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iSpring F9K RO Replacement Filter Set Review

If you have an alkaline RO system or just want to improve the taste and quality of your RO water, then the iSpring F9K may be a nice option to consider.

This filter set offers 9 pieces of replacement filters with the most notable addition being the highly effective iSpring alkaline remineralization filter.

The first pack includes 6 prefilters made up of two 5-micron polypropylene sediment filters, two granular activated carbon filters, and two 5-micron carbon block filters.

These give you a full year supply of prefilters which will ensure your RO system particularly the RO membrane performs to its optimum potential. Aside from the 6 prefilters, the pack also includes an activated carbon post-filter for the 5th stage of your RO system.

The highlight of this set, however, is none other than the addition of the 6th stage alkaline remineralization filter. The RO filtration process removes almost all the healthy minerals which results in slightly acidic water.

Thereby, the inclusion of the alkaline filter in this FK9 will easily help tackle this problem. The filter features red mineral stones media that restores the lost healthy minerals to the RO water.

The media adds back calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium ions all which are removed during the RO process. The alkaline filter also features calcite media which raises the pH value of the RO water by about 0.5 to 0.8 resulting in balanced alkalinity. 

The addition of the natural minerals and improvement of the pH level will ensure you get healthier water that has a much better and natural taste than the plain RO water.

You won’t have any difficulties either when it comes to replacing your old filters with these new iSpring FK9 replacement filters because they use the standard 10” RO filter housings.

The filter pack is designed to fit and work efficiently with the iSpring RCC7AK and RCC7P-AK RO systems, but it will also fit any other RO system with 10” filter housing including Apec, PuROLine, Crystal Quest and FLowmatic systems.

All the six prefilters have a service life of six months with the two post-filters giving you 12 months of service each before requiring replacement. The alkaline filter will last 6 months and it also comes as two pieces, so you have a yearlong supply too of alkaline filters.

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The iSpring F9K RO Replacement Filter Set Review is rated 4.5* out of 5* and reviewed by 684 verified purchase customers and it is listed at the price of 52.40$.

ProductiSpring F9K RO Replacement Filter Set Review
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Does this pack come with an RO membrane for the 4th stage?

No, this pack comes with 2 sets of pre-filters, 1 post-filter, and 2 alkaline filters, not the RO membrane.

Do the filters fit other RO systems?

As long as the RO systems support 10″ x 2.5″ filters and 1/4″ fitting, you can use these filters.

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iSpring F9K RO Replacement Filter Set

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