Aquasure Water Softener Reviews

Aquasure Water Softener Reviews – See what makes up it.

Aquasure has several highly efficient water softeners in the market under its Harmony Series which can effectively treat hardness in well water. The AS-HS32D model is one of them and in this review, we will look at how it performs and what makes it stand out.

The Harmony Series is available in 3 variants which include:

  • AS-HS32D (32,000 grains)
  • AS-HS48D (48,000 grains) – Aquasure harmony series 48 000
  • AS-HS64D (64,000 grains) – Aquasure harmony series 64 000.

Let’s take a closer look at the AS-HS32D model.

Aquasure Water Softener Reviews

Softening Capability

The Aquasure Harmony Series AS-HS32D is a salt-based water softener that features a 2-tank system. The softening tank contains cation resin media which proves to be quite efficient at eliminating water hardness.

It’s able to get rid of up to 110 grains of hardness minerals (magnesium and calcium) per every gallon of water that passes through. It’s a relatively high removal rate which makes the AS-HS32D ideal for treating water that’s moderate to very hard – it’s a reliable option for softening well water.

The unit also performs fairly well at removing iron. It can eliminate iron up to 2 ppm which is pretty decent but not high considering that the other softeners like the Whirlpool WHES40E and the Culligan HE Softener-Cleer Series are able to remove iron content up to 100 ppm. If your water iron level is more than 2 ppm, you’ll need to add an iron prefilter.

Regeneration Process

There’s minimal salt and water wasted during the regeneration process when using this AS-HS32D model. It’s equipped with a convenient and efficient regeneration system that utilizes a digital flow meter.

The smart digital control head measures how much water is treated and then automatically initiates a backwash cycle only when necessary hence no water or salt gets wasted. Moreover, the process is quite fast (takes only 98 minutes), so there’s always a steady supply of softened water.

Another advantage is that the digital flow meter is fully programmable. The unit offers 3 regeneration options; time-clock delayed, meter immediate, and meter delayed. These are more options than similar models and give you great control over the system since you can customize it to fit your needs.

What we also liked is the fact that the AS-HS32D remains quiet during the backwash cycles which can be a noisy process for some water softeners. This makes it a suitable option for smaller homes that might not have enough room to keep their softener out of earshot.

Softening Capacity

This Aquasure Harmony Series softener can treat a maximum of 32, 000 grains of hard water which is slightly on the lower end but it’s still a sufficient capacity that can meet the needs of a small family of 3 people with water that’s moderately hard.

If you are a family of 5 to 7 people, then the Aquasure AS-HS48D (48,000 grains capacity) or the AS-HS64D (64,000 grains capacity) models would be ideal for you.

The salt tank, however, has a high storage capacity (120 lbs) hence you won’t be refilling it frequently. The other upside is that the unit has a fast flow rate of 15 GPM, so it can efficiently service a whole house with little to no drop in pressure.

This is an Aquasure harmony series water softener with fine mesh.

Control System and Safety Features

The control head of the AS-HS32D is fairly easy to program and you can customize most of the settings to your preference. However, the operating manual provided seems not that informative and clear as several users complained that it’s difficult to follow.

With regards to safety features, Aquasure has equipped the brine tank of this softener with a safety float that automatically shuts off the water going into the tank when it fills up. It’s not going to overflow and flood the basement in case you are often away for a long. The unit also has a bypass valve, so you can do maintenance without turning the water off.

Installation and Maintenance

Setting up this unit is a little challenging since you have to install it onto the main water line and connect it to the drain. If you have no plumbing experience or knowledge, or you are not certain of your skills, then you will need to get a professional to install it.

The brine tank is a bit taller (measuring 52 inches high) than that of other models but it does have a small footprint – it doesn’t take up much floor space and hence won’t get in your way. The hardest part will be moving it as it’s quite heavy.

Maintenance is easy. It’s only the salt that needs replenishing which you won’t have to do often due to the large capacity of its tank. Besides that, the resin tank comes preloaded which saves you the trouble of having to load it on your own as is the case with most softeners where the resin is shipped separately.

Durability will equally not be an issue. The tank is made using a fiberglass-lined polyethylene material which is corrosion-resistant, so it can last for a long time plus the whole unit comes with a 5-year warranty against any defects.

In general, if your water supply is from a well and has a moderate hardness level, the Aquasure Harmony Series AS-HS32D water softener would be a great fit for you provided though that the iron levels are not more than 2 ppm.

Check out the installation guide: Click here.

Check out the user manual for more details: Click here.

Things we like

  • Works efficiently on water that’s moderately hard
  • Decent capacity for small families of up to 3 people
  • The fast water flow rate of up to 15 GPM
  • Less water and salt wasted during backwash cycles
  • The high-capacity salt tank requires fewer refills
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Runs quietly even during regeneration
  • Comes with a long 5-year warranty

Things we don't like

  • Not efficient for treating very hard water with high iron content
  • Installation may require a professional plumber
  • The programming manual is difficult to follow


Q: Is Aquasure a good water softener?

A: Yes, We highly recommend it as it’s a good water softener.

Q: Who makes Aquasure water softeners?

A: Aquasure water softeners are made in the USA by the Aquasure USA company.

Q: Aquasure vs Culligan which one is better?

A: They are similar in terms of quality, it depends on the local dealer with their services, you can either choose an Aquasure softener or a Culligan one.

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