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iSpring GA1-BN RO Faucet [Non-Air Gap]

Key Features:
  • Type: Non-Air-Gap
  • Finish / Color: 5 options
  • Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 16 inches

Taking the second sport is the iSpring GA1-BN RO faucet. iSpring is one reputable brand in the industry and they have several top quality RO units and accessories under their name. The GA1-BN non-air gap faucet is one of them.  

The spout is 11.25” tall with a total reach of 6.5”. It features a quarter-turn handle with a ceramic cartridge which operates smoothly and it can swivel 360 degrees, so dispensing water and controlling the flow is much easy.

The faucet provides an easy and leak-free installation. The faucet provides an easy and leak-free installation. It comes with upgraded push-in fitting and push-in adapter which makes the installation easy and ensures a leak-free seal.

You will need between 0.5“to 2” hole for the faucet stem but a 2” cover plate is provided to accommodate large pre-drilled holes.

The front washer comes pre-installed underneath the front metal plate plus there’s a back washer that goes underneath the countertop and a final long washer wing nut.

The adapter that it comes is meant for the ¼” tubing only, for 3/8” tubing, you will have to get a separate adapter.

The overall construction of the iSpring GA1-BN RO faucet is heavy duty and very durable with a lead-free stainless steel inner tube which ensures no metal or rust leaches into the water.

It dispenses safe freshly filtered water through the faucet.

Finally, the graceful curve and stylish brush nickel finish make it look sleek. It’s not just a highly functional faucet but it will also add a great accent to any modern kitchen.

Price & Rating

4.5* out of 5*

The iSpring GA1-BN RO Faucet [Non-Air Gap] has an average user rating of 4.5* out of 5*. It is reviewed by 760 verified purchase customers at the price of 37.91$.

ProductiSpring GA1-BN RO Faucet [Non-Air Gap]
Rating4.5 out of 5 stars
Recommended price(Check the latest price at Amazon.com)

Product Specification

Air GapNo
MaterialBrass Body
Finish & ColorBrushed Nickel (GA1-BN)
Antique Brass (GA1-AB)
Antique Wine (GA1-AW)
Chrome (GA1-B)
Oil Rubbed Black (GA1-ORB)
DesignContemporary Style
Control360-degree free swivel
Quarter turn handle
Dimensions6 x 1 x 16 inches
Weight13.9 ounces

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