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iSpring UVF11A UV Disinfection Sterilizer Filter Review

The iSpring UVF11A is a UV disinfection sterilizer for RO systems that’s highly effective in combating different kinds of waterborne pathogens like viruses and bacteria quickly and efficiently.

It’s an excellent option for homeowners who want that extra level of protection and water quality especially if the source water comes from a well or where there’s a bacterial concern with the municipal water supply.


The UVF11A UV disinfection sterilizer uses a special double-ended 11W Philips UVC lamp which emits strong UV light of a certain wavelength that’s capable of killing the harmful microorganisms present in the RO water.

As the water passes through the filter, the emitted UV light penetrates through the microorganisms’ DNA and RNA codes disrupting and deactivating them hence causing the microorganisms to become inactive and preventing them from reproducing or infecting. 

The UV light has the ability to kill up to 99% of all the bacteria, viruses, protozoan, cysts and other microorganisms that might remain in the RO water after the filtration process.

Therefore, whether it’s municipal or well water, the filter will do an adequate job of destroying microorganisms and it can even tackle water from sources with excessive organic microorganisms like water from lakes and streams.

Moreover, the lamp offers an almost constant UV light output throughout its lifetime which not only ensures optimum disinfection but also high efficacy of the UV light.

Smart Flow Sensor

Aside from the effective UV lamp, this unit comes with a smart flow sensor which switches the UV light on and off automatically according to the water flow.

When you turn on the RO faucet, the sensor immediately detects when the water starts to actual flow and then automatically turns on the UV lamp to sterilize and kill the microorganisms.

As soon as you turn off the faucet, it also automatically turns off the UV light. This way, it gets to save power and more importantly, prolong the service life of the UV lamp.

Installation and Maintenance

The UVF11A is an add-on filter for under-sink RO systems which is added as a final stage. The installation is very simple.

It comes with everything you need including the UV lamp, smart flow control switch, quick fittings, brackets for hanging it on the wall and user manual to guide you. So, it’s totally a stress-free process and the filter is compatible with almost any standard RO system.

Furthermore, the UV lamp has been shielded in a solid 304 stainless steel housing which is very durable and water resistance thereby keeping the lamp safe and well protected.  

The lamp itself has a service life of 8,000 hours, so it will last more than 11 months which means you will only have to replace it once per year plus the sleeve.

In short, if you want a cost-effective way of ensuring your RO water is completely free of contaminants and harmful microorganisms, then we would highly recommend you check out this iSpring UVF11A UV disinfection sterilizer filter.


  • 11W UV lamp effectively kill 99.99% of microorganism
  • A chemical-free process that doesn’t alter the taste of the water
  • Smart flow sensor that automatically controls the lamp
  • Low maintenance as the only lamp and sleeve are replaced annually
  • Easy to install and it’s compatible with most residential RO systems


  • The mounting brackets may not fit nicely under every sink
  • Only works efficiently with an existing RO system

Price & Rating

The iSpring UVF11A UV Disinfection Sterilizer Filter Review is rated 4.1* out of 5* and reviewed by 65 verified purchase customers and it is listed at the price of 123.53$.

ProductiSpring UVF11A UV Disinfection Sterilizer Filter Review
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Should I install it after the RO membrane and before the storage tank?

No, you shouldn’t. The UV disinfection requires low turbidity to function effectively, so it should be installed at the very last stage after the storage tank and before the faucet.

Can I use this UV filter alone or at the source side of my RO system?

You shouldn’t use this UV filter alone or at the source side of an RO system as the microorganisms can be shielded by other water contaminants.

Is there a sound indicator on this UV filter?

No, there is no sound indicator on this UV filter but a blue light when it’s working.

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