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Watts Premier 560043 RO Booster Pump Kit

Watts Premier is a renowned brand in the RO industry and has a number of top quality micro-pumps and pressure systems under its name.

The Watts Premier560043 model is no different. It will deliver beyond expectations and increase the efficiency of your RO unit as well as the flow of water to the RO tank and faucet.

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The RO pump kit features a 110V transformer which is capable of delivering enough power to increase the water pressure going into your RO system by up to 45 psi which is sufficient if your water supply pressure is lower than 40 psi.

You will enjoy consistent pressure and constant water flows throughout the entire operation of the pump. The kit as well comes with an automatic pressure switch which can help turn off the pump and turn it on whenever the pressure in the Ro tank drops.

Installing this Watts Premier pump is quite easy too as it features everything you would need to hook it integrate into your existing RO system. The pump will work with all standard RO water filtration systems.

It features standard ports which will accept ¼” tubing while the pressure switch can as accept 3/8” tubing. If your system uses 3/8″ tubing, you need not worry much since the kit also includes two 3/8″ to ¼” adapters.

You won’t have to get a separate adapter for the power supply because the kit as well comes with a 24 VAC power supply with a plug which compatible with any standard wall outlet.

Like the Aquatec 8800, this pump kit, unfortunately, doesn’t feature a shut-off valve, it only has the pressure switch, so you will equally have to rely on your existing RO shut off valve to turn off the water supply to the RO storage tank.

Other than that, the Watts Premier 560043 will no doubt significantly increase your RO system water quality and output.

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