EcoPure EPHS Water Softener

If convenience and reliability are the key priorities on your list, then you will love the Ecopure EPHS007 EPHS conditioner.

Key Features:
  • High hardness removal level of up to 100 GPG
  • Eliminates chlorine tastes and odors as well as other contaminants
  • Has 31,000-grain capacity which is enough for small to medium families



Things we like

  • High hardness removal level of up to 100 GPG
  • Eliminates chlorine tastes and odors as well as other contaminants
  • Has 31,000-grain capacity which is enough for small to medium families
  • Convenient smart regeneration technology help save water and salt
  • Low salt indicator light informs you when salt levels run low
  • Easy installation and requires less maintenance
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty for all parts

Things we don't like

  • Does not retain the beneficial minerals in the water
  • Not the sturdiest plastic construction

If convenience and reliability are the key priorities on your list, then you will love the Ecopure EPHS007 EPHS water conditioner.

This is a smart system that presents a simply fantastic integrated water treatment solution that can very efficiently soften and filter water throughout a home.

It’s one of the few whole house water softeners that utilize technology to ensure a smooth and hustle-free operation.

Softening Capability and Filter System

The Ecopure EPHS007 model is a multi-function system that combines a softener with a filtration system in one tank to deliver a full water treatment service.

The softening process involves the use of salt-based media that’s highly effective, capable of easily tackling water hardness levels of up to 100 GPG. This is much higher than the average 25 GPG hardness removal level covered by most standard water conditioners and it means this unit will be able to handle extremely hard water.

Apart from softening the water, the integrated carbon filtration system is another vital part of this Ecopure unit as it significantly cuts down the amount of chlorine taste and odor in the water making it more enjoyable and appealing to drink and use.

The filtration system also helps clear out few other contaminants like sediments, chemicals and, heavy metals like manganese and lead. Even much better, the filter can remove iron in the water up to 3 ppm which includes too the ferrous form of iron which is invisible to the naked eye in hard water.

These amazing capabilities make the EPHS007 a great solution for households that receive water with high hardness levels from the city. It can as well soften and filter water from private well water sources although you may need additional filters like UV sterilizer to get rid of bacteria and other microorganisms contamination.

Capacity and Smart Regeneration Technology

This Ecopure system provides 31,000-grain capacity which is not the highest but it’s enough to suit a house with around 1 to 6 people.

Now, the coolest thing about this unit is that it comes with an innovative smart regeneration technology called Demand Initiated Regeneration.

It’s an auto-sense technology that consists of a computerized microprocessor that continuously monitors your water usage and after a certain volume, it automatically calculates the amount of salt and water needed to regenerate the system.

This way, it only regenerates the system based on the hardness level and amount of water you actually use hence leading to a substantial reduction in salt and water used.

It’s an impressive technology that greatly boosts the efficiency of this system unlike some similar competitor models because it saves salt and water during regeneration by only using what is necessary.

On top of that, the process is automatic saving you the trouble of having to do weekly regeneration to ensure the system operates effectively as is the case of many salt-based softeners.

The unit is also equipped with a low salt indicator light which is another nice feature that adds more convenience to using it. With this in place, the system will keep you informed whenever the salt level in the tank runs low to ensure timely replenishment.

Installation and Maintenance

Considering that it’s a simple, one-tank system with a compact design, the Ecopure EPHS007 offers an easy and pretty straightforward DIY setup.

A detailed, step-by-step manual is included in the package along with an installation kit that features the necessary tools and parts to get it up and running. You will need access to a drain and 110V electrical outlet which are the only things that may pose a challenge when setting it up.

With no filters to replace or the need for manual regeneration of salt regularly, you will likewise have less to do in terms of maintenance.

However, EcoPure recommends cleaning the system once every 4 months using their EPCL cleaning solution to maintain softening efficiency even if it hasn’t exhausted the grain capacity.

The company has as well included simple-to-program electronic control where you can set the salt levels and perform other functions. It’s a user-friendly control panel that allows you to easily operate the system without much guesswork.

One drawback though is the plastic used in making the unit. It’s of good quality but definitely not the sturdiest plastic construction. In addition, since it uses salt to soften water, you will not have the benefit of essential minerals because they will be removed.

Nonetheless, the system comes with nice warranty deals. All parts have a full 1-year warranty while the electronics have a 3-year limited warranty and the tank a 10-year limited warranty.

As far as convenience and performance are concerned, the EcoPure EPHS007 EPHS conditioner won’t surely disappoint. It’s a brilliant water softener that will both improve the quality of your water and prevent scale accumulation in your plumbing without requiring you to dig deep into your pocket.

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EcoPure EPHS Water Softener
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