Home Depot Water Softeners

Home Depot Water Softener. There are lots of water softeners available on the Home Depot, and here are 2 of the most popular options you can install in your house to make water softer.

If you have hard water in your house, you know that it’s super inconvenient.

You get calcium and magnesium in the water that leaves the deposits on your clothes, it gets stuck in your appliances, it’s hard to wash, the water isn’t very soapy.

And you are looking for a water softener to deal with the water hardness problems.

Here are our recommendations for the Home Depot water softener

Home Depot Water Softener

GE 30,000 Grain Water Softener On Home Depot

I actually can help you save on water and energy because by installing it, you are going to use up to 50% less detergent for laundry and dishwashing.

You are also going to use about 20% less water overall.

This water softener system even adapts to your usage patterns to help make the soft water available when you need it.

The technology is called “Smart Soft” that increases the availability of the soft water by learning your family’s water use pattern.

The system also takes the guesswork out of refilling the salt tank because it’s going to give you alerts and it has a permanent memory in case the power goes out.

Regarding the salt, you will want to use good quality salt in your water softener.

Take a look at the Diamond Crystal as they have bright and soft water softener pallets.

These pallets contain 99.8% pure salt.

That’s gonna transform your home’s hard water to soft water.

It’s very important to use those quality pellets because if not, the water softener is going to need a lot more maintenance.

If you want another option to deal with hard water problems that doesn’t involve the salt treatment, you can choose the Scale Blaster electronic water descaler.

Scale Blaster Water Descaler

The Scale Blaster is an electronic water conditioner that is available at the Home Depot.

It’s a very innovative computerized water conditioning system that addresses hard water problems without chemicals, salt, or maintenance.

The way it works is when the main water line comes into your house, the Scale Blaster has a wire that’s wrapped around that pipe and goes into the unit itself.

It sends a signal to the water which basically tells those hard water particles not to stick together.

Because of that, you don’t get the lime scale deposits that can cause low water pressure and soap scum from forming.

It’s going to decrease your water heating expense, and it’s also going to solve that lack of hot water that happens when you have a lot of hardware deposits that form at the bottom of the water heater tank.

A lot of options that make the water softer and much more usable in your home.  

They are all available at the Home Depot Water Softener where you can learn more or purchase one.

You can learn more at https://homedepot.com.

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