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6 Best Electronic Water Descalers

Here you will find our list of the Best water descalers [electric water softener] that we picked for the US & CA markets in 2020.

The Best Electronic Water Descaler

We recommend the Eddy ED6002P-US as the best Electronic water descaler based on its performance, its price, and how other customers review it.


4.6 out of 5 stars

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6 Best Water Descalers

Key Features:
  • Fitting: Any pipe
  • Weight: 7.8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6.69 x 1.57 x 3.54 inches
Key Features:
  • Fitting: Any pipe
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7 x 3.5 x 2 inches
Key Features:
  • Fitting: Any pipe
  • Weight: 3.9 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.9 x 1.5 x 2.8 inches
Key Features:
  • Fitting: Up to 1" diameter
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Dimensions: 2.7 x 1.2 x 4.5 inches
Key Features:
  • Fitting: Any pipe
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.2 x 3.5 x 1.6 inches
Key Features:
  • Fitting: Max 1" Pipe
  • Weight: 2.22 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 1.8 x 2 inches

#1 – Eddy ED6002P-US Electronic Water Descaler

Eddy is one of the leading and most popular electronic descaling device manufacturers in the world. Their ED6002P-US electronic water descaler which tops our list is amongst the best salt-free water softeners you can find in the market.

The unit presents a simple yet effective solution for removing the adhesive properties of limescale and preventing scale buildup. Also, it’s capable of dissolving existing deposits and offers other amazing benefits as you are going to see below.

Softening Capability

The Eddy ED6002P-US is a simple electronic water descaler system that utilizes electromagnetic waves to prevent the formation of limescale.

The system features an electronic control box and two signal cables that are wrapped around the piping on your incoming water supply line. 

As the incoming water containing calcium carbonate and other minerals responsible for limescale deposits passes through the coils (signal cables), it’s subjected to a continually changing electromagnetic field that results from the two coils

This field effectively hits and agitates the molecules of the mineral thereby altering their adhesive properties and breaking the bonds between them and water.

The large mineral crystals likely to form scale are broken down into tiny mineral particles preventing them from interacting and reacting with other surrounding minerals.

In this way, they are unable to bond or adhere to any surface and they don’t precipitate out as hard scale hence preventing the formation of limescale inside pipe works and appliances.

The Eddy ED6002P-US is so effective such that it will not only stop limescale formation by incoming water flowing through the pipes, but it will also help to progressively break down and flush away existing limescale in your pipes and water fittings in due course of time.

Another nice thing is that nothing is added or removed during the process hence the chemical composition of the water does not change.

It inhibits limescale formation without eliminating the hard water minerals which means you will still have healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium present in your water. No wastage or brine is discharged, so it’s equally environmentally friendly.

Moreover, this Eddy system is capable of delivering great results at water hardness levels of up to about 20 GPG which is the highest level in the water hardness scale. Therefore, it can effectively deal with average to high hard water levels.

#2 – iSpring ED2000 Electronic Water Descaler

iSpring is a household name when it comes to producing top-tier water treatment products, and their ED2000 electronic water descaler is no exception.

This is a smartly engineered electronic device that strikes a nice balance between efficiency and performance. For those on a budget and looking for the best salt-free water softener for their money, this is an option you may want to consider.

Softening Capability

The iSpring ED2000 utilizes an innovative hardness removal system that features two antenna cables wrapped around the main water pipe creating a coil and a computer chip which generates a complex, frequency-modulated electromagnetic waveform.

This waveform matches the resonant wave frequencies of the water molecule clusters, resulting in the breakdown of the clusters into active twin-molecules that have a larger surface area and can bond much better with the hard mineral ions.

In this new state, the water molecules are able to pick up and carry hard mineral ions while preventing the likelihood of them adhering to pipe surfaces.

This process also naturally clears out the existing scale as the unsaturated water continually dissolves the scale deposits along the pipe causing them to begin breaking down and get removed completely from the water system.

Limescale deposits on your faucets, showerheads, and sinks will easily wipe off over time plus there will be no new scale deposits throughout your water supply lines and appliances. 

It will prevent the water molecules from binding together and re-forming larger clusters that create limescale deposits while still leaving the healthy minerals in the water.

The system can handle hard water levels of up to 19 GPG, so it’s built for very hard water areas and is capable of descaling an entire water system of a household.

However, for water traveling more than 50 ft. you may need a second ED2000 unit farther down the plumbing line to guarantee effectiveness.

#3 – Scalewatcher Nano Original Electronic Descaler

The Scalewatcher Nano water descaler first patent was granted in 1991 making it the first water descaler of its kind. Being the 12th version of its original design, this unit is now more effective than ever, and impressively long-lasting too.

Softening Capability

The Scalewatcher water descaler is specifically designed to generate an electric field using its two cables wrapped together around the inlet of the main pipeline system. It descales water by inducing strong electric and magnetic fields with an endless changing frequency.

The system forces the naturally dissolved minerals in water such as magnesium and calcium ions to break down from large clusters (that form hard scale) to tiny crystals that cannot stick on the surface of piping, heating devices, and other fixtures.

The now unsaturated water causes the mineral ions to flow freely along with the water throughout the home plumbing system without any formation of limescale.

Additionally, the proficiency of the water to continually dissolve minerals is increased as a result of this process. Therefore, the existing hard scale is gradually dissolved and eliminated from the water system and other appliances like the showerheads and faucets.

The system doesn’t compromise the mineral composition of water with harsh chemicals or salt. It leaves the treated water unchanged and retains the essential minerals inside it making it healthy to drink.

Scalewatcher works effectively with water hardness levels lower than 20 GPG. Usually, it performs best on municipal water supply since their water is always softened to an extent. However, if your water source is a private well, you may have to consider a stronger unit for best results.

#4 – HydroFLOW HS38 Electronic Water Descaler

If you have a small apartment, home or an RV, the HydroFLOW HS38 might just be the right unit for you. It’s the most compact and convenient electric water descaler on our list with a unique design and softening technology that not only makes it stand out but also very effective.

Softening Capability

The HS38 features a rather different technology and design from that of other electronic water descalers on the market. It has no copper bands or signal cables that require wrapping around the main water supply pipe.

It’s a single compact unit with two sections which are secured to the pipe using a clip. The system works by inducing robust but harmless signals of around 150 kHz into the water as it flows through the pipes.

Due to the conductivity of water, the electric field is transmitted throughout the plumbing system. These electric waves work within the water agitate the scale-forming mineral ions causing them to break down to fine, stable crystals in suspension rather than turning into the problematic scale.

The induction of the signals totally stops scale from accumulating inside the plumbing system and as well gradually removes the existing deposits already in the system.

It’s an innovative and super-effective technology, and the main secret behind this is the fact that it uses water a conduit which enables the signal to propagate throughout the whole system.

Therefore, all the places that the water passes through get to be effectively protected and treated which is a big plus considering that other models that rely on the pipe or wire wrap to transmit the signal only treat the water passing under the wrapped area. 

Another amazing thing about this unit is that the signals induced into the water are capable of agitating and removing biofilm layers formed as a result of bacteria and algae attaching to the piping. Over time, the signals will release any traces of biofilm in your pipes which will then be flushed out of the system alongside any existing scale.

Moreover, this HS38 descaling process is capable of inhibiting up to 65% of internal pipe corrosion. When installed on metal pipework, the current passing along it will create a coaxial magnetic field which interferes with the electrochemical reaction required for corrosion to take place.

The unit can remove hardness levels of up to 70 GPG which is pretty high since anything over 20 GPG is considered extremely hard. It does soften the water without changing its physical makeup, thereby you will also have the healthy minerals present in your water.

#5 – HQUA 5000E Electronic Water Descaler

Coming in third on our list is the HQUA 5000E electronic water descaler which is carefully designed to provide great performance and efficiency in preventing and eliminating scale in piping works and appliances.


The HQUA-5000E unit presents a complex technology system that ensures frequency regulated electromagnetic waves are generated to descale hard water.

This is accomplished through two cables that are wrapped onto your main water pipeline. When powered, frequency-modulated electromagnetic fields are generated by the main unit and transmitted via the wrapped cables.

The waves effectively break down the structure of dissolved calcium carbonates and other minerals in the water through a process called resonance.

Through resonance, the broken calcium carbonate crystals lose their adhesive quality and stay freely in water as ions instead of sticking on the surface of the fixtures hence preventing the development of limescale in water pipes and enabling smooth water flow.

Simultaneously, the carbon dioxide released from water continuously dissolve existing scale buildup at the same time inhibit rust deposits in the water pipes and appliances. However, it might take a period of normally 1-3 months to get totally clean pipes and water fittings.

Comparatively, it is important to note that HQUA 5000E it’s a chemical-free system with no addition or removal of salt or other chemicals. For this reason, water composition is not deprived of its essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

This electric water descaler is capable of handling an entire water system with a maximum water hardness of 25 GPG. It’s best suited for the whole house consisting of up to 7 members.

#6 – YANIA Electronic Water Descaler

The SANIA YARNA capacitive electronic water descaler is a feature-laden water softener system built to give exceptional effectiveness and to work in compact spaces. It’s a unit that offers wonderful value for money.

Softening Capability

This YARNA capacitive electronic water descaler from SANIA is an innovative system that uses capacitive technology to effectively treat water hardness with electric impulses.

It’s made up of just two copper tapes and a tiny two-inch electronic unit. The copper tape cables are wrapped and secured around your main water supply pipe and connected to the electronic unit.

This electronic water descaler unit contains a computerized microchip that generates and controls electric impulses transmitted through the copper coils that wind around the water supplying pipe. The bands interact and in the process, they form a frequency-field.

Therefore, as the water flows beneath the two impulse coils, the powerful electric waves interfere with mineral molecules in the water causing them to lose their adhesive ability and break down large mineral crystals reducing them to minuscule sizes.

They transform calcium, magnesium and other minerals that cause scale into ion. As a result, these minerals can’t adhere to anything as they can no longer bond to form scale, so there will be no limescale buildup in your pipework and appliances after you install this unit.

YARNA does not remove these healthy minerals while breaking them down to tiny particles to reduce their damage. They are necessary to ensure a healthy body and YARNA retains them in the water once the hardness problems are treated.

The major highlight of this unit, however, is that it uses a capacitive effect and a high-frequency range (3-32 kHz) which means it effective at treating almost any grain or rather any water hardness level.


Investing in residential electronic water descaler is the best thing you can do if you want an affordable and hustle-free way of treating water hardness.

Best electronic water descaler

Our list above gives you the best models you can find on the market. All of these models are well-built, convenient, and utilize effective and environmentally-friendly softening technologies. On top of that, they are quite efficient when it comes to power consumption.

You can pick any option and be guaranteed to get value for your money. For those who want the best unit for the money, the Eddy ED6002P-US would be an ideal choice. If you are on a budget, we would recommend going with the iSpring ED200 model.

On the other hand, if you want something that can handle almost any level of water hardness, then you can consider the SANIA YARNA capacitive electronic water descaler or HydroFLOW HS38 model.

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