InSinkErator F-2000S Under Sink Water Filter Reviews

Up next we have the InSinkErator F-2000S water filtration system. This is a simple under sink water filter that offers a reasonably rigorous filtration process at a fairly low price tag and maintenance cost.

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Filtration Performance

The filtration process of the InSinkErator F-2000S comprises only one stage which features an efficient filter cartridge that’s certified to both NSF standard 42 and 53.

The filter contains a carbon block media and an ion exchange resin which together do so quite well to eliminate a substantial amount of contaminants.

The carbon block filtration media, in particular, reduces up to 97.5% of chlorine taste and odor in the water. It will also remove 99% of the normal particulates class 1 and cysts as well as turbidity.

The ion exchange resin in the filter takes care of heavy metals like lead and mercury. It’s capable of removing up to 99% of lead including other potentially harmful contaminants like asbestos, atrazine, benzene, Lindane, 2,4-D, carbon furan, and p-Dichlorobenzene.

To put it simply, this is a filter that will work best with treated water that’s not high on contaminants like fluoride and microorganisms. It’s ideal for light filtration purposes geared towards improving the quality of water rather than doing thorough filtration.

Filtration Capacity

The maximum filtration capacity of the InSinkErator F-2000S is 500 gallons, so it can last 6 months depending on the conditions of your feed water.

You will, however, enjoy an average water flow rate of around 0.75 gallons per minute at 60 psi pressure which is not high but it’s almost the same level of flow you would get from a regular tap.

Installation and Maintenance

The F-2000S system uses the twist and lock quick-connect filter head, and doesn’t need a separate dedicated faucet. Therefore, installation is a breeze and you get all the parts required to set it up.

You can connect it to your existing cold water line and standard kitchen faucet but the tube may be smaller but according to InSinkErator, they have designed this unit for exclusive use with their InSinkErator water dispensing systems hence If you already have one, then it will be compatible with it.

Filter replacement is straightforward too thanks to the twist and lock design of the filter head and it should be done every 6 months to ensure optimum performance.

The whole unit plus the fittings and connectors are solidly built and will withstand very high pressures of up to 120 psi. The lowest pressure it can operate with is 30 psi.

If you ask us, this InSinkErator F-2000S under sink water filter system won’t give you the largest capacity but one thing you will love about it is the good price-performance ratio.

It’s a suitable choice for those whose major concerns are getting rid of chlorine, lead and several other common contaminants that don’t necessarily need an RO filtration system to remove.


  • Decent filtration performance
  • Ideal for removing chlorine and heavy metals
  • Quick and easy to install and to change the filter cartridge
  • Solid and durable overall build quality
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty


  • Low filtration capacity at only 500 gallons
  • Does not remove microorganisms and fluoride
  • The 0.75 GPM water flow rate is a little slow

Price & Rating

ProductInSinkErator F-2000S Under Sink Water Filter Reviews
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Product Specification

FeaturesTwist and lock design
Flow rateN/A
Filter changing indicatorNo
Dimensions3 x 3 x 8 inches
Weight1 pounds

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