APEC RO-Lite RO System Reviews

Offering double capacity filters and high production capacity, the APEC RO-Lite model is a unit solely built for light commercial use or large-scale residential use.

It has the features and capability to effectively purify highly contaminated water than any standard under-sink RO unit.

The model comes in three versions which are the RO-Lite-180, RO-Lite-240 and RO-Lite-360. The three options have the same number and type of pre-filters and post-filters. What sets them apart is the water production rate and the number of membranes they have.

The RO-Lite-180 has two membranes, the RO-Lite-240 three membranes while the RO-Lite-360 has four. Below is our review of the RO-Lite-180 which will give you a better perspective of how the other two models perform.

Filtration Process

Same as the other two versions, the RO-Lite uses a 5-stage RO filtration with three filters in the pre-stage, two membranes in the 4th stage and one filter in the post-stage. 

For the 1st stage, the unit is equipped with a high-grade 20” polypropylene sediment filter. It will trap dirt, sand, silt, sand and any particle that’s greater than 5 microns to protect the rest of the filters and membranes from getting clogged.

Next, the water passes through a 20” 5-micron premium extruded carbon block which clears out chlorine, chloramine, odor, tastes, cloudiness, some large organic contaminants, and VOCs. The filter also helps remove the remaining sediments and several other common chemicals.

The 3rd stage features another 20” 5-micron premium extruded carbon filter which further removes any residual chlorine, chemicals as well as VOCs that slipped through the 2nd stage.

In the 4th stage of the system, the water passes through two APEC 0.0001-micron FILMTEC TFC membranes. The fact that each of these membranes is really of high-quality guarantees optimal filtration when it comes to contaminant removal.

Together, they double the rejection rate of the system enabling it to consistently eliminate 99.9% of the TDS, chemicals, microorganisms and thousands of other contaminants present in your water.

Lastly, using an advanced 12” coconut shell carbon filter in the 5th stage, the system performs final refining of the RO water by getting rid of the residual tastes, odors and impurities collected from the RO tank to supply almost zero-contaminant water.

It’s worth noting that the first four stages of the unit consist of 20″ industrial standard sized filters and membranes that offer double capacity and surface area compared to those in regular RO systems. They provide maximum contact time with the water making them super effective at removing contaminants at each respective stage.

Filtration Capacity and Efficiency

The two high capacity RO membranes of the RO-Lite-180 can output 180 gallons of clean water per day at a normal municipal water pressure of 60 psi. It can go up to 250 GPD with a source pressure of 80 psi.

The large capacity coupled with a high-performance filtration process is what allows this unit to withstand constant heavy usage.

It’s an ideal choice for light commercial applications like in small restaurants, labs or offices. You can even use it in a residential setting where the demand for drinking water is very high.

The other factor that makes this RO-Lite model a great commercial grade system is the equally large capacity holding tank.

It comes with a 14-gallon pressurized tank featuring a heavy-duty stainless steel construction. This large storage tank will ensure you have a stable and continuous supply of purified water on demand.

Furthermore, the unit uses big 3/8” input and output tubing which help boost the flow rate of water into the system and from the RO tank to the faucet hence cutting down the waiting time when drawing water or filling large pots of water.

Installation and Maintenance

Although it’s a commercial system, installing the RO-Lite is no different from the other standard under sink RO systems on our list.

It requires some basic RO skills but if you are handy, you will have no problem setting it up. The installation manual and everything you need is included.

Maintenance has been made easy too with the filters and the membranes lasting twice than those of many regular RO systems in the market.

In general, you can certainly rely on this APEC RO-Lite model for light commercial use. The quality, high-capacity filters, double RO membrane and large output at a fast flow rate guarantees optimum performance even under heavy usage.

In case you need even more filtration capacity, then you can go for the RO-Lite-240 or RO-Lite-360.


  • Performs thorough filtration to remove a wide range of contaminants
  • High output and flow rate ideal for light commercial use
  • Large capacity 14-gallon holding tank
  • Three versions to choose from based on your water demands
  • Easy to set up and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance


  • No remineralization filter
  • Requires a bit more space to install

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