Kinetico Water Softeners

The Kinetico water softeners are categorized into different series based on their type, the technologies they are using, and the various functionalities they offer.

They include:

Since there are a lot of top models in each series for we to cover all of them herein.

Our Kinetico water softener review just like that of the Culligan will focus on the series themselves to give you a clear overview of what to expect, from the softeners within each series. 

Kinetico Water Softeners Review

The Kinetico Premier Series®

The Kinetico Premier Series stands out as one of the company’s best-selling line of water softeners.

Basically, all the models in this series utilize the standard Kinetico dual-tank system and have been tweaked to ensure optimum efficiency and effectiveness. 

The series is made up of two categories.

The standard Premier Series and the Premier XP Series.

Both of which offer exceptional performance and value as you are going to find out below.

The Premier Series 

The standard Premier Series consists of 10 models that come with the same functionalities and features but have different configurations. 

Softening Capability and Capacity

The first major highlight of the Kinetico Water Softeners in this Premier Series is their softening ability.

Each unit in the series uses a fine mesh resin rather than the conventional resin beads which makes them super-effective at removing hardness minerals. 

They are able to eliminate up to 225 grains of water hardness which is a very high rating

That’s ideal for homes that are struggling with extreme water hardness levels that other basic water softeners cannot handle.

These systems will remove several contaminants too, particularly radium and barium. 

The Premier series complements this effective softening capability with an equally high capacity.

For instance, the Premier 2175s model provides a maximum capacity of 50,371 grains per cycle. 

Even better, all the Kinetico Water Softeners in the series are designed to regenerate about three times a day, hence they can handle up to 200,000 grains in a day which is among the highest capacities in the market.

In addition, the Kinetico Power series delivers generous flow rates like the 2060S OD.

Which is the largest model capable of delivering up to 23 gallons of soft water per minute at 15 psi pressure or less. 

The series is purposely designed for homes with high water consumption or larger plumbing.

It can maintain a steady flow of soft water throughout the entire house.

Aside from that, water flow is upward instead of downward and the benefit of this is that it helps increase the rate of flow. 

Regeneration and Control System

The Premier series systems operate on demand-initiated regeneration.

They have a built-in water meter which triggers regeneration whenever necessary based on your water usage.

They can regenerate at any time during the day or night. 

Demand-based regeneration prevents the Premier series systems from over-producing soft water

Hence leading to maximum efficiency and less waste while ensuring you have a continuous supply of softened water.

Even with changes in your water usage.

Moreover, although it’s a demand-initiated regeneration, the actual operation is quite different from other systems.

The Premier series and basically all Kinetico water softeners use a process known as counter-current regeneration.

This essentially means that the systems regenerate from the bottom up.

This process cleans and regenerates the resin beads more effectively unlike conventional 4 or 5-cyle regeneration.

The outcome of this is a reduction in salt and water usage, as well as the amount of waste produced.  

The other unique thing about this Kinetico concurrent regeneration process is the fact that it uses soft water rather than hard water like in most other water softeners. 

It uses only clean, soft water to form the salt solution stored in the brine, and as you know.

Soft water is more effective for cleaning, so using it instead of hard water likewise makes the regeneration process of Kinetico water softeners highly effective. 

However, the main selling point of these systems is the twin tank design.

This feature allows one tank to be always in service when the other is either regenerating or on standby. 

Thereby, you have a steady supply of soft water throughout the day without any break in service or downtime, even during the regeneration process.

When the cycle is done, the controller immediately places both tanks back into service. 

Many people who need a high-capacity water softener for large applications or business premises prefer Kinetico specifically because of this feature since it guarantees soft water 24 hours a day.

Another major highlight of Kinetico’s systems is the non-electric operation.

While most other units run on electricity, every model in the Premier series is non-electric, only powered by the pressure (or energy) of the moving water which translates to zero energy cost and less upkeep and repairs.

There are no buttons to push, no computers or timers to set, or adjustments to make.

Operation is just simple and reliable as the systems run themselves without requiring you to do anything special. 

Now, as far as downsides are concerned, there’s nothing serious to point out.

The only thing is that the Premier series doesn’t offer much in the way of customization, especially with regard to the regeneration process.

It doesn’t have a digital control system or any advanced features like what we saw in the Culligan HE series.

All in all, for performance and efficiency, the Kinetico Premier series certainly lives up to expectations.

It’s the series to go for if your water usage is high or you are dealing with severe water hardness. 

Premier Series XP

The Premier Series XP is no different from the standard Premier Series other than that it has undergone improvements with the inclusion of several additional technologies and capabilities that lack in the Premier Series.

To put it simply, it’s a slightly advanced version of the Kinetico Premier Series fine-tuned to provide precise, efficient operation. 

Softening Capability and Capacity

There are 10 models within this XP series too and they all have different configurations.

However, their softening capability, capacity, and flow rates are similar to that of the standard Premier series.

They can get rid of up to 225 grains of water hardness using a fine mesh resin.

The systems offer the same high capacity of up to 200,000 grains in a day, with the S550 XP model having the largest capacity at 50, 000 grains, and the S250 OD XP having the fastest flow rate at 23 gallons per minute.

These systems will also remove a decent amount of barium and radium in your water. 

One of the things that set the XP apart though is that it includes several Kinetico combination systems.

These are basically two systems in one providing additional filtration capabilities beyond the softening process performed by the standard Premier series. 

The Q850 XP and Q850 OD XP models are part of these combination systems and they come with two tanks containing activated carbon filtration media. 

These models will soften your water and at the same time reduce chlorine and unpleasant tastes and odors resulting from common chemicals present in water. 

The other combination system within the Series is the Q850 OD XP (Chloraban™) model featuring two tanks containing Chloraban.

This is a high-performance filtration media that helps to effectively remove chloramine in water and bad taste and odor.

Kinetico Premier Series XP softening systems are also Overdrive enhanced.

What this means is that water flow is distributed simultaneously through both tanks of the softener during service cycles which translates to an increase in the flow as well as the contact time with media.

It decreases pressure loss through the system too. 

Regeneration and Control System

The regeneration process of the Premier Series XP is equally similar to that of the standard Premier series and you can as well initiate regeneration manually after adding salt using a number 2 Philips screwdriver. 

However, Kinetico has added an extra functionality in the Premier Series XP, the patent-pending XP feature.

This additional functionality allows users to customize the water softening settings of their unit to match their home’s specific water conditions. 

Not only does this enable the systems to perform more efficiently, but it also leads to tremendous waste reduction and operational cost savings as the softener is custom-fit to your home. 

One of the downsides to this series though is those models like the Q850 XP, Q850 OD XP, and Q850 OD XP (Chloraban™).

They are combination systems that need a bit more maintenance compared to the models in the standard Premier Series. 

Apart from having to add salt after a period of time, you will also need to replace the Chloraban/Carbon filters in your system.

Nevertheless, you will only have to do this after every few years and the filters may even last longer in case your water has low levels of chlorine/chloramine. 

In general, the Premier Series XP is a perfect option for those who prefer to customize the softening settings or want a unit that can soften their water as well as improve its taste and odor. 


  • High hardness removal level of up to 225 grains
  • Very large softening capacity of up to 200,000 grains
  • Generous water flow rate ranging from 6 to 23 GPM
  • Capable of removing contaminants like barium and radium
  • Dual-tank design to ensure a continuous supply of softened water
  • Efficient demand-initiated regeneration process
  • Regenerates using soft water to ensure effectiveness
  • Premier Series XP offers functionality for custom settings
  • Select Premier Series XP models have additional filtration stage
  • Non-electric operation cuts down the cost of running the systems
  • Backed by Kinetico’s Platinum 10-year warranty


  • Premier Series XP combination systems require a bit more maintenance

Kinetico Powerline Series

The Powerline Series presents the most economical water softeners.

The series is one of Kinetico’s lines of single-tank systems and unlike the other series, it’s electric.

There are four models within this Powerline Series, the PS 0840, PS 1040, PS 1054, and PS 1354x.

Each of these models comes with an alternative version except the PS1354 which are the PS 0840x, PS 1040x, and PS 1054x. 

The difference between these two versions is the type of valve they use.

With the later models include the PS1354x model featuring an adjustable regeneration sequence time while the former utilizes a fixed regeneration sequence time.

Furthermore, all 7 models offer two regeneration control options; timer control and metered control with time delay. 

These options typically give you the opportunity to pick the right system for your home based on the quality of your inlet water and the desired system efficiency.

Softening Capability and Capacity

The Powerline Series is tough when it comes to removing hard water and iron.

The models can clear out up to 100 grains of hardness.

Aside from that, they feature an integrated iron filter which is capable of eliminating iron up to 10 ppm so that it will take care of all the nasty iron deposits in the water.

Being powered by electricity, the models within this Series are able to deliver ample amounts of soft water.

They have a relatively high capacity per cycle ranging from 21,000 to 75,000 grains with a flow rate range of about 7 to 13 GPM.

Therefore, they will do well for small to large households with moderate water demands. 

Regeneration and Control System 

As we said earlier, the Powerline Series is made up of single-tank systems which come with integrated controls.

Each unit has a 12-day timer that initiates regeneration on a particular day of the week.

Set-up is simple and you can select when as well as how often the system regenerates.

So, the units will only regenerate when needed which makes them quite energy-efficient considering that they are electric.

The Powerline Series also gives you the option to choose a softener with a metered control system.

The control system tracks your water usage and determines a regeneration set point where once achieved, it initiates the regeneration process. 

This option as well improves the efficiency of the system as it will regenerate based on your usage and only when it’s necessary.

The main setback of the units within the Powerline Series is that when regenerating, you cannot get a continuous supply of soft water since they use one tank system. 

Furthermore, while they are designed to be energy-efficient, they require electricity to operate and that means additional maintenance costs besides having to buy replacement salt. 

Other than those two, this is one of Kinetico’s budget-friendly series for those who are looking for an efficient and reliable water softener

It won’t require them to dig deep into their pockets. 


  • Can remove up to 100 grains of water hardness
  • Capable of removing iron deposits to a maximum of 10 ppm
  • Relatively large capacity ranging from 21,000 to 75,000 grains
  • Decent water flow of around 7 to 13 GPM
  • Efficient regeneration with two control options
  • Every system comes with an easy-to-operate 12-day timer
  • Provides a wide selection of different models
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty


  • Single tank design does not deliver soft water during regeneration
  • Requires electricity to operate

Kinetico Signature Series

Kinetico Signature Series consists of three models, the Signature 735, 935, and 1035, all of which are designed based on the company’s original twin tank water softeners. 

These models are amongst the most durable softening systems in the market and they do a commendable job in removing water hardness.

Softening Capability and Capacity

The Signature Series water softeners are capable of effectively removing moderate to high levels of water hardness.

The Signature 1035 has the highest hardness removal ability at 80 GPG, followed by the Signature 935 at 60 GPG and the Signature 735 model at 40 GPG.

The series does well too at reducing soluble iron in water, though this will depend on the concentration plus the type of iron.

If it’s a small trace of ferrous iron, then they will be able to deal with it.

The capacity and flow rates are pretty decent too.

The Signature 735 has the lowest capacity offering 10,614 grains per cycle while the Signature 935 model offers 15,957 grains. 

The largest capacity in the series comes from the Signature 1035 model at 21,276 grains and it also offers the fastest flow rate at 10 GPM.

The Signature 935 and 735 models have maximum flow rates of 9 and 8 GPM respectively. 

From these performance ratings, the Signature Series is a good fit for small to medium households or families whose water demands are not too high. 

Regeneration and Control System

The regeneration process of the Signature series models is demand-initiated like the rest of Kinetico water softeners, so efficiency is assured since they regenerate automatically and only when needed saving salt, water, and money, and eliminating guesswork.

All the Signature Series softeners have valves that are equipped with jet regeneration where a 0.2 GPM regeneration flow control is maintained.

This small addition restricts the amount of water the system uses during regeneration which in turn helps save water.   

Similar to the Premier Series, the models in this series have been incorporated with countercurrent regeneration technology.

That means they utilize soft water to regenerate and as such, they are able to clean the resin beads effectively and work well for a long period. 

You can also perform manual regeneration and unlike the Powerline Series, the Signature series softeners feature a twin-tank design, hence soft water supply is constant throughout even during regeneration. 

These units are all non-electric too.

They run on the natural flow of water alone which makes operation a breeze because there are only fewer adjustments required and there are no LCD display or timer settings to worry about.

If there’s a drawback to note, it would probably be the fact that the models won’t perform well in a larger household.

Their capacities and flow rates are more suited for small to medium households. 

The Signatures Series is basically an option to consider if you don’t need a heavy-duty water softener.

Every model is durable, and efficient, and performs really well in homes with moderate demand for soft water.


  • Offers hardness removal rates of up to 80 GPG
  • Removes small traces of soluble iron
  • Average capacity suited for small to medium homes
  • Can deliver a maximum flow rate of 10 GPM
  • The regeneration process is efficient and very effective
  • Non-electric operation eliminates energy costs
  • Comes with a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty


  • May not support large households 
  • Not ideal for water with high iron deposits

Kinetico Essential Series

Closing our Kinetico Water Softeners review is the Essential Series which basically includes the same features as the Signature Series but with extra enhancements like rapid regeneration and AccuDial features. 

This is one of the Kinetico Series (aside from the Powerline Series) that employs a single-tank design. It’s also the only series from the company with the most compact water softeners. 

Softening Capability and Capacity

There are two models within this Essential Series, the Essential Gold, and Essential Platinum.

These two models have almost the same softening capability, capacity, and flow rate as well.

The Essential Gold system is capable of eliminating a maximum of 42 GPG hardness while the Essential Platinum system has a maximum hardness removal rate of 50 GPG.

Therefore, they are a great option for dealing with basic hard water problems.

Both units can get rid of ferrous iron too but up to 0.5 ppm which is significantly low, so you may need to get an iron filter or use salt that has an iron cleaning additive if the iron content in your influent water is high.  

The maximum daily capacity of the Essential Gold softener is 10,980 grains and that of the Essential Platinum model is 15,000 grains.

Again, these capacities are on the low end and can only accommodate small to medium homes that don’t need full-sized water softeners.

However, the flow rates are decent enough to allow a steady flow of soft water in multiple outlet points.

The Essential Gold model delivers a maximum of 9.5 GPM while the Essential Platinum can give you up to 10 GPM flow rate.

They can meet the needs of most families with moderate water usage. 

Regeneration and Control System

Regeneration occurs on-demand in both Essential Series water softeners.

The systems regenerate only when necessary based on your water usage to minimize salt and water consumption.

Now the unique thing about this Series compared to all the rest is that it includes a rapid regeneration feature.

Whereas the other softeners may take some time to regenerate before returning fully into service.

The Essential series does so almost instantly due to its rapid regeneration feature. 

The other thing that sets this series apart is the inclusion of the Kinetico AccuDial feature which is the same as the XP feature incorporated in the Premier Series.

It’s designed explicitly to allow users to adjust the regeneration cycles according to their water consumption needs or inlet water hardness.

It’s an incredible feature that helps you optimize the overall performance and efficiency of this Series softener. 

Finally, running an Essential Series unit won’t result in high electric bills since, like all the other Kinetico water softener systems, it operates using the kinetic energy generated from the running water.  

The only downside is the single tank design which requires shutting down soft water production for a moment to regenerate while other Kinetic units with dual-tank design can renew simultaneously. 

Nonetheless, if you live in an area with decent water conditions or hardness levels.

The Essential Series is a viable option. It has a simple and compact design but it’s a very efficient water softener.


  • Decent hardness removal rate of 42 to 50 GPG
  • A fairly high flow rate of up to 10 GPM
  • Average capacity of up to 15,000 grains
  • Best suited for small to medium homes
  • AccuDial allows customization of regeneration cycles
  • Quick regeneration process
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty


  • Not ideal for large homes 
  • Not effective in removing high water hardness


Founded in 1970, Kinetico Water Systems Incorporated is an internationally recognized brand and manufacturer of water treatment systems meant for residential and commercial applications. 

The company is popular for its high-quality water softeners that are better in performance and more efficient compared to most models of other brands. 

In fact, Kinetico is known for being the first company in the industry to pioneer the designing and production of a twin-tank demand-operated water softener that operates without requiring electricity. 

This development transformed the water softening industry and it’s one of the biggest achievements that earned Kinetico the great reputation and popularity it still enjoys today. 

The company has a large collection of water softener systems to meet any residential or commercial needs.

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