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iSpring PMP5 RO Booster Pump

Key Features:
  • 24 volt
  • For 50 GPD , 75GPD, and 100GPD RO systems
  • Boosts pressure up to 80 psi

The iSpring PMP5 is a perfect option for anyone looking for only a replacement pump without the other components. It’s basically only the pump and a highly reliable one for that matter.

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The PMP5 is a top-quality booster pump from iSpring that’s more than capable of increasing your RO system input pressure which in turn will increase water production and purity.

It has the capacity to raise the psi levels of the input water pressure going into an RO system from as low as 30 psi up to a maximum of 110 psi. It works well with 50 GPD to 100 GPD RO systems which cover most of the residential and under-counter/sink RO systems.

As for the installation, this one is pretty straightforward. The ports will accept any ¼” tubing. However, it’s a very basic pump, so you will need to purchase additional parts like the DC power adapter and the power socket for connecting the pump to the power adapter.

The pressure switch is also not included, so you might also need it in case you are installing the pump for the first time. It will generally work with all the other components of your existing pump in case you are installing it as a replacement pump.

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iSpring T32M RO Storage Tank

Key Features:
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 14 inches

The iSpring T32M is one of the best RO storage tanks out there for residential Reverse osmosis systems. It’s well designed and functions very well with most RO systems.

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It’s a 4-gallon tank and can hold up to 3.2 gallons of filtered water when full which is a pretty decent amount for residential use.

The tank comes pre-pressurized between 7 to 10 psi and has a maximum working pressure of around 100 psi. Therefore, it can work pretty well with municipal feed water pressure as well as a boost pump.

The T32M is a perfect RO replacement tank for diverse use as it discharges effectively in both vertical and horizontal positions. It comes with a tank stand which you can use for either the vertical or horizontal position.

The water chamber is a high-quality, FDA-grade butyl diaphragm that has gone through special post-cure procedures to make sure that the water held in the tank remains safe, tasteless and odourless.

The inlet/outlet valve connection of this iSpring tank is also made of stainless steel. It won’t strip or break easily and it does prevent contamination by lead leaching.

The connection fits standard ¼“NPT thread ball valve which is fortunately included with the tank. The unit also has a standard air nozzle at the bottom part which you can use to adjust the air pressure inside the tank if needed.

In short, the iSpring T32M is a superb storage tank perfect for use with under-sink RO systems and has enough capacity to meet the daily clean water demand in a household.

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iSpring T20M RO Storage Tank

Key Features:
  • Material: Food-grade materials
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 30 inches

The iSpring T20M is a perfect choice for anyone seeking a much higher capacity to add to their residential or commercial RO system. It’s a tank that you can use with your under-sink RO system or as your whole house water storage with the existing RO system.

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The unit is a 20-gallon RO tank with a capacity to hold up to 14 gallons of water making it the largest capacity in our list.

Its big-sized water chamber makes it an ideal choice for larger households whose demand for clean water is high or for commercial RO systems that required to constantly supply clean water in fairly large volumes. You can fill 8 gallons at one time and still have more water left over.

The bladder air pressure when you get the tank is about 7 psi at the minimum and about 10 psi maximum. This is when it’s empty but its maximum working pressure is around 100 psi.

Whether placed horizontally or vertically, the tank discharges efficiently. Plus both the post-cured butyl diaphragm and the polypropylene liner is FDA listed, food-grade materials which means a contaminant-free water chamber that ensures tasteless and odourless water supply.

The tank features a stainless steel connector like the rest but it uses a 3/8″ shut-off valve which both are not included with tank. Nonetheless, if it’s a larger capacity you are after, then this might be the best choice.

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