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LiquaGen 703610776 RO Booster Pump

Key Features:
  • DC 24 V Transformer
  • High Pressure Shut Off Switch
  • Designed for membranes rated 50 GPD and 75 GPD

The LiquaGen 703610776 is an ideal booster pump for those that live in areas with water supply pressure that’s lower than 40 psi. It’s a kit that comes with everything you need to ensure a consistent water pressure supply for you RO system.

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This complete unit can work with a minimum inlet pressure of 20 psi and can elevate it up to around 80 psi. The pump is designed to operate effectively with 50 GPD and 75 GPD RO membranes.

A high pressure shut off switch is included in the kit which will help turn off the pump and the water supply to the tank when it’s full. There’s also a 24V DC transformer which should fit almost any standard wall power outlet.

You will have to set up the whole components from the pump to the pressure switch if you are installing an RO booster pump for the first time. However, it’s relatively easy once you know what goes where.

If you are replacing the pump only, then you may not need to replace the other components provided they are compatible with your new pump. The kit also comes with 2 pieces of ¼” to 3/8” threaded connect fittings.

Price & Rating

3.6* out of 5*

The LiquaGen 703610776 RO Booster Pump has an average user rating of 3.6* out of 5*. It is reviewed by 2 verified purchase customers at the price of 99.99$.

ProductLiquaGen 703610776 RO Booster Pump
Rating3.6 out of 5 stars
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LiquaGen 703610776 RO Booster Pump
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