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Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

Clearly Filtered have outdone themselves with a GEN 2 filter that is NSF 42,53,244,401 and 473 certified to remove water pollutants. It is a leading reliable brand in the market that offers a lifetime guaranteed customer support to replace your pitcher in case it ever breaks.

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The filter on this unit is proprietary to the brand and effectively removes fluoride, lead, pharmaceuticals and 230 other contaminants found in tap water. It improves the taste and smell of drinking water by removing more than 90% chlorine.

It has a long filter lifespan of 100 gallons and made from food-grade materials that are environmentally friendly and BPA free. This means that it does not leach toxins into your water and is cost-efficient compared to plastic bottled water.


  • Free lifetime support.
  • Eliminates most water contaminants.
  • Large capacity.
  • Improves the taste of water.


Water spills when pouring.

Price & Rating

4.1* out of 5*

The Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher has an average user rating of 4.1* out of 5*. It is reviewed by 668 verified purchase customers at the price of 80.00$.

ProductClearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher
BrandClearly Filtered
Rating4.1 out of 5 stars
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