Elegance HW-110S Water Cooler Dispenser

Key Features:
  • Hot water comes out piping hot and cold water very chilled
  • An effective filter system that removes all kinds of contaminants
  • Decent hot and cold water tank capacities

Elegance HW-110S Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Elegance HW-110S counter water dispenser boasts of a modern design that looks both elegant and stylish as its name suggests. But besides the aesthetics, this unit performs its primary function very efficiently which is to dispense cold and hot water.

However, it’s more than just a dispenser as it comes with a robust filtration system that is capable of eliminating a wide range of contaminants out of the water.

In this review, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about this top counter water dispenser from Hyundai Waco including its advantages and some of the flaws that users have pointed out, so read on for more details.

Dispensing Functions

The Elegance HW-110S offers both hot and cold water functions which many users attested that they work just as advertised. The heating system consists of a sheath heater and it always delivers water that’s piping hot with temperatures ranging from 80 to 90 °C. That’s hot enough to allow you to make a cup of hot coffee or boil the instant noodle.

For cold water, the cooling system is a compressor (1/10HP) and it effectively cools down the water to temperatures of about 4 to 7 °C which is pretty cold than regular tap water.

Filtration System

The best part about this dispenser is that it’s equipped with a robust filtration system, so you get to dispense fresh purified hot or cold water. The system utilizes a 4-stage filtration process that includes a sediment filter, an activated carbon filter, an Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane, and a post-carbon filter.

The first stage is the sediment filter with 10-micron pores which help clear out all the suspended solid particles from the water including rust, silt, clay, and dirt.

It’s followed by the activated carbon filter in the second stage which utilizes chemical adsorption to eliminate chlorine taste and odor from the water.

The third stage is the UF membrane with pore sizes ranging from 0.03 to 0.05 microns. It gets rid of bacteria, protozoa, microbial cysts, some viruses, and heavy metals like lead. It also removes common chemicals found in water such as by-products of disinfectants like atrazine, lindane, and trihalomethane. Essential minerals like calcium are not removed during the process.

The company as well offers a slightly different filtration option for the same model which utilizes Nano PH Alkaline filtration in the third stage instead of the UF membrane. It’s a much more effective water filtration method that combines nanofiltration and ionization.

The nanofiltration media has pores size of about 0.001 microns hence it’s highly effective at removing contaminants such as bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. It equally eliminates most of the natural organic matters as well as several natural minerals, especially divalent ions which in turn end up softening the water too.

The fourth and final stage of filtration in both versions is a post-carbon filter which helps polish the water by eliminating any remaining odors and bad tastes.

Many users did attest that the dispensed water is usually very clear and tastes great with no foul odor whatsoever. Furthermore, during the whole filtration process, no chemicals are added into the water and the pH level is not altered either.


The Elegance HW-110S comes with three tanks, a reservoir tank with 2 liters capacity, a cold water tank with also 2 liters capacity, and a hot water tank with 1.5 liters capacity.

Therefore, per each refill, you can dispense around 8 cups of cold water and 6 cups of hot water at one time. It’s not one of the largest capacities, but they are quite sufficient for a small-to-average family that doesn’t use large amounts of water regularly.

Dispensing Mechanism

Dispensing both hot and cold water is quite easy. Each function has a paddle behind the spout that you push against with a cup or glass and holds for the water to flow out. The paddles are sturdy enough not to break easily but also not that stiff to require lots of force to push them – they’re comfortable to use.

There’s a safety button on top of the hot water spout which you have to press first and hold with one hand to activate the hot water while the other hand pushes the cup against the paddle behind the spout for the hot water to come out.

It’s an essential safety feature that makes it difficult for toddlers to dispense hot water hence preventing them from getting burnt when you are not around.

There’s sufficient space in the dispensing area from the spout to the drip tray. You can easily fit/use small or tall cups in there without any challenges, however, if you are filling a tall water bottle, then you may have to tilt it at an angle under either spout.

Water flows out of the spouts at a decent rate. You don’t have to wait for long to fill a cup or glass. It takes less than 20 seconds to fill up an 8-ounce glass.

The filtration rate is pretty fast too as the unit can produce 0.5 gallons (1.9L) of filtered water per minute which means the tanks get refilled in less than 5 minutes once they are emptied. Moreover, it takes about an hour to cool or heat the water in the tanks, so generally it’s an efficient system that won’t keep you waiting for long to get the filtered water hot or cold.

One disadvantage is that there are no nightlights between the spouts or around the roof of the dispensing area hence it can be a bit tricky dispensing water at night as the whole dispensing area won’t be clearly visible in the dark. The other downside is that the drip tray is small in width such that you can’t place a glass or cup on it without holding it, otherwise it will fall.

Installation and Maintenance

Setting up this Elegance HW-110S unit is a breeze. It’s a bottleless countertop water dispenser that connects directly to a water line – there’s no loading of bottles and you get the water whenever you want, no worrying about running out of the water like bottled dispensers. It’s only the filters that you may need to install.

Maintenance is equally simple since apart from the regular cleaning, the only other task left is replacing the filters which you won’t do quite often as they have a relatively decent lifespan. There’s not much detail about the lifespan of the sediment and carbon filters but the UF membrane filter has a lifespan of 12 months which means you’ll be replacing it once every year.

The entire unit measures 12.2 (W) x 12.4 (D) x 21.1 (H) inches, so it’s slightly compact with a minimal footprint that won’t occupy a lot of counter space. It will fit well in most small kitchens or small offices.

The unit is also sturdy and durable due to its ABS and EGI steel construction. The tanks are also durable, made using stainless steel. Aesthetically it looks awesome too and would no doubt enhance the decor of any modern kitchen. It’s available in three different colors; white/light blue, white/gray, and white/black.


The Elegance HW-110S counter water dispenser is well built and operates just as expected. Hot water is always hot and cold water is always cold – there are no reports of fluctuation in temperature for both types of water it generates. It’s a great option if you want a multifunctional countertop water dispenser that has a very effective water filtration system.

However, if what you are after is a free-standing water dispenser, then you can check out the Elegance HW-110S standing water dispenser. It has the same features as the countertop version, although its hot water tank is slightly larger, at around 2 liters.

Things we like

  • Hot water comes out piping hot and cold water very chilled
  • An effective filter system that removes all kinds of contaminants
  • Decent hot and cold water tank capacities
  • Heats and cools the water fairly fast
  • Dispensing the water is easy and the flow is fast
  • Has a safety button on the hot water tap
  • Easy to set up and to change the filters
  • Sturdy and durable construction

Things we don't like

  • Dispensing water at night is tricky since no lights are included
  • The drip tray is small for a large cup to sit on it hands-free

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