Barclay’s Buys Filtered Shower Head Reviews

If you were looking for a showerhead that can remove impurities and increase the water pressure as well, the Clearly Pure Filtered Shower Head from Barclay’s Buys will totally exceed your expectations.

Unlike similar products in the market that are made in plastic only, this unit spots two metal rings fitted on each end of the showerhead. This is a strong structural design that is built to last even when under high usage.

To keep the pressure high, this shower head system uses a new laser cut micro-hole technology. The technology is able to save on water by cutting back water outflow, while still maintaining sufficient pressure. as a result, you can enjoy healthy and clean showers with minimal impact on the environment.

As mentioned earlier, the Clearly Pure Shower Head comes with a filter already installed. It eliminates up to 80-90% of chlorine as well as reduce the number of sediments drastically.

It lasts 6-8 months, depending on your water usage and amounts of total dissolved solids in your water supply. It is super easy to install even if you know nothing about being handy. Simply screw it on and you are ready to change your wash life.


  • Quality metallic build.
  • High-pressure filter.
  • Easy to install.
  • Affordable.


  • Hard to regulate water pressure.

Product Overview

ProductBarclay’s Buys Filtered Shower Head Reviews
BrandBarclay's Buys
Rating4.2 out of 5 stars (More than 752 reviews)
Recommended price25.99 USD (Check the latest price at

Product Specification

TypeShower Head filter
FunctionHigh-pressure shower head filter
RemovalChlorine & Fluoride
Filter elements2-Stage
Flow rate2.5 GPM
Dimensions3 x 4 x 3 inches
Weight6.1 ounces

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Barclay's Buys Filtered Shower Head Reviews
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