Crazy Cap 2 vs Pro: Which One Is For You?

The Crazy Cap 2 vs. Pro are two popular choices equipped with UV technology to deliver clean and safe drinking water.

Are you in search of the perfect water purification bottle? Look no further! The Crazy Cap 2 and Crazy Cap Pro are two popular choices equipped with UV technology to deliver clean and safe drinking water.

In this article, we will delve into a detailed comparison of the Crazy Cap 2 and Crazy Cap Pro, helping you make an informed decision based on their similarities and differences.

Read on to discover which model suits your needs best in this Crazy Cap 2 vs. Pro showdown.

UV Water Purification Technology

Both the Crazy Cap 2 and Crazy Cap Pro employ cutting-edge UV-C LED technology for efficient water purification.

By harnessing the power of UV light, these bottles effectively eliminate harmful pathogens, ensuring your water is free from bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

The core functionality of UV purification is shared by both models.

Design and Appearance

In terms of design, the Crazy Cap 2 and Crazy Cap Pro sport similar aesthetics, with minor variations in their logos.

Available in various sizes, typically 17 and 25 ounces, these bottles cater to different user preferences.

Boasting triple insulation, they keep your beverages refreshingly cold or piping hot for extended periods.

Purification Modes

The Crazy Cap 2 features a single purification mode, aptly named “normal mode.”

This mode activates a one-minute purification cycle, ideal for treating tap water.

In contrast, the Crazy Cap Pro offers two purification modes: the “normal mode” and the enhanced “pro mode.”

While the normal mode in the Pro version follows a one-minute cycle, the pro mode extends the UV light exposure to a solid three minutes, ensuring an even higher level of purification.

Hydration Reminders and Self-Cleaning

Exclusive to the Crazy Cap Pro, you’ll find the convenience of hydration reminders.

This innovative feature includes a glowing green light that prompts you to hydrate every 30 minutes, keeping you on track with your water intake goals.

Moreover, the Crazy Cap Pro boasts an automatic self-cleaning mode, activated every hour to maintain a hygienic interior. These features are absent in Crazy Cap 2.

Safety Sensor

The Crazy Cap Pro takes safety to the next level with its built-in safety sensor.

This intelligent sensor automatically turns off the UV light if the cap is not securely fastened to the bottle.

With this added safety measure, accidental exposure to UV light is effectively prevented, ensuring peace of mind during use.

Battery Life and Charging

Both the Crazy Cap 2 and Crazy Cap Pro require charging; however, there is a slight difference in their battery life.

The Crazy Cap 2 offers a battery life of up to seven days, providing ample power for everyday use.

Similarly, the Crazy Cap Pro maintains a comparable duration.

While the battery life remains similar, some users may prioritize a longer-lasting battery for extended trips or convenience.


In conclusion, the Crazy Cap 2 and Crazy Cap Pro are remarkable choices for UV water purification bottles.

Both models employ advanced UV technology to deliver clean and safe drinking water.

However, the Crazy Cap Pro takes the user experience a step further by offering hydration reminders, automatic self-cleaning, a safety sensor, and extended UV exposure in pro mode.

Carefully consider your specific requirements and preferences to determine which model aligns best with your needs.

Whether you opt for the enhanced features of the Crazy Cap Pro or the simplicity of the Crazy Cap 2, you can’t go wrong.

Choose your ideal Crazy Cap companion and enjoy the benefits of purified water wherever you go.

Crazy Cap 2 vs. Pro – The Comparison Table

Here’s a comparison table highlighting the key features and differences between the Crazy Cap 2 and Crazy Cap Pro:

FeaturesCrazy Cap 2Crazy Cap Pro
UV Water PurificationUV-C LED technologyUV-C LED technology
DesignSimilar aesthetics with minor variationsSimilar aesthetics with minor variations
Sizes Available17 oz, 25 oz17 oz, 25 oz
InsulationTriple insulationTriple insulation
Purification ModesNormal Mode (1 min cycle)Normal Mode (1 min cycle)
Pro Mode (3 min cycle)
Hydration RemindersNot availableGlowing green light reminder every 30 mins
Self-Cleaning ModeNot availableAutomatic self-cleaning every hour
Safety SensorNot availableUV light automatically shuts off if cap is not securely fastened
Battery LifeUp to 7 daysUp to 7 days

Note: Both models offer UV water purification, similar design, insulation, and size options.

The Crazy Cap Pro provides additional features such as hydration reminders, automatic self-cleaning, and a safety sensor.

However, battery life and purification modes are comparable between the two models.

Crazy Cap 2 vs. Pro

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