Joident Water Distiller Review

Joident Water Distiller is a reliable water distiller that’s ideal for a small family looking to purify their tap water using a distillation machine.

Things we like

  • The distillation process is effective and fairly fast
  • The tanks are large hence don’t require frequent refilling 
  • The boiling chamber and the entire unit are easy to clean
  • Has a sturdy and durable overall construction
  • It’s relatively compact, lightweight, and safe to use
  • It’s backed by a 1-year warranty

Things we don't like

  • It doesn’t have a carrying handle 
  • Cleaning the collection tank might be a bit challenging

The Joident water distiller is a water distillation machine produced by Ningbo JOIDENT Electronics Technology.

The company is based in Ningbo, which is a popular exportation sea port city in China.

They design and develop water distillers as well as other products like steam sterilizers, medical sealing machines, lubricating machines, and ultrasonic cleaners. 

The Joident water distiller, in particular, is an innovative machine that provides a convenient and reliable way of making distilled water at home.

It’s well-built, simple to use, and offers fast distillation speed with low energy consumption.

Let’s take a closer look at its features and performance. 

Design Of Joident Water Distiller

The modern streamlined design of the Joident plus its blue/white color finishing gives it a neat and appealing appearance that would look nice anywhere you choose to put it – it looks more like a coffee machine than an ordinary distiller and even comes in two-color options, blue/white and grey. 

The unit is fairly compact (measures 457 x 230 x 365 mm).

It takes up less space making it suitable for small apartments or small countertops.

Its gross weight is slightly over 10 pounds, so it’s somewhat light and not overwhelming to move in case you have less hand strength.

Carrying it might be a hassle though since there’s no handle on the distiller itself – only the collection tank has a carry handle. 

Build Quality

This Joident water distiller is a robust machine that’s built to last for a long time.

The inner boiling chamber is made from medical grade 304 stainless steel including its cover, hence you can expect no rust over time or leaching of plastic into the water when heating it.

The outer body is entirely made of BPA-free and food-grade plastic.

It’s thick with a solid base making the whole unit sturdy and stable.

The water collection tank is also made of completely BPA-free, food-grade plastic.

The distilled water goes from the condenser chamber directly into the collection tank with the nozzle well-positioned to ensure all the water goes straight into the tank without splashes or leaking to the sides and onto the counter.

The other parts are equally made of quality materials.

The cooling fan in the condenser chamber is made of aluminum alloy while the reset switch at the back of the unit is a durable metal.

It’s not likely to break or jam. 

Distillation Performance

The boiling chamber features a hidden heating element that runs at 750 watts.

It’s a medium-strength heater but it does deliver enough power to heat water to high temperatures. 

It provides a slightly slow-boiling simmer which is more effective and safer since there’s no risk of overheating the water.

Other units featuring very powerful heating elements tend to heat water faster but are likely to overheat it and end up causing splashes or potentially evaporating the impurities which can enter the condenser unit contaminating the already cooled pure water. 

The heater boils the water inside the chamber until it evaporates as steam and enters the condenser unit where it’s cooled by the aluminum alloy fan and converted back into liquid form.

All the chemicals and other contaminants are left behind in the boiling chamber – what comes out of the condenser unit is pure water.

The distillation process gets rid of 99.8% of contaminants in the water including microorganisms (bacteria, and viruses), heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury, e.t.c), dissolved solids, fluoride, chlorine, VOCs, and many more chemicals and other pollutants.

The electrical conductivity of the distilled water produced meets the national standard of laboratory distilled water (level 1).

It can be used in households as well as in cosmetology, laboratory, medicine, equipment, etc.

Distillation Speed and Holding Capacity

The heating element of this Joident distiller is quite efficient and the unit utilizes an upgraded cooling fan that’s slightly larger than that of most other distillers which results in speedy condensation hence making distilling the water relatively fast. 

While standard home water distillers can take up to 6 hours to produce one gallon of water, the Joident can produce at least a quarter gallon of distilled water per hour.

It’s able to deliver approximately 7 gallons of purified water per day, which is a sufficient rate to cover the daily demands of a small household or a family of four.

Both the boiling chamber and the collection tank can hold 4 liters or 1 gallon of water which is equally a substantial capacity – you won’t have to refill the boiling chamber frequently. 

As we mentioned earlier, the collection tank is BPA-free plastic.

There have been several concerns that plastic shouldn’t hold the water as some people might be sensitive to the taste that it can leave behind.

However, the tank is completely safe for use since the condensed water that’s produced by the unit is cool, hence there’s no risk of leaching. 

Moreover, the speedy condensation by the fan ensures that the temperature of the condensed water doesn’t exceed room temperature by over 10°C, so no taste is left behind at all – most users reported that they didn’t detect any plastic taste in the water. 

Safety Feature

The unit is equipped with a 10A fuse for safety should anything wrong happen.

It as well features a built-in circuit for added safety.

These features help prevent burnouts and overheating of the water.

The machine is programmed such that it automatically shuts down once the distilling cycle is complete and the water chamber is empty.

The condenser section also includes a ventilation system which helps prevent overheating of the fan motor.

Besides that, the wire for the cover that holds the condenser unit is buried inside of the body and the unit equally comes with a temperature protection switch, thereby it’s generally safe to use. 

Installation and Maintenance

One of the advantages of this distiller is that you don’t have to worry about installing or assembling it since it comes almost fully assembled.

Once you unbox it, it’s ready to use. 

You just open the top cover, fill 4 liters of tap water into the boiling chamber, and then close and lock the cover.

From there, you just place the water collection tank properly and turn on the power switch to start the distilling process. 

With no filters to replace, there’s very little maintenance required too.

Operating the unit is pretty straightforward as well.

It has just a single push-button to switch it on and off, hence even elderly people that usually have difficulty operating new machines and appliances will find it easy to use.

Furthermore, there’s a 3-color indicator on the top part of the unit that clearly shows the working status.

Clean-up is a breeze.

The outer body is sleek and it takes just a simple wipe-down to clean it.

The boiling chamber has a large opening and it’s removable making it also easy to clean in the sink.

The collection tank might be the only thing that’s challenging to clean due to its small opening.

Final Words

This is a reliable water distiller that’s ideal for a small family looking to purify their tap water using a distillation machine.

It has a sturdier build and offers a substantial water reservoir and a fairly fast distilling process.

It’s safe and easy to use too, plus it’s backed by a decent 1-year warranty. 

Joident Water Distiller Review

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The Joident water distiller review
Joident water distiller comes with 24 months of warranty
Simple operating with one button to start
Clear íntruction
Joident water distiller gets a lot of certificate
750 w on 220V power
Modern features
4 capacity
Joident water distiller comprehensive water ơurification
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Joident water distiller available in 2 colors matching