the cannula breathing tube and into your nose. You can keep cycling for as long as you desire to inhale the gas. However, you’ll have to replace the water every 7 cycles or more to ensure the hydrogen production remains efficient.

The best part about this unit is that it comes with additional adaptors that let you use any standard-sized PET plastic water bottle. There are two different adaptors supplied, so you just choose the suitable one that matches your bottle’s neck and then screw it onto the generator tightly. You can use the generator cover sideways in order to screw the adapter you’ve selected onto the generator.

Once the adaptor is set, you then screw the generator onto your bottle, making sure it’s fairly tight like a cap so as to avoid leaking. From there, you just turn over the unit and start generating the hydrogen gas up into the bottle.

This option of using any standard bottle makes the Hydrogenwaterhpl hydrogen water bottle versatile and highly portable as it means you can use it anywhere on the go – even if you have to purchase bottled water, you can still use it to generate the hydrogen water without having to transfer the water into the provided glass bottle.

The unit comes complete with the generator base, glass bottle, generator cover, bottle cap, generator waste cap, rubber plug, USB power cable with UK plug, the nasal cannula kit, bottle adaptors (2 sizes included), and a spare set of three washers for the bottle head and between the generator and the bottle.

The manual isn’t included in the package – you have to download it from the company’s website. There’s a QR code on the box that you can also scan to get the manual.


There is some bit of maintenance you’ll need to do to keep the bottle in good working condition. One that you’ll have to do frequently is charge the Lithium battery, which lasts about ten to fifteen 7-minute cycles.

You only have to charge it for about 3 hours, so it charges pretty quickly, and the fact that it uses a USB cable and a UK plug makes charging more convenient – you can even connect it to your laptop and operate it on the go.

You have to let the battery run out completely before putting it on the charge, and it shouldn’t stay on charge for more than 3 hours as its storage capacity will deteriorate and eventually lead to very few cycles between charges.

The working indicator light starts to flash red to alert you when the battery power is low and requires recharging, so you are never caught off-guard. Plus, it stops charging immediately after the working light stops blinking. It turns green to indicate that it’s fully charged so that you can remove it from the power socket to avoid overcharging. The battery has a lifespan of up to 5 years, and you can order a new one from the manufacturer once the life is depleted.

The other maintenance required is cleaning the unit, which you’ll have to do at least twice per month (based on the mineral content in your drinking water). The cleaning is mainly descaling the electrolysis plates of which isn’t much hassle.

You simply add one part of either lemon juice, citric acid, or white vinegar to three parts water into the glass bottle and then leave the generator soaking in the mix overnight. From there, you just discard and rinse the unit thoroughly using warm water before you can use it the next day. You can use reverse osmosis filtered water instead if you want to avoid descaling the unit every month.

The generator unit is not designed to be soaked or submerged in water, and you can’t place it in a refrigerator or cooler as the plates will get damaged and stop working properly. Using chemical cleaners on the generator unit isn’t advisable too.

After about three or more cycles, there’s some wastewater in the bottom chamber (generator waste chamber) which you’ll need to drain by unscrewing the chamber and releasing it. However, the machine sometimes controls the pressure adequately, hence it may not discharge any water in the waste chamber – the waste chlorine and ozone would be discharged as a gas.

Finally, you have to ensure that the generator is always moist when not in use. The manufacturer provides a silicone generator plug that you can use to seal it when there’s no bottle attached (when storing or traveling) to help keep it moist. But, when the bottle is attached, you can leave a little bit of water in the bottom so as to keep the plates moist.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this hydrogen water bottle is simple but very stylish. It has beautiful ash rose color that would no doubt catch the eye of anyone that looks at it.

The bottle itself is not bulky. It measures around 10.25 x 2.6 inches, so it’s very compact. It can fit in a car cup holder. It has a comfortable grip, which plus the curve design, makes holding and carrying it around easy. Moreover, the compact design and USB charging port allow the unit to be very portable. You can take it and use it anywhere you need.

We were equally impressed by the overall build quality of this Osmio Duo hydrogen bottle because it’s made using Borosilicate glass, a high-quality glass that is safe and durable. The lid and all the other parts are made of food-grade plastic that’s safe and doesn’t leach chemicals, although they have no direct contact with the water. The plastic material itself feels quite sturdy and durable.

As we mentioned earlier, the electrode plates are made of titanium, coated with platinum. They are not only highly effective at generating hydrogen but also fairly durable. The Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) is made in the USA by DuPont, so it’s equally of good quality. The unit’s base features a non-slip silicone, thus it stays securely in place while the generator is turned on.

Final Words

The Osmio 400 ml In Ash Rose hydrogen water bottle is a great option if you need a constant supply of hydrogen water while on the go or anywhere at any time. We were pleased with the high hydrogen concentration that it’s able to generate and the fact that you can also use it as an inhaler or even use a standard-sized regular water bottle.

The generated hydrogen is also of high purity. All the byproducts such as oxygen, ozone, chlorine, and other elements are expelled from the bottle and the generator.

Setting up the unit and operating it isn’t challenging. One thing that wasn’t impressive is the small capacity of the bottle, as it can only produce around one cup of hydrogen water per cycle. Other than that, everything is great, including its build quality and design.

The company does offer great customer service too. The staff responds to customer inquiries fast, and there are multiple ways of reaching them. You can get them through the company’s website, email, or contact them directly by telephone.

Things we like

  • Features stylish design with beautiful ash rose color
  • Relatively compact and portable to keep it on hand
  • Reasonable price in accordance with customer’s pocket
  • Ease of installation, operation and maintenance
  • Efficient hydrogen generation to meet users’ need
  • Capable of holding up to 400ml of water

Things we don't like

  • Hydrogen could dissipate quickly after a while
  • No manual instruction is provided in the package

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Osmio 400 ml In Ash Rose Hydrogen Water Generator
Osmio 400 ml In Ash Rose Hydrogen Water Generator
Osmio 400 ml In Ash Rose Hydrogen Water Generator

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