CleanWater4Less® Countertop Water Filter Reviews

This is an efficient water filtration solution that is kind to your pocket and hassle-free.

The CleanWater4Less countertop filtration system is a five-step process with three different types of filters and one active ingredient. It is a good option if you are looking for a simple solution to purify municipal water.

This filter uses Granular Activated Carbon in its main stage of filtration. This is effective in removing chlorine, foul smells, and other toxins.

It has a fiber and microfiber layer that traps contaminants such as radon, sulfide, lead and other kinds of impurities.

The filter unit comes with a diverter that you simply attach to your faucet and installation is done. It also fits standard faucets and comes with a variety of adapters, making it multipurpose.

CleanWater4Less countertop water filter has a capacity of 10,000 gallons and fixed filter cartridges that do not need maintenance.


  • Requires no tools to install and the auto-switching feature from your normal faucet to the filter makes it more convenient to use.
  • Does not require any filter change, keeping maintenance at the bare minimum.


  • Does not have any kind of indicator on water consumption.
  • Since it has an irreplaceable cartridge, you have to get a new one unit when its lifespan is over.
  • Does not filter pathogens and dissolved toxins, which may be unsuitable if these are the contaminants you wish to remove.

Product Overview

ProductCleanWater4Less® Countertop Water Filter Reviews
Rating4.4 out of 5 stars (More than 367 reviews)
Recommended price59.95 USD (Check the latest price at

Product Specification

FeaturesClear housing filter
FiltersNo replacement filters are required
Flow rate1 GPM
Capacity10,000 gallons
Filter changing indicatorN/A
Dimensions5 x 5 x 9.5 inches
Weight3.55 pounds

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CleanWater4Less® Countertop Water Filter Reviews
CleanWater4Less® Countertop Water Filter 10,000 gallons capacity
CleanWater4Less® Countertop Water Filter in real life
CleanWater4Less® Countertop Water Filter Details of  the 5 stages of filtration.