Best Instant Hot Water Dispensers

This piece presents you with a reliable list that includes the best instant hot water dispenser systems from two of the leading brands in the industry as well as from other reputable brands. These are the best when it comes to quality, performance, and design as you are going to see in our in-depth reviews.

We’ll also provide you with the ultimate buying guide plus other important information about hot water dispensers to help you make the right purchase decision. Let’s get started.

Whether it’s for preparing a hot cup of coffee, tea, soup, sauces, or just hot water for other kitchen tasks, an instant hot water dispenser is a useful and practical addition to any home.

It makes your work convenient and saves you the time you would have used to boil water on the stove. Most importantly, it simplifies and accelerates many kinds of kitchen chores.

Selecting a good instant hot water dispenser may, however, be somewhat confusing because there are tons of options available in the market from different brands.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser

An instant water dispenser is a system or device that’s designed to provide hot water on demand through a special auxiliary faucet installed near the sink. These appliances are able to heat water to temperatures of about 201oF or close to the boiling point.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Working Process

An instant how water dispenser operates much like an electric water heater or electric kettle. The system is made up of a faucet and the main unit that contains an electric heating element and a small storage tank.

The main unit is connected to the cold water supply line under the sink and then to the hot water faucet it comes with which is installed onto the sink separate from your regular faucet.

The cold water from the supply line flows through the body of the faucet and then it’s diverted into the heater tank where it’s heated up to a near-boiling temperature by an electric coil (the heating element) and held in the tank waiting to be dispensed through the faucet for use.

Unlike conventional water heaters, the tank in hot water dispenser systems never becomes pressurized and this is because these dispensers use an open-vent faucet which basically means that there’s no valve on the faucet gooseneck.

For a conventional water heater system, the faucet valve is usually placed right after the heater tank which results in a pressurized tank. However, in a hot water dispenser system, the faucet valve sits right before the tank hence resulting in an “open-vent” style faucet.

With this design, the pressure never builds up inside the heater tank which is very important as too much pressure inside the tank would consequently result in failure.

So, how does a water dispenser gets to deliver the hot water to your faucet? Well, once the water is heated by the electric coil, it expands and fills the expansion chamber within the upper part of the storage tank.

When you open the faucet, more cold water flows into the bottom part of the tank, thereby displacing the hot water held in the tank and the expansion chamber. As a result of this displacement, the heated water is forced out of the tank and up through the faucet for use.

The hot water arrives immediately and is much hotter compared to the standard hot water taps. You don’t wait at all for it to warm up although the spout dispenses the water slowly compared to a typical faucet.

Most instant hot water dispensers come with an adjustable thermostat which controls the water temperature. This way, the system is able to maintain the water temperature according to how you set the thermostat. The thermostat also turns off the heating element once the water in the tank attains the set temperature.

Some more advanced units feature a control dial that allows you to adjust the thermostat to tweak the temperature and even turn the unit off. Adjustment is often required only when water is too cool or so hot such it boils away and causes the tank to overheat.

The Benefits

Having an instant hot dispenser installed in your kitchen has several benefits which include:

Hot Water on Demand

The primary benefit you stand to get from having an instant hot water dispenser is a ready supply of hot water whenever you need it whether it’s for basic household use such as drinking, preparing beverages, food, etc., or any other application.

If you have a very busy lifestyle and often don’t have the time to wait for the water to boil on the stove or coffee maker to heat up, then you really need to invest in an instant water dispenser.

You will enjoy the benefit and convenience of having hot water instantly straight from the tap saving you a lot of time. Water heaters can boil water too but the downside is that you will have to wait until the water boils in the kettle. However, with an instant water dispenser, you get the hot water right away allowing you to enjoy your hot beverage or prepare your food in no time. 

Constant Supply of Hot Water

Another reason why you may need an instant hot water dispenser is the fact that it can give you hot water constantly. With a kettle or any other conventional water heater system, you can only heat a limited amount of water.

An instant hot water dispenser, on the other hand, always comes with a storage tank and the capacity of this tank is quite a benefit as it can fill at least several gallons of water.

This means that whenever you draw hot water through the faucet, you’ll likely never have to wait until the tank is refilled again to heat more water.

The tank fills itself continuously since whenever you open the faucet to get hot water, cool water from the supply flows into the tank to displace the heated water and force it through the faucet. Therefore, it’s able to produce hot water constantly, and for the entire day.

Furthermore, with an instant hot water dispenser, you can easily heat a larger amount of water continuously without any issues unlike water heaters or a kettle which limits you to a certain amount. 


An instant water dispenser features a heating element that uses energy to heat the water. The good thing though is that, unlike other water heaters, instant hot water dispensers are usually built to be energy efficient.

As such, they tend to use much less energy than ordinary kettles or water heaters to deliver hot water. The heating element (electric coil) is thermostatically controlled hence it only maintains a certain temperature according to your thermostatic settings.

Moreover, it’s not constantly heating like a home water heater since the thermostat turns off the system once the water in the storage tank reaches the set temperature.

Basically, these dispensers use around 0.5 to 1 kWh of electricity in a day, therefore, the cost of running one based on our rough estimate would not be more than 10 cents a day.

However, the cost of power varies from one place to another, so equally the operating cost may vary depending on the area you live in.

Adjustable Water Temperature

The availability of a thermostat and a control dial (switch) in instant hot dispensers allows you as the user to control the temperature of your water.

This is a beneficial feature you won’t get with an ordinary water heater or kettle since it allows you to adjust the heat in order to keep the water at a temperature that you desire or prefer.

Versatile Applications

Unlike a kettle, instant hot water dispensers are versatile appliances that you can use for a number of things like preparing beverages in the morning, making food like pasta or macaroni, warming baby bottles, and cleaning kitchen counters or other surfaces with a cloth dipped in warm water.

In other words, an instant hot water dispenser provides a wonderful way of tackling multiple kitchen-centric tasks using just one appliance.

Compact and Hassle-Free Operation

The last benefit of these dispensers lay in their ease of use and feasibility. While they come in a wide range of designs and designs, they are really easy to use even for persons with disabilities.

First, the control dial or switch gives you easy control over the system allowing you to adjust the water temperature to your liking as well as turn the dispenser on/off with ease.

Second, these units have a sleek look that makes them presentable and they are quite compact hence can fit in any kitchen design no matter the size.

10 Best Instant Hot Water Dispensers Review

Choosing The Best Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Instant hot water dispensers have different designs and you would want to make sure that the unit you are purchasing is not a waste of money that will end up annoying you someday to come.   

There are several factors you will need to carefully evaluate to ensure you get the best instant hot water dispenser that will meet your exact requirements. We’ve highlighted some of these factors below. They will give you more detail and help you narrow it down to the best unit.


Instant hot water dispensers don’t vary widely when it comes to the heating element’s wattage. They are mostly either 500, 750, or 1300 watts units. To put it simply, the dispenser’s watts rating helps to give a good indication of its heating speed.

Therefore, a unit with high electrical power or watts will heat a large amount of water faster than one with low electric power. For example, a 1,300-watt dispenser will heat water considerably faster than a 750-watt model.

More power means faster performance, so if you often use a lot of hot water daily, then you might want to consider a dispenser with high wattage.

Note that more power may seem to translate to higher running costs, but in practice, most of the instant hot water dispensers are pretty energy-efficient and cost less to run in comparison to a 100-watt light bulb.

Temperature Range

The sole purpose of instant hot water dispensers is to avail hot water instantly, so the temperature range is one very important factor to take into consideration when selecting an instant water dispenser.

Some dispensers don’t feature temperature control settings, hence they operate on a preset temperature level for hot water that remains constant throughout.

However, most dispensers, including all the models on our list, offer temperature control settings that allow you to heat the water to your preferred temperature. The temperature range will vary though from dispenser to dispenser.

If you can find a unit that offers a wide temperature range, then the better. The broader the temperature range, the more flexibility you will have. You will be able to perform a variety of tasks around the home that require different water temperature levels.

For instance, you can lower the temperature down to a cooler level for certain tasks such as warming the baby’s bottle or food, and then raise it to a higher level when you need water for sterilization and washing dishes or scrubbing some tough grease stains off a pan.

Temperature settings are essential to consider especially if you like to prepare herbal tea, which tends to vary in taste at different temperatures.

We would recommend going for a dispenser that offers a decent temperature range, from around 140oF to 210oF, which is near the boiling point of 212oF.

Examples of some of the dispensers on our list with a relatively wide temperature ranges are the Ready Hot RH-200-SS (140oF to 200oF), InSinkErator H-CONTOUR-SS (160oF to 200oF), and Anaheim AH-1300 (140oF to 190oF).

Like we said earlier, go for a wider temperature range because you will have a more versatile dispenser that will allow you to easily heat water at desired temperatures.

It’s also a feature that’s very helpful in saving on electricity bills as it reduces and helps manage the level of power consumption.

It’s good that you also consider a model that can reach very high temperatures. A unit that’s able to heat up to 200oF or beyond. Not all dispensers can hit such high temperatures, but if you purchase one, you are guaranteed to have super-hot water which is more helpful in so many situations.

Speed or Water Flow per Hour (Cups Produced per Hour)

The speed of water flow per hour refers to the total amount of cups of hot water a dispenser can fill within an hour. Some models can deliver up to 100 cups of heated water an hour while others can produce a maximum of 60 cups per hour. 

Generally, when it comes to the rate of production of hot water or rather the speed, preference takes precedence. If your demand for hot water during the day is usually high, then you might want to go with one that can deliver up to 100 cups per hour.

You have to also factor in the heat recovery time or time in which the heated water is ready again once the tank has been emptied.

A unit with a faster cycling time and production rate would be much convenient since you will have sufficient hot water delivered within a short amount of time which is an advantage, especially when you have plenty of guests around.

Tank capacity

Tank capacity is another major factor that needs close consideration in order to select the best instant hot water dispenser. By tank capacity, we refer to the total amount of water that the tank can hold at one time. 

This basically helps give you a rough idea of how much hot water you will be able to dispense throughout the day. It will also help tell you how much energy or power the unit is likely to use.

Most tanks of instant hot water dispensers can hold between ½ a gallon and 2 gallons of water a time which translates to around 60 to 100 cups of hot water per hour.

Here, your choice will come down to your demand for hot water as well as your level of usage. You will have to first consider the number of people that are in your household as well as how often you use or need hot water.

If you have a large family or tend to constantly use a lot of hot water every day, you will need to invest in a dispenser with a high capacity and rate of production in terms of cups per hour.

The Westbrass D271H-12 and Ready Hot RH-200-SS are good examples as they offer about 0.6 gallons of tank capacity and are quite capable of delivering up to 100 cups of hot water in an hour. In short, the higher the tank capacity and watts, the more hot water you will get from the dispenser.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller family or just need hot water for the occasional cup of coffee or tea, a dispenser with normal capacity will do fine.

Look for a unit with a capacity of ½ or 5/8 gallons and can deliver up to 60 cups of heated water per hour. Some good examples on our list are the InSinkErator H-CONTOUR-SS, InSinkErator H-View-SN, and Anaheim AH-1300.

Keep in mind that, a larger tank capacity will require more energy to heat it which means more power consumption compared to a lower capacity unit.


The size of the unit or rather the tank size matters a lot when choosing an instant hot water dispenser. The main reason for this is because these dispensers are designed to be connected to your existing water supply, so they are usually installed under the sink and close to a power outlet.

Therefore, it’s crucial to look at the dimensions of the tank or dispenser to ensure you have enough space under your sink to accommodate it.

Fortunately, all the models we’ve reviewed above are small and compact. They don’t require much space, hence they can easily fit in small to average under sink cabinets.

If you prefer a more portable unit, then a countertop dispenser like the Sunbeam Hot Shot hot water dispenser would be ideal for you.

Style & Decoration

Modern instant hot water dispensers are available in various styles and colors. Therefore, it’s good to also consider getting an adequately finished unit that matches your style or your kitchen décor.

The main part you will need to look at when you are considering the style of the dispenser is the faucet design and finish. Most instant hot water dispensers come with chrome-finished faucets which is the traditional look of most standard kitchen faucets.

However, if you don’t want these common, contemporary-looking faucets, there are plenty of other different faucets that feature interesting finishes that can complement your kitchen décor or spice it up.

Some of the much pleasant faucet finish you can consider include, brushed nickel, bronze, antique copper, matte black, and oil-rubbed bronze. These colorful faucets may vary in shade from one brand to another but can certainly leave your kitchen looking more attractive.

Ensure you at least pick a unit that matches your kitchen’s style so that it doesn’t look out of place. You don’t have to go for a boring dispenser just because you want hot water on demand. You can find a nice unit that will match your taste.

Westbrass D271H-12 is one model that gives you four attractive faucet finishes to choose from which include polished chrome, antique copper, matte black, and oil-rubbed bronze.

You also look at the shape and size of the faucet to ensure that you select an option that will fit well above your sink without inferring your kitchen design or other parts. 

The spout should offer sufficient clearance from the sink so that it doesn’t get in your way when you have a large mug or other containers to fill with hot water.


The installation process of instant hot water dispensers may vary from brand to brand, but overall, many models are designed to facilitate easy DIY installation.

In most cases, you will need a few basic tools for the setup. There are units though that require no tools at all, particularly countertop dispensers like the Sunbeam Hot Shot and tank-only systems like the Anaheim AH-1300 Hot Water Tank.

Generally, with an instant hot water dispenser, you will have two main parts that will require installation – the heating tank and the faucet. The tank is usually installed under the sink and it has to be mounted in a vertical position about the same level as the plumbing line.

Several manufacturers include the mounting bracket or materials in the package as well as a couple of other tools required for the tank installation such as a T-fitting and a control valve.

The challenging part of the installation process would probably be setting up the faucet. The only major issue here is drilling a mounting hole into the sink top which will require some basic DIY skills. For this step, the tools you will need to have are safety glasses, a drill, and drill bits.

However, if you have an existing hole already drilled in your sink, then you may skip this step when setting up your dispenser.

Besides this, you will need to ensure the place you plan to mount the tank is near an electrical line or power outlet. For safety purposes, if you have to set up the electrical lines to supply power to the tank, it’s highly advisable to leave the installation to a professional plumber.

To avoid any setbacks, it’s good to check with your dealer or manufacturer first about the warranty terms regarding installation because sometimes DIY installation can void the warranty on the dispenser.

A majority of the models reviewed on our list above come with most of the tools you need for installation and are designed to allow for a relatively easy DIY installation.

Make sure though that you pick a unit that comes with a clear and illustrative instruction manual that will guide you step-by-step through the installation process.

Other Features to Consider

Many hot water dispensers offer additional features that help enhance their performance, efficiency and convenience in terms of operating them. Some of the features you should look out for are.


A considerable number of instant hot water dispensers are either supplied with a built-in filter or come with a separate filter. This means that in addition to heating your water, these systems will be able to filter out many common impurities present in the water.

If you are going for a dispenser with a filter, ensure you pick one with the right filter based on the condition of your water or the contaminant you want to remove.

If it’s unpleasant tastes, odors, chlorine, or other common chemicals you want to remove, then look for a unit with an activated carbon filter. If it’s sediments you want to get rid of, then a sediment filter is what you should go for. If it’s reducing limescale build-up, then a unit with a limescale filter will suit you best.

Self-resetting Thermal Fuse

Hot water dispensers come equipped with various safety features to prevent the tank or heating element from damage resulting from burnouts or overheating.

Self-resetting thermal fuse, otherwise known as boil-dry protection, is one of the essential safety features that can protect your unit from damage.  

This feature basically stops the dispenser from working by turning it off when the water in the tank is not enough or when there’s no water at all in the tank.

This is way, it prevents the heating element from overheating and burning out. If the unit attempts to heat when there’s no water inside the tank, it could easily turn into a serious safety hazard that may lead to home damage or personal injury.

Therefore, whatever unit you choose, make sure it has a self-resetting thermal fuse or other safety features that can prevent tank burnout and possible accidents and fires.

Self-Closing Valve

Considering that hot water dispensers heat water to a near boiling point, there’s a slight chance of accidental burns and scalds happening when dispensing the hot water from the tap.

Choosing a unit with a faucet that has a self-closing valve or safety lock built on it is a great way to prevent such accidental burns from occurring.

A self-closing valve automatically turns off the flow of hot water when you withdraw your hand from the handle or when the faucet is not in use. This not only prevents getting burned accidentally but also helps prevent water wastage.

Moreover, getting a unit that has a safety lock is particularly important if you have children or elderly people at home. They may accidentally turn the wrong faucet on while you are away to wash hands and end up getting burned by the nearly boiling water. Even pets could accidentally turn on the faucet and cause accidental burns.

For these reasons and to ensure the safety of your children and family, we would highly recommend you buy a dispenser model that’s equipped with a self-closing valve, a safety lock, or any other safety system for children.

Temperature Control

While we’ve talked about the importance of having a hot water dispenser with a wide temperature range, it’s worth noting that most units only come with a max to min setting, so the exact temperature at every level tends to vary with each model.

Although this is not a must-have feature, you would be much better off with a unit that has a temperature control knob or dial where the temperature at each level is marked or indicated. This way, you will be able to adjust the temperature with some level of precision and heat the water to your desired temperature.


Finally, one last thing you should consider when evaluating different instant hot water dispenser systems is the presence of any add-ons.

In essence, many of these systems don’t offer much with regards to accessories, so you shouldn’t worry if your chosen dispenser doesn’t have much to provide in terms of accessories.

Nonetheless, look out for things like mounting tools, tubing, connectors, and other extra accessories or tools that the models you’ve shortlisted provide besides the dispenser itself.

If you pick a unit that comes with all the necessary tools, then you will have an easier time when it comes to installation plus you won’t incur any cost in purchasing additional tools needed to set up your dispenser.


Buying an instant hot water dispenser will save you a lot of precious time and money. You will never have to go through the painstaking minutes or hours of heating water again.

With that said, you must know exactly what you are looking for because choosing the ideal hot water dispenser model will depend on your specific needs which include your consumption capacity and urgency, among other considerations.

You should always pick a model that’s reliable, efficient, safe, and easy to use, and will work perfectly for a long time. In other words, a unit that will meet your hot water demands without much fuss or resulting in high running costs.

If it’s your first time looking for the right instant hot water dispenser, then our reviews and buying guide above will make things much easier for you.

Therefore, take your time to read them to get an idea of the key factors that make up the best hot water dispenser and compare the different models in our listing to see which one suits your needs and budget.

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