ARIIX Puritii Filtering Water Bottle

Ariix has also designed the ARIIX Puritii Filtering Water bottle such that it’s quite sturdy and durable, ideal for outdoor conditions.

A good water filter bottle is an essential piece of gear, especially if you’re always on the go, whether for a short hike or on a voyage into backcountry wilderness for several days or weeks. It ensures that you always have access to clean and safe drinking water, something which is not entirely guaranteed out there, especially when you rely on groundwater sources.

Ariix Puritii water filter bottle is amongst the many water filter bottles on the market that have been growing in popularity amongst outdoor enthusiasts mainly due to its portability, ease of use, and excellent filtration performance.

It uses a very effective media that are able to clear out most of the harmful contaminants found in groundwater sources, including microorganisms and chemical contaminants. It’s effective for filtering both untreated and treated water (such as municipal water).

Ariix has also designed the bottle such that it’s quite sturdy and durable, ideal for outdoor conditions. It’s equally easy to use and offers a decent capacity that can hold enough water to quench your thirst over short to medium-distance walks or hikes.

In this post, we’ll be looking at this water bottle to give you more insight about it, particularly its performance when it comes to removing contaminants, how well it’s built, and if it’s easy to carry and use. So, keep reading as we break down everything for you.

Design and Build Quality

The ARIIX Puritii water bottle has a very simple design that may not be as stylish as other bottles like the Lifestraw Go, but it’s still quite appealing to the eye with its clear finish and cylindrical shape.

It consists of six main parts; the bottle itself, the filter, the straw, the spout for drawing the water, a flip-top cap, and a ring for attaching a clip or carabiner. The flip-top cap nicely covers the spout to protect it from dust and other contaminants while the bottle is not in use. It’s spring-loaded and has a push-button right at the front that makes using it very easy – you just press the push button, and it pops open.

The spout also has a tab that allows you to easily open it when you want to use it after you pop open the cap. Moreover, there’s a nub on the spout itself, which goes into a small hole (on the bottom lid where the filter attaches) when you close it – the little nub is a minor feature but one that’s pretty useful as it keeps the water from coming out when you tip the bottle upside down.

The only unfortunate thing is that when you tip the bottle upside down while the spout is opened, the unfiltered water inside the bottle leaks out from the hole, ending up contaminating the spout itself.

Therefore, you’ll have to be extra careful when it comes to handling this bottle, especially when the cap and spout are opened – you can place it on the ground, and something knocks it, or even you accidentally knock it yourself, then it tips over, and as soon as you go to pick it up, you would already have cross-contamination around the spout within just those few seconds.

The other design flaw we noted and didn’t like is the fact that you end up touching the spout with your dirty hands when closing it, which can also cause contamination.

Overall though, we were pretty impressed with the built quality of the bottle. It’s made using Tritan plastic (BPA-free) that feels relatively sturdy and durable. All the water contact parts are made of medical-grade silicone, while the cap is polypropylene. It’s generally a bottle made to withstand outdoor conditions and provide years of service – it can withstand several droppings without an issue.

When it comes to portability, many people mentioned that the bottle does feel comfortable to hold because of its cylindrical/contoured design, and it’s not that heavy like stainless steel bottles.

Moreover, it features a handy travel ring that allows you to put a clip or a carabiner and loop it onto a backpack or belt for hands-free carrying. The bottle is also fairly compact, so it can fit nicely into a backpack’s average-sized side mesh pocket.

Taking it apart is equally easy because the parts detach without much struggle, and putting them back together is simple as they fit seamlessly into each other.

Filtration Performance

The Ariix Puritii water filter bottle utilizes an advanced two-stage filtration process consisting of a proprietary loose granular media (containing zeolite and fine coconut carbon media) and a proprietary pleat pack.

This double filtration process works so effectively to remove almost all the contaminants present in the water – their capability goes beyond many other types of filtration systems used on water filter bottles which is a big deal when you are outdoors hiking or camping in an area where clean water is inaccessible.

The first stage is the proprietary loose granular media blend which is made up of zeolite and fine-ground coconut carbon compacted into a cylindrical core. It’s followed by the pleat pack that consists of activated coconut carbon made with a proprietary pleating process to provide a large surface area within the filter for optimum removal of contaminants.

The pleat pack basically functions much like a net designed to keep out the contaminants – it prevents the contaminants from passing through the filter, and it equally emits a positive electrostatic charge that attracts the negatively charged chemical and microbial impurities, much like a magnet hence trapping them in the filter media.

The two media together remove up to 99.99% of bacteria (including E. coli, Vibrio cholera, Klebsiella, and many more), viruses (including coronavirus, poliovirus, hepatitis A virus (HAV), and polyomavirus), and protozoa (including cryptosporidium parvum oocysts, giardia lamblia, and cyclospora cayetanensis). They also remove 99.99% of parasites, including Schistosoma mansoni, dracunculus medinensis, Ascaris lumbricoides, and many more.

The system does perform very well too when it comes to removing chemical contaminants. It’s able to remove chlorine (97.9%), benzene (97.8%), styrene (over 99.8%), isopropyl-benzene (over 99.9%), and pesticides (over 95%).

It also removes up to 95% of trihalomethanes (like chloroform and bromoform) as well as emerging contaminants, including ibuprofen (99.5%), naproxen (99.5%), estrone (99.6%), bisphenol A/BPA (99.5%), PFOA (94.4%), and PFOSA (94.1%).

Heavy metals are not left behind too. Lead (over 99.3%), copper (over 99.5%), mercury (99.8%), and arsenic (over 99%) are all effectively removed by the two filters. The heavy metal they struggle to clear out is chromium, as they can only remove up to 59.3% of it from the water. The filters can also remove fluoride but only up to 41.3%, which is pretty decent as many water filter bottles cannot remove any fluoride at all.

Generally, the Ariix Puritii performs a thorough and more comprehensive filtration that eliminates nearly all the harmful contaminants present in the water, whether treated municipal water or untreated water from natural streams, springs, rivers, lakes, or a well.

It’s a perfect water filter bottle to have while in the wilderness, as you may not need to carry another filtration system to ensure that you have access to clean and safe drinking water. Many users reported that the water out of the bottle tasted pretty good – there was no foul smell or smart water flavors.

Besides that, Ariix has incorporated their AquaSpear and ZeoSleeve technology into the loose granular media blend, which helps suppress the growth of mold, mildew, algae, fungus, and bacteria within the filter media.

The ZeoSleeve technology, in particular, utilizes microspheres that pierce the cell membranes of microbial (waterborne organisms) on contact, thereby killing them and making them harmless. The pleat pack media is also antimicrobial, so no bacteria, mold, algae, or fungus will be growing in there too.

Capacity and Flow Rate

The Ariix Puritii offers a relatively large holding capacity compared to other water filter bottles. It can hold 25 ounces (or 740.5 ml) of water with the filter in place. That’s more than the capacity of most water bottles, as they usually hold about 20 ounces or less. Still, though, a 25-ounce capacity is not ideal for long hikes, but it’s pretty decent and could sustain you more on short treks, especially when your next water source isn’t far away.

The flow rate is also decent, and this is mainly because of the large surface area provided by the pleat pack. You can draw up to 9.1 mL of filtered water per second, which is fairly fast and puts it at par with other top water filter bottles that use a straw such as Survimate (which has a flow rate of 550ml/min).

The only criticism is that it takes some good suction in order to pull the water through the filter, but this is expected because the filter media (particularly the loose granular media) is so fine hence creating quite a bit of resistance to the flow.

As for the filtration capacity, the ARIIX Puritii filter will be able to filter around 60 gallons of water before requiring replacement. That’s similar to approximately 400 bottles of water or two months’ lifespan with daily use. Considering that most people usually drink around 2 liters of water per day, you’ll get plenty of gallons of clean water before you need to change the filter. However, you may have to change it early if you often filter water with high levels of contaminants.

The bottle itself is simple to clean because it contains minimal parts that detach easily, plus when you unscrew the lid, the opening is wide enough to accommodate a standard dish scrubber, which means you can actually clean it all the way to the bottom with the scrubber. The cap and spout are also easy to clean.

There’s no need for any special storage with this ARIIX Puritii bottle because the filter has antimicrobial properties built right into it, so you don’t really need to worry about storing it wet – you can store it right in the bottle (although it’s always recommended to dry it thoroughly before storing it).

There’s also no need to service the filter by performing any kind of complicated backwashing or other procedures to restore the flow. The flow is great throughout the filter’s life – all you have to do is replace it on time (after two months) to ensure maximum protection against all kinds of waterborne contaminants.

Final Word

The Ariix Puritii is certainly a perfect option if you are after a water filter bottle that features a comprehensive filtration system that’s capable of effectively removing a wide range of contaminants, including microorganisms, chemicals, and heavy metals. It’s particularly suitable for filtering untreated water or microbiologically unsafe water, which is basically water from groundwater sources like wells, streams, rivers, and lakes.

If you are an adventurer or traveler, then this is a water filter bottle that you might really want to consider, not just because of the highly effective filtration system but also because it’s easy to use and offers a slightly larger holding capacity than most regular water filter bottles. It’s more reliable than other bottles, especially for short or medium-distance treks in areas where water sources are located a little far from each other.

Things we like

  • Has a 25-ounce capacity to meet average water demand
  • Made of BPA-free materials for durability and safety
  • Suitable for outdoor activities with a lightweight and portable design
  • Equipped with a convenient travel ring for easy carrying
  • Capable of removing up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses
  • Improves water taste and pleasant smell due to 2-stage filtration
  • Can filter up to 60 gallons of water before replacing

Things we don't like

  • Possible to leak if the bottle is overturned
  • A little stuck to pulling water through the filter

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ARIIX Puritii Filtering Water Bottle
ARIIX Puritii Filtering Water Bottle

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