Euhomy WC-C Water Cooler Dispenser

Key Features:
  • Simple operation with easy-to-use push buttons
  • Good packaging and easy installation
  • Equipped with a safety lock for the hot water button

Euhomy WC-C Water Cooler Dispenser Review

A water cooler is an incredibly useful appliance to have. It provides the convenience of having cold and even hot water whenever you want it, without the fuss of using an electric kettle or remembering to keep water pitchers or bottles in the fridge.

There are numerous types out there. However, the best ones are the bottom-loading water coolers because they are easier to load. They negate the need to lift a heavy water bottle and flip it in order to load it into the dispenser. They are also less likely to cause water spillage as they pump the water up to the reservoirs, plus they keep the water bottle out of sight.

This review is all about the Euhomy WC-C bottom loading water cooler dispenser. It’s one of the top options in the market, offering several amazing features like three temperature settings (cold, room temperature, and hot) and a self-cleaning function.

It’s also attractive, pretty simple to use with built-in safety mechanisms. It’s relatively quiet when running and has indicators that make water bottle replacement simpler. Its overall build quality is pretty good too. Here is our comprehensive review to give you more insight into its performance, usability, installation, and overall quality.


The first impressive thing about this Euhomy WC-C water cooler is that it offers three functions. You can draw cold, hot, and room temperature water, which is quite convenient as it gets to cover all your water needs. All three functions work really well.

The Cooling Function

The cooling process is very effective. The Euhomy’s compressor is able to cool the water down to 46.41 to 51°F. However, some users reported getting the water that’s around 36°F, which is colder than the range specified by Euhomy. That means you can get almost ice-cold water with this unit, which is great considering that most standard coolers tend to deliver cold water that’s just slightly colder than room temperature water.

The cold water does get cold fairly quickly. The compressor takes roughly less than 5 minutes to cool the water when you first set up the unit, which is fairly fast and the chilled water in the reservoir remains cold.

The unit is basically capable of producing up to 3 liters of cold water per hour and the reservoir has a capacity of around 2.8 gallons, so it won’t require refilling very often, meaning you’ll have cold water available anytime provided there’s enough water in the bottle.

Heating Function

The heating function of the Euhomy WC-C water cooler utilizes a 420W heating element which heats the water to temperatures as high as 185 to 194°F. Therefore, you get steaming hot water, ideal for making a cup of coffee, tea, or even your meals.

The water becomes hot very fast – within just 5 minutes of turning on the heating function. The heating capacity is also decent. It’s able to produce around 5 liters of hot water within an hour, which is equal to around 20 cups or more of coffee.

Generally, users were pleased with the water temperatures overall, including the room temperature setting which many found to be cool, suitable when you don’t want your water really cold. The hot water is very hot and the cold is very cold, so all three functions generally work perfectly.

The water tastes great too. Users reported that it’s always pure and refreshing. Euhomy has used only stainless steel tanks, hence there’s no plastic taste whatsoever, even on the first cup.

Another impressive thing is the water purification function. The unit comes with built-in UV lamps that turn on automatically while the water pump is running and they emit UV light that destroys any bacteria or cysts in the water – it helps prevent harmful microorganisms and also hazardous chemicals from accumulating in the water, tanks, and the water pipeline as well.

The lights automatically operate for around 20 minutes every 2 hours hence really ensuring that the water you get every time is clean and healthy.

Moreover, UV lights are healthier and cleaner. They don’t affect the taste of the water and they only run for 20 minutes. Other units utilize Ozone which you need to wait for almost an hour when it’s running, plus it affects the taste of the water, has a limited disinfection range, and it’s harmful to the body.

Being a bottom-loading water cooler dispenser, the Euhomy WC-C also has the added benefit of a pump, which seems to be very effective as it fills the reservoirs twice as fast as other similar models. The pump also gets nearly all the water out of every bottle – very little water is left in the bottom of the bottle, plus no water is wasted at all.

The only downside of this unit is the fact that you can’t adjust the temperature of both the cold and hot functions. The heating function can only heat the water up to a maximum of 194°F and the cold function can go as low as 46°F, although some reported getting the water that’s colder than that (around 37°F).

Dispensing Mechanism

The Euhomy WC-C is pretty simple to operate. It uses pushbuttons to dispense water from the respective spigots. These buttons are more convenient and easier to use compared to push-down levers.

To draw cold water, you just press down the button and keep holding it until you’ve dispensed the amount of water you want, then release. You do the same when you want to draw room temperature water.

However, it’s a little different from hot water. The hot water button has a child safety lock which you have to push forward and then press down the button at the same time to begin the flow of the hot water.

You have to hold the safety lock to get the hot water, otherwise, nothing comes out. The lock will reset to the locked position automatically immediately after you release the button. It’s an important safety feature for houses with small kids as they will not be able to use it, hence preventing them from dispensing the hot water and accidentally burning themselves.

All the buttons are soft and very easy to push, plus they are on the very top of the dispenser where small kids are not likely to reach.

The water flow from all three spigots is fairly fast and steady. It’s not as fast as the tap, but it’s just quick enough to fill an 8-ounce cup in about 10 seconds. The spigots have small nozzles that fit well even in small bottles. However, they only fit a circular opening, so if you are filling water bottles, then they need to have a circular opening too.

The dispensing area is about 7¾ inches from the nozzle of the spigots to the very top of the drip tray, so there’s only enough room to accommodate small and medium-sized containers or cups. A tall 16-ounce water bottle or thermos cup won’t fit directly under the fill nozzles unless you hold it at a slight angle with its bottom away from the drip tray.

The drip tray itself is large and removable. You get a total of about 9½ inches clearance when you remove it, so you can easily fill a 9-inch bottle without much hassle. The drip tray top is around 12 inches from one end to the next. There’s a lip on both sides, though, making the space around 11 inches, which is enough to hold different-sized containers (water bottles and thermal mugs).

However, it’s not sufficiently deeper to allow for width, so it will need some finagling to get larger containers into position for a fill. You’ll have to hold them in position while filling as they may not sit securely on their own.

Removing the drip tray leaves a flat surface but of the same width, so you’ll still have to hold any large container when you take off the tray, but that’s the only minor inconvenience you’ll have to endure. The manufacturer has even fitted LED nightlights around the spigots to make them and their nozzles visible in the dark.

The lights also illuminate the dispensing area, hence you get to see the position of the cup while filling water in the dark, especially in the middle of the night which is essential to avoid water spillage and creating a mess.

The LED lights don’t come on automatically. There’s a switch on the rear part of the machine which you use to turn them on and once you do they stay that way throughout until you turn the switch off when you don’t need them. You can either have them always on or always off.

You can as well turn on and off the heating and cooling functions as you please – there’s a switch for each function on the backside of the machine to allow you to do this. You can turn them off when you don’t need them or if you’re not planning on using them.

The machine is relatively quiet for the most part. You only get to really hear it when the compressor runs and when the pump kicks in to refill the reservoirs. The noise isn’t that bad. It’s no louder than a refrigerator and only lasts less than a minute when the compressor is running, so it’s not bothersome. You can certainly talk over it – it’s barely noticeable in a small or medium-sized office.

Setting Up the Unit

The Euhomy WC-C water cooler comes well packed and many reported that it arrives in perfect condition. You won’t really have to worry about scratches and dents. Setting it up is straightforward and doesn’t involve many steps because it’s just installing the water bottle and the drip tray.

To install the bottle, you first remove the whole plastic cap and paper seal from its top. Once they are off, you place the water straw right into the water bottle all the way to the bottom and then clasp the bottle cap down onto the bottle’s neck, ensuring that it’s tightly secured to the bottle.

From there, you slide the water bottle into the Euhomy WC-C water cooler’s storage area/cabinet and close the door – there’s a ramp to slide the water bottle on. To install the drip tray, you simply place it down into the section at the top of the cooler’s door until it snaps securely in place.

Once everything is set, the final step is to plug the power cord into a wall outlet, upon which the pump starts to move the water from the bottle to both the cold and hot water tanks. It takes around 5 minutes to fill the two tanks for the first time, after which it stops automatically. With the cooler ready, you just turn the cold and hot water switches to the on position and wait a few minutes for the water to be ready.

The whole setup process takes less than 10 minutes and you can start dispensing the water you desire within just 5 minutes of completing the setup. The unit comes with a manual with instructions that are clear and easy to follow.

The best thing is that there’s no lifting of the bottle and flipping it to load it on top of the machine. You just slide it into the bottom cabinet and you’re done. It’s much easier on the back and for the elderly or those with weak arms, especially when you have a 5-gallon bottle, which can weigh at least around 45 pounds

Moreover, there are no spills as is the case with top loading dispensers. There were few complaints of leaks but they were mainly due to defective or damaged bottle caps which the manufacturer addressed by replacing the units and many reported the new ones worked just fine. The caps snap onto the bottles tightly providing a very secure fitting that prevents any leaks.

This unit is compatible with both 3 and 5-gallon water bottles, which are not supplied together with it – you’ll have to buy your water bottle separately if you don’t already have one.

The power cord is sufficiently long (approximately 56 inches long), which gives you some flexibility to place the unit where you desire. It plugs into a 110 or 120V outlet.

The only major downside compared to the top-loading water coolers is that it relies on electricity to pump water from the bottle to the tanks. It’s a trifling matter but in case of a power outage, you may not be able to even dispense the room temperature water.


Maintaining this Euhomy WC-C water cooler is hassle-free as it’s just replacing the water bottles, which the bottom load design has made it very convenient and so much easier. You just remove the empty bottle from the cooler and remove the water straw. From there, you simply load the new full water bottle like you did the one you’re replacing.

Moreover, there’s no guessing the right time to change the bottle. The unit comes with an indicator that lets you know when the water bottle is empty – the cooling light and heating light flush simultaneously to alert you to replace the bottle immediately when the water inside it runs out. It’s a very convenient feature, especially since the bottle is inside the cabinet where you can’t see it like in the top-loading cooler where it’s exposed.

Besides the indicator, this Euhomy WC-C water cooler includes a function that helps prevent dry burning. For instance, in a situation that could possibly result in dry burning, the machine will automatically cut off the electric supply at the main circuit board. It’s a safety feature that not only protects the unit from getting damaged but also ensures your safety and that of your family.

To further simplify maintenance, Euhomy has included the self-cleaning function which turns on after every 2 hours and runs for 20 minutes. It emits UV light that sanitizes and disinfects the water tanks and the water pipeline. It’s not related to the actions of the pump – it comes on automatically whether the pump is running or not.

You’ll still need to clean the unit manually every 4 to 6 months so as to prevent scaling and unpleasant tastes in the water. This periodic cleaning is also necessary in order to remove any mineral deposits that have accumulated inside the unit as they can impair flow and reduce the product life.

The cleaning process itself isn’t challenging. You just need to drain the tanks and clean them using a citric acid scale remover. The instruction manual outlines all the steps that you need to follow to complete the cleaning process and they are clear and easy to understand.

The other maintenance you’ll need to do more often is draining the drip tray, which is used to collect water that sprinkles. It’s not challenging at all since it’s removable. You simply pull it upward to remove it from the door of the cooler and then just empty the water. After that, you clean it with a mixture of water and soap – it’s not dishwasher safe.

The exterior surface of the machine will require cleaning too because it tends to catch fingerprints and stains, which are easily noticed due to the stainless steel construction.

Design and Build Quality

The Euhomy WC-C water cooler dispenser has a very contemporary shape and look. The black body blends quite well with the sleek stainless steel door which makes the whole machine look quite stylish. It will definitely add a nice modern look to any kitchen and the stainless steel finish of the door even makes it match several other kitchen appliances.

Apart from the attractive design, the bottom load design hides the appearance of the water bottle. It’s completely out of sight, which makes the machine even more appealing and suitable for not only homes but also offices, retail spaces, and other commercial properties. It has a small footprint too, so it’s ideal for areas with limited space. We also liked the flat top as you can place things on it without them rolling off.

The machine seems very well built and sturdy. The body is made of a hard and strong plastic material that appears to be really durable. The cabinet door is sturdy and durable too, made of stainless steel.

The pumping components are also stainless steel. Euhomy has as well used stainless steel tanks, which are more sanitary, durable, and do reduce the risk of unpleasant plastic taste in the drinking water. The spigots are equally strong, even though they are made of plastic – they are not likely to break easily with normal use.

Final Remarks

This is an ideal option for anyone looking for an all-purpose water cooler as it’s able to deliver cold, hot, and room temp water. All three functions work perfectly. The cold water is very cold, the hot very hot, and the room temp water is just like normal bottled water not placed in the refrigerator.

It’s a great option too if you are looking for a bottom loading cooler or don’t want to lift water bottles every single time, especially if your family goes through the bottles pretty fast. We would also recommend it if you want to keep the water bottle hidden, particularly in an office setting or retail space.

It’s a nice-looking machine that’s simple to set up and use, plus it comes with several useful features like a self-cleaning function that make maintaining it pretty easy. It’s also durable and doesn’t make much noise while running.

It comes with a one-year warranty and many users reported that Euhomy offers excellent customer service. The staff responds quickly and even offers to replace the cooler when it has an issue or stops working after a few months of use. The customer service can be reached via email or through the company’s website.

Things we like

  • Simple operation with easy-to-use push buttons
  • Good packaging and easy installation
  • Equipped with a safety lock for the hot water button
  • Has LED nightlights around the spigots for night use
  • Three functions of cold, hot, and room-temp water
  • Features self-cleaning function for hassle-free maintenance
  • Capble of holding any 3 or 5-gallon water bottle
  • Backed by a manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty

Things we don't like

  • Non-automatic LED nightlights
  • Can’t regulate the temperature of cold and hot functions
  • Unable to dispense the room-temp water if the power goes out

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Euhomy WC-C Water Cooler Dispenser Review
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Euhomy WC-C Water Cooler Dispenser
Euhomy WC-C Water Cooler Dispenser
Euhomy WC-C Water Cooler Dispenser

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