MODL 36-ounce BPA-Free Filtering Water Bottle

Key Features:
  • Multifunctional, comes with different interchangeable caps (MODs)
  • Large capacity, doesn't need frequent refilling
  • It's easy to hold and doesn't roll away when rested on the side


MODL 36-ounce bottle which is short for a modular bottle is a multi-function water bottle that was developed by three Denver-based entrepreneurs, Barak Zitron, Zack Leitz, and Justin Guld.

They referred to it as a utility bottle and the main reason is that it’s very versatile. It does more than just holding water – it combines the functionality of different hydration devices into one unit. In this review, we’ll go over everything you need to know about it including some of its flaws and their effects on its operability. So, let’s get started.

Style and Design

While it isn’t the most stylish water bottle out there, the design of the MODL does look quite appealing to the eye. It’s available in three different colors/finishes; clear (vapor), light blue, and black, all of which are lightweight (weigh just shy of 11 ounces) and share the same design.

The core body of the bottle is made from a food-grade silicone material that is soft and pliable hence it’s able to collapse down such that it can be packed flat to save space when empty. The use of silicone is also an advantage because it not only inhibits microbiological growth but it’s also much more durable than standard canteens due to its flexibility.

The bottle is molded into a hexagonal shape and incorporated with GripStrips that make it easy to hold. It doesn’t roll away either when it’s rested on its side and this is as a result of its flattened sidewalls.

The MODL 36-ounce is equally equipped with stretchy lashings/straps at either end and they are made from the same robust silicone material. These lashings are known as LifeLoops and they allow you to secure the MODL to just about anything or anywhere without the need for carabiners.

You can unhook one strap from the end cap and run it through a belt loop or over a branch, and then hook it back in place. It’s a feature that allows the MODL to be hung/carried either vertically or horizontally. You can strap it to your boat, backpack, bike, or even a tent.

The loops are pretty soft and more comfortable to hold in the fingers than the metal loops and hooks from other bottles. Moreover, the fact that you can strap from both end caps does help to prevent the constant swinging and bouncing you would experience with other water bottles that are clipped only from one end onto a backpack.

The silicone straps also keep the bottle stealthy – no clinking metal or plastic. They can as well serve as robust, lightweight tie-downs since they can be detached from the bottle completely.


The MODL 36-ounce can hold up to 36 oz (or 1.1 liters) of water hence it’s a large bottle which is one of its biggest advantages because you won’t have to refill it much frequently like other small to medium-sized bottles.

The other unique thing about it is that it has an opening at either end and they are finished with threaded stainless steel ring mounts that ensure a tight and sturdy seal.

There are end caps on both sides that are made from polypropylene and can be unthreaded from the stainless steel ring mounts to allow for easy and thorough cleaning of the bottle either by hand or using a dishwasher.

Additional Functionalities

Now, what actually makes this MODL 36-ounce water bottle stand out from the rest is its versatility. It comes with additional MODs or rather interchangeable attachments that expand its functionality. You can customize it to fit your particular need or situation by just switching one of the caps with the MOD of your choice. The bottle comes with four MODs which include:

The Go MOD

The Go MOD serves as a sports cap. It’s a screw-down top with a small drinking nozzle attached to it that lets you drink water on the go without having to take off the cap. It transforms the MODL 36-ounce into more like a sports bottle or standard water bottle hence providing quick and easy access to your water. It’s an ideal choice for hiking and biking.

Flow MOD

The Flow MOD is made up of a straw and a drinking tube which are retrofitted to connect to a screw-down top to allow you to stow water hands-free while on the go. It simply converts the MODL into a hydration pack which you strap to your backpack for hands-free hydration by sipping from the flow tube while biking, wheeling, hiking, or relaxing in a hammock.

Pure MOD

The Pure MOD turns the MODL into a water filter allowing you to purify water from all kinds of freshwater sources. It consists of a water filter and a short piece of tubing. The filter is a 0.1-micron hollow fiber membrane and can effectively eliminate 99.99% of harmful bacteria and protozoa including Salmonella typhi, Vibrio cholera, giardia, etc.

It’s a great addition, especially if you do lots of outdoor adventures and you are concerned about the quality of the water where you’ll be adventuring. The filter has the capacity to process up to 790 gallons of water before requiring replacement, so it has a pretty long lifespan. Note that you’ll need to also have a Go MOD in order to use the Pure MOD.

Rinse MOD

The Rinse MOD is a perforated end cap and it transforms the MODL bottle into a sprayer/ shower head. It’s probably the handiest MOD offered by MODL. You can use it to rinse off gear such as boots or fishing reels and rods. You can equally use it to wash off dishes and cookware or to clean food.

When hung from a branch or any other lashing point, it can also act as a static handwashing station. MODL has designed it such that the bottle forms a vacuum that prevents the water from draining out until you squeeze the silicone center, so you get to wash your hands when needed without wasting water.

It does come in handy too as a hand-held shower. You just squeeze the MODL bottle and a steady shower of water is activated. This can be quite useful when backpacking and camping as you can take short field showers.

Finally, all of these MODs are modular, you can easily combine them in many different configurations. The included end caps, however, don’t provide any way of drinking directly from the bottle – you have to unscrew one of them so as to access the water which is a little inconvenient that makes getting the MODs a necessity.

The only major downside of this MODL bottle is that it’s not able to keep hot water hot and cold water cold for long periods of time. It’s made of silicone which is more like rubber hence it doesn’t have vacuum sealed insulation or double-wall to maintain the temperature of the water inside it.

The Bottom Line

The MODL water bottle is a great option for any outdoor adventurer that is looking for a durable and reliable water bottle that can be used for multiple applications other than just holding water. It’s well-made using safe, food-grade materials, and it’s also very easy to use and carry.

Things we like

  • Multifunctional, comes with different interchangeable caps (MODs)
  • Large capacity, doesn’t need frequent refilling
  • It’s easy to hold and doesn’t roll away when rested on the side
  • You can secure it to almost anything
  • It remains steady while moving, doesn’t swing or bounce much
  • Collapses down when empty to be packed flat to save space
  • Durable and easy to clean

Things we don't like

  • Can’t keep hot water hot and cold water cold for long periods of time

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MODL 36-ounce BPA-Free Filtering Water Bottle
MODL 36-ounce BPA-Free Filtering Water Bottle
MODL 36-ounce BPA-Free Filtering Water Bottle
MODL 36-ounce BPA-Free Filtering Water Bottle
MODL 36-ounce BPA-Free Filtering Water Bottle
MODL 36-ounce BPA-Free Filtering Water Bottle
MODL 36-ounce BPA-Free Filtering Water Bottle
MODL 36-ounce BPA-Free Filtering Water Bottle
MODL 36-ounce BPA-Free Filtering Water Bottle
MODL 36-ounce BPA-Free Filtering Water Bottle

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