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10 Best Reverse Osmosis Booster Pumps For The US & CA Markets

Here you will find our list of the 10 Best Reverse Osmosis Booster Pumps [RO booster pump for replacement] that we picked for the US & CA Markets in 2021.

The Best Reverse Osmosis Booster Pump

We recommend the Aquatec 6800 Reverse Osmosis Booster Pump as the best reverse osmosis booster pump based on its performance, its price, and how other customers review it.


4.5 out of 5 stars

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10 Best Reverse Osmosis Booster Pumps

Key Features:
  • Installation is fairly simple and reasonable price
  • Heavy-duty and durable construction
  • Booster pump helps raise the water pressure up to 80 psi
Key Features:
  • Increases water pressure for RO to function properly
  • Features with a heavy-duty 110V transformer
  • Easy to switch on/off thanks to a reliable pressure switch
Key Features:
  • Appropriate for use in areas with water pressure lower than 40 psi
  • Includes all accessories required for easier installation
  • Package inclues a 24 VAC power supply with a plug
Key Features:
  • This pump is greatly designed for the 100 GPD RO systems
  • The price is much cheaper than other booster pumps
  • Come with 2 connecting elbows in package
Key Features:
  • The pump is efficient and simple to use
  • Includes 110V transformer to provide necessary power
  • Good for the 50-GPD RO membranes and other pumps
Key Features:
  • Efficiently boosts water pressure to optimal levels
  • Designed by the under 100 GPD RO systems
  • Easy installation with all components needed is included
Key Features:
  • Suitable for the 75 GPD membranes
  • Greatly increases the water pressure to 80 psi
  • The pump ensures constant perfomance at least 3 months
Key Features:
  • Capable of lifting the water pressure to above 80 psi
  • Installation is straightforward and quick
  • Greatly ideal for 50 GPD to 100 GPD membranes
Key Features:
  • Simple installation and quick operation
  • This pump saves a lot of energy costs for you
  • Highly effective for increasing water pressure above 80 psi

We hope this list of the best Reverse Osmosis Booster Pumps was helpful.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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